wolves and rainbows

it is possible to recover, just hang in there

everything will be alright the killers // recovery frank turner // i wanna get better bleachers // we could be friends freelance whales // spark amy macdonald // not that bad matt and kim // you were cool the mountain goats // better man than he sivu // it’s nice to be alive ball park music // ridiculously happy adam young // best day of my life american authors // smilin’ pascale picard // light bulb rachel goodrich // riptide vance joy // recover chvrches // sanctuary utada hikaru // if i ever feel better phoenix // be ok ingrid michaelson // comes and goes greg laswell // it’s not my fault i’m happy passion pit // today will be better i swear stars // on our way the royal concept // sunshine girl moumoon // be okay bo en // smile upon me passion pit // something good can work two door cinema club // brighter than sunshine aqualung // up the wolves mountain goats // rainbow veins owl city // everything’s okay lenka

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On Marrellomorpha


Me: what the actual fuck

@cyan-biologist: is furca even trying?

@cyan-biologist: god I love these weird trilobite bootlegs

Me: it’s like evolution was drunk during the cambrian

@cyan-biologist: how can you believe in god-like interventions if this somewhere happened in the evolutionary line

Me: you know how young teenagers, like 13 year olds, sign up to deviantart and draw sparkly wolves and rainbow ponies and all those wild designs

Me: the cambrian was god’s deviantart phase

@cyan-biologist: I need that quoted on tumblr