wolves are perfect


hello, goodbyes hung on our lips
the beginning of us, those swingin’ doors
hearts not the same as they were before

      i remember those days when love kept us waiting all night
        for headlights


“I’m gonna get myself in fighting trim/Scope out every angle of unfair advantage/I’m gonna bribe the officials/I’m gonna kill all the judges/It’s gonna take you people years to recover from all of the damage.

                                 There’s gonna be a party when the wolves come home.”

~Up the Wolves x The Mountain Goats

Favourite lines from Made In The A.M.
  • Hey Angel: I come alive when I hear your voice, It's a beautiful sound, it's a beautiful noise
  • Drag Me Down: I got a river for a soul, And baby you're a boat
  • Perfect: RENDEZVOUS
  • Infinity: And now I'm one step closer to being two steps far from you
  • End of the Day: And you'll follow your heart even though it'll break
  • If I Could Fly: For your eyes only, I show you my heart
  • Long Way Down: Built a cathedral, But we never prayed
  • Never Enough: Lips so good I forget my name
  • Olivia: The summertime and butterflies, All belong to your creation
  • What A Feeling: What a feeling to be a king beside you
  • Love You Goodbye: My heart's already breaking, baby, go on, twist the knife
  • I Want To Write You A Song: Everything I need I get from you, Givin' back is all I wanna do
  • History: THIS IS NOT THE END
  • Temporary Fix: We can call this what you like
  • Walking In The Wind: But it's not the end, I'll see your face again
  • Wolves: Headed straight for your heart like a bullet in the dark
  • A.M.: Won't you stay till the AM? All my favourite conversations always made in the AM

The Wolves of Doranelle - Fenrys & Connall
“Meave had coveted them. Fenrys had refused the offer to join her service. So she’d gone after Connall–the dark to Fenrys’s gold, quiet to Fenrys’s roar, thoughtful to Fenrys’s recklessness.” 

I hear your voice in the wind
It follows me, it cuts right through the noise
As we spin on dance floors made of ice
So rest your hand in mine
Steady now, ignore the sound

The breaking lines
The crack beneath our feet as time runs out
Each night like a white noise frequency
Broadcast the waves, I tune them out
Clear signs outlined
But I couldn't see what I see now

I should've said something to you
When I saw you walk away, instead I did nothing
And now you're gone and it's too late
We board up the windows we used to look through
I should've said something, I should've said something to you
—  Politics of Love, Rise Against