Actors Who Don’t Care About Box Office Numbers? Hugh Jackman Nails ‘Em!

Many actors claim that they never look at their box office numbers, and that the real joy of the process was the actual production. But since we all live in the real world, one must assume these movie stars are keeping track of their success and failures, especially since a smash hit could dramatically increase their asking price.

During our recent interview with Hugh Jackman, the actor admits that whenever someone tells you they don’t pay attention to the numbers, try not to believe them! Jackman surely wasn’t disappointed with last weekend’s numbers, as The Wolverine clawed its way to the #1 spot!

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Claws & Effect: Why Hugh Jackman Still Loves Being Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine for over a decade. Over the course of the years, Jackman has played the beloved superhero character five times, and he is returning for a sixth time when the film, The Wolverine, opens in theaters on July 26.

One would think that after all these years, Jackman would be growing tired of it. But Jackman told us that he loves playing Wolverine more than ever, despite feeling the aches and pains of making the film. Jackman also said that he thinks The Wolverine will stand out because it focuses on more than just mutants flying around.

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