hello all!!  2016 has been one hell of a ride and i’m so glad its ending, but in this year ive made soo many more mutuals and ive lost quite a few; thank you to those who have been following me for years, you know who you are. i have also made many more friends, and my closest friends, with whom the conversations and memories made i will always cherish. thank you to all my mutuals, old and new, for following/continuing to follow me and for putting up with my extraness, and thank you to my friends for being there for me and accepting my dramatiqueness.

everyone knows how sappy i can get and i couldn’t make this without mentioning the people who i talk to on a daily basis and who have had an impact on my life:

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happy new year and happy holidays! i haven’t made a follow forever in a year and in that time I’ve made many more mutuals and lost quite a few. 2015 has been the wildest year of my life with many ups and downs but I’ve managed to pull through.Thank you for making tumblr a fun place to be. I hope you all find happiness and peace during this year; here’s to 2016! Love you! 

- Maryam aka harryhateblog

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i got free lipstick at sephora what did you do with your day!?

SooOOoO I decided to make another follow forever idk these are fun to make tbh, and this is mostly for my friends and blogs I love, so sorry if you’re not on here :( I like you but like … We don’t talk so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1dasf 1dbricksquad 6jungle africanhoe africayn apicturesqueplace aphjapanzayn asseatinganonymous assquad augustliam babygoatsaf bewownce beyonceskalesweatshirt bootyboi bussyzayn butttom callmeprincessdior camilascabello champagnepadre champzagne childushgambino cigarettezayn clitt closertozayn coconutcafe daddyaubrey dadkinks dankmichael dominicanhoe drakegrahamofficial drakesdaddykink drcke dylanoblrien dylans-obrien dylanocums eatmywholeass echoziam emojipayne fakezaynstan fakezaynstan findingliam-o flrenation fuckwhoyoucamewith fuckboyharry gasoilne gay4liam getzayn getliam glrlband glrlbands glrlpower godlymalik

 haramness haramzayn harrydoodles harryfuckmeup harrystylesfries harryisbasic hasnochill henleyliam hydratedbitch hisroyalhighnessmalik hispanicho hoe2k15 hoe4harry hotdadexpert hotlatinagirl homewrekcr idkzustin iloveaubreydrakegrahamsomuch j4ya johnkrasinski justinsdaddy kanyeswifts labiam larryleeds leims liampeyn liamgotmoney liamhpayne liamswatchkink liamheaux liampahynes liamstolenboxers liamspayne liamwayne lianpayne literallyrad lirrymalik loampayne lovingliam maurypovichofficial magnifizayn malikificent mcratpapa memeleanor milestelleres mullingar2010 miuccia morepayne nigerians nophiaam nutonmejustin

officialbluepandas palestinienne paradisewithziam paynekink pettydavis pimpdaddy1995 pipermclea playboyliam poundtownonthepaynetrain playcloudsatmyfuneral problematicassharry praisetaysus preciouspayne prayforsinglezayn princelyliam punkasszayn rideordiezayn rihanae rnbsingerzayn rihmember rihstart royalzustin seventeeneblack shadybicth sixkilled sixsteen slavery slothblog sunharry stahpthepayne stockhlmsyndrome tattookink thugmalik topknottzayn trashymalik tvventies ukliampayne uptownfuk

vikemon whiteboyvevo wolvernation wolverhampten ww3tour yaserdaddy yoncce yveszaynslaurent zarriamofficial zaddyofficial zainknowles zaniams zarrynotzerrie zarrypotters zarrystan zaubreygraham zaynandharrypls zaynaesthetics zayndrake zaynandrake zaynfactor zayniepaynie zaynisbald zaynismuslim zaynisgayforme zaynmeme zaynkillers zayns1d zaynpagnepapi zaynsdick zaynsfreepalestinetweet zaynsmalika zaynsthesupreme zaynthegreekgod zaynthesuperior zetsy zeymar zeynmalik zeysus ziamsex ziamchapel ziampala ziamthekings zirlalmighty zlouds zrake 


And Back

Summary:  Luke is getting his first tattoo, but won’t tell Michael what it is.

Paring: Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings   
Words: 3739
Rating: Explicit
For: mikeykink !


HELLO! :-) i decided it was time for my first follow forever since it’s the end of my summer and i just reached 2k followers!!! i’ve gotten to get to know so many great people this year and you have all made my dash amazing so thank you, i love you all <3

special shoutouts:

manny louievevo - manny i think you’re my soulmate but in friend form??? i’m so happy we started talking because now i can’t even go 24 hours without talking to you without losing myself. thank you for putting up with me even though i think i annoy you 99.9% of the time and i guess ily even if you won’t read the lilo fic….. i love you, never leave me <333

the real life squad - subtleintuition ♡ grizzlybearrito ♡ talkingintechnicolor ♡ essential–happiness ♡ potaturtles

mutuals (favs bolded):

#-F: 1dcirclejerk ♡ 2013zarry ♡ 23yroldlouis ♡ 2kniall ♡ 4thalbum ♡ agendermurdock ♡ aghniall ♡ almightyniall ♡ angryniall ♡ antidaddy ♡ arabianho ♡ babazayn ♡ babygoatsaf ♡ bakertheharry ♡ beachbumfire ♡ beautifulilo ♡ benwhshw ♡ biglouve ♡ blazeitzain ♡ bodyelextrc ♡ boobiesforniall ♡ chaotiles ♡ cockholmsyndrome ♡ coeurdlarry ♡ coffeefrapp ♡ colombiansquad ♡ comfyharry ♡ craicprince ♡ cruizayn ♡ daddielouis ♡ daddyhairlou ♡ daggertat ♡ daggertattoos ♡ dahrbae ♡ dildoau ♡ dirtyhairystyles ♡ drakesideheaux ♡ dylanlovesthemets ♡ dylinsobrien ♡ eighoranteen ♡ emo4goats ♡ fettyvvap ♡ fiercelouis ♡ fightmeloueh ♡ fkatommo ♡ flirtliam ♡ frickingdimples ♡ frogsons ♡ fruitian ♡ fuckingcraic

G-L: gagmelirry ♡ gagmeniall ♡ galaxieslouis ♡ galaxylou ♡ gayfic ♡ ghostalmighty ♡ gigsniall ♡ girlallmighty ♡ godlymalik ♡ goodgodniall ♡ goproniall ♡ gothfathur ♡ halfaniall ♡ halseyau ♡ halseylightwood ♡ haramzain  ♡ harreih ♡ harrietrash ♡ harryandlouisau ♡ harrycanyouchill ♡ harrylock ♡ harrymani ♡ harryndlou ♡ harrysbabybump ♡ harrysgoldboots ♡ harrystittie ♡ harrystuhls ♡ hazcurls ♡ heartoutlou ♡ hhappytrails ♡ hoe4ziam ♡ horanbum ♡ horanslove ♡ howlouvely ♡ hzzstyles ♡ illouisional ♡ imthinkinoutloud ♡ irlbruja ♡ itsilluminated ♡ iusedtobeabaker ♡ jurassicworldofficial ♡ kinkyharrie ♡ kissingziall ♡ larriams ♡ larrie2k15 ♡ larriez ♡ laughingniall ♡ layhale ♡ liampaye ♡ lillourry ♡ lirrry ♡ loampayne ♡ lookatmalikseyelashes ♡ lourehs ♡ lourology ♡ louroyalty ♡ loustagrahm ♡ loutomnlinsons ♡ louyouwhore ♡ lrryaf ♡ lukeisntspicy ♡ lustlou ♡ luvvirish ♡ lwtjessica ♡ lydiasasstin 

M-R: masculiam ♡ mexicanheaux ♡ milestellersgf ♡ mimosaniall ♡ mobniall ♡ modestmgmtofficials ♡ moneypowerzayn ♡ morningangels ♡ nageons ♡ narry1 ♡ narrying ♡ narrytitty ♡ nativehoe ♡ nervouspunx ♡ newfonewhodis ♡ nialhloran ♡ niallersjhoran ♡ niallgetonyourknees ♡ niallhiran ♡ niallhitsmypedal ♡ niallinaday ♡ nialljameson ♡ nialllmighty ♡ niallmao ♡ niallophile ♡ niallotp ♡ niallsafuckboy ♡ niallsfrown ♡ niallthedinglehopper ♡ niallthegun ♡ niallthoran ♡ niuhls ♡ normainis ♡ nouisobs ♡ nouistella ♡ novthird ♡ obedientharry ♡ obstaclecorpse ♡ officialiams ♡ ohnoniall ♡ okeystyles ♡ okhalo ♡ ovoliam ♡ owlourry ♡ oxeh ♡ paywnes ♡ penguinhoran ♡ perfctioniall ♡ pezzydrake ♡ povverbottoms ♡ ravenclawhalsey ♡ realhoe ♡ redharry ♡ risezaddy ♡ roilou ♡ royalous

S-Z: scruffypuppylou ♡ sebastiasnstan ♡ shaaniall ♡ sighhoran ♡ skirtqueen ♡ sloth-mccall ♡ socoamarettozayn ♡ softfringed ♡ spidermanlouis ♡ spousekink ♡ stylesnjh ♡ stylinsketchy ♡ stylinsowns ♡ stylinspouse ♡ sugarbabykink ♡ sun-louis ♡ sunflowerlouis ♡ sunlouis ♡ surfborte ♡ takesmehome ♡ tantalizingtommo ♡ tatsboy ♡ tcalouis ♡ teapotharry ♡ tentedtommo ♡ thatssohannahh ♡ thecraicmate ♡ thededliest ♡ thejandshirt ♡ theroguetat ♡ thiccmom ♡ thightat ♡ tittytenda ♡ tmhera ♡ toadharry ♡ tomlinswoons ♡ tomlinzn ♡ twinkmcqueen ♡ versaceharry ♡ viiteen ♡ vipharry ♡ virginiamoney ♡ vitaeternum ♡ wanderlusthes ♡ waxfigureliam ♡ wollvershire ♡ wolvernation ♡ wondrawall ♡ xandrry ♡ yomrwhitebitch ♡ zapziams ♡ zarriallmovement ♡ zayncancelthewedding2k15 ♡ zaynchokeme ♡ zaynisrich ♡ zaynrocksmyworld ♡ zaynsaviors ♡ zeycnce ♡ zolozareer ♡ zourryofficial ♡ zriall ♡ zrincezayn

nonmutual favs:

blessjongdae ♡ dimpledlouis ♡ fifthalbum ♡ giggleshrug ♡ hoedidas ♡ lilloury ♡ nouisaf ♡ paynekink ♡ samegig ♡ thechamberofsecrets ♡ wattpadfic ♡ zaynsfreepalestinetweet

i love you all!! thank you for making my dash great :-)

Bruh this was a sonofabitch smh but I made my first major goal after four painstaking months and I had to do it. Sorrynotsorry this is long as hell.


much love to wellingtonvevo, my momther, my bff, my support system; I love you more than words can encompass and I hope that I’ll be able to say the same in the future. 

a thousand xo’s to my other mother caffeinekink who is enternally beautiful and smart and strong, I’m still sososososo proud of you and I love you more than you can imagine. Always in my heart, your’s sincerely 

lcuigi where have you been my whole life?? you’re so beautiful and smart and gorgeous and honestly I hope that I’ll be able to say we’re friends in the future I truly hope this doesn’t fade 

transtomlinson I love you bitch, and I aint gonna stop loving you. Bitch. 

richdadzayn honestly u inspire me and I hope when your buried it’s with every wig you’ve ever snatched clutched in you’re cold dead hands. Witnessing you’re slayage has been truly an honor. kill em all. 

zarriamofficial drag me again tbh, drag me 2 hell

drakesdaddykink one time you called me out for shading and it’s the first and only time someone has called me out for it lmao but it’s cool you handled it so maturely and kept it 100% and that encompasses our whole relationship tbh I fuck with you hardcore Ian 

yaserdaddy u stay loyal and I love that, when I get rich guess who’s mortgage getting paid? I love you tbh stay 100% 

palemixedkid sweet child of mine, I’m sorry I drag you all the time, please stop calling me bougie, stay in school, see you next week. luv u :^)

justheretosundial I love u and I miss u; and remember, we’ll be going to college together one day

shoe-and-star-gazer I believe in you

Second of all:

thanks y’all for not dragging for filth, sorry I’m an asshole, I only care about Liam in that whole shit band, ziam is real, I’m an x-men, zarriam squad, Fall Out Boy 2k-forever, I love Drake. 

The usual, bolded are faves


1tiddyout 2015harry 23yo 23yroldlouis 2chaines 8un a-l-ouest actsmyage aesthletes agalaxtical annetsocial arvace assquad astrologism awkwardwa badwitchfanclub barebacklou basedzayns batmobile benknope betabrows beyonceskalesweatshirt birdsphere blackgirlsvevo blesszayne botticellizayn botttomzayn bralpha breadbowling brotherzone bumstagram bunnysounds buttflossing buttx5


cashzayn champagnefather champagneyonce champangezayn champzagne chiquitastyles clitparadise clivecalderofficial cloudsmp3 cockmeats coffeeshopfic curlsandsmell daddyaubrey daddyliam2k15 daddylouissquad dadkinks davidsbowie dicksmallwood dimpledlouis dollurbill dominicanhoe drakefightme drakeft1d drakegrahamofficial drakeisbetterthanthebeatles drakesideheaux drcke dylanaf dylanocums 


farmerlouis feets feministzayn femsquad firebenwinston floatsonabigballoon fluoright frankocaen fuckboyharry fuckyourfav garlicbreadstan ghostworld2001 gisellelikebeyonce givemethatpaynis godzamn gothdirection gothlatina groovyhomo haramzayn haroldfucks harryandlouisaf harryandlouisau harrycanyouchill harryedward harrylovesthepackers harrythotsquad hasnochill hispanicho hoe2k15 hoe4harry hokageliam homotherm hotdadsclub hydratedbitch 


jadelust jortsfan justinsdaddy jzayn kanekikenismyson koalatea kugelmugel-no larrytrash leighsgf lewisliams literallyrad loudloudandloud louislace lourres lousfeet louteadsale malabamiboyz marshmalllow matchingheadbands maurypovichofficial meltedlouis memechanges memedirection memeleanor mexicanheaux mohawkpayne momharrys msmrsd


navykink navyofficial niallthedinglehopper nutonmejustin officialbluepandas oopi oopshibye oversexing pakistanikween pansexualouis paradisewithziam peachydirection piningfic popunklouis problematicassharry probloumatic protectpatrickstump pulpbitchin queerkid1999 realtas richliam samegig saturnclub scottmescvdi sexualls shadydrake sixkilled sixsteen snottmccall somalihottiee softzayn2k14 strayslack stupidpopstars stylinurges sunflowerlouis svuofficial


taylors7grammys thiccmom thiccpeach thotprobs translou ughharry uglheaux uncooolest undeadboys unofficialdrake upharrysass vansau viridiate vvhitehouse whatmakesyouziam wheresstockholmsyndrometho wineangel wolvernation wrappeditmehself xyvevo yayhaz yslpapi


zainshmurda zarrydaddies zaubreygraham zavenclaw zaynalmghty zaynandharrypls zaynbicth zaynink zaynisart zaynisgod zaynisqueer zaynisrich zaynkillers zaynmalik2015 zaynmalikhtml zaynmeme zaynophiliac zaynpagnepapi zaynscremebrulee zaynsfreepalestinetweet zaynsthesupreme zaynthot zaynwest zele4nor zelourry ziambieb ziamchapel ziamfrustrations ziamjames zirconias zoutiful zirlalmighty zrakeaf

Anyways, thanks again y’all. Love you. 

Lior’s aka singleleigh2k15 mutual appreciaton post

In the spirit of the (jewish) holidays coming up, I thought it was a good time to do another one of these. Thank you for following my lame ass :-)

Special shout out to these people-

londughn maybepanic awzayyn freakybisexual leighaide


1daf 5secondsofslutty 78cm actmyageofficial adoptmeleigh aharryhateblog ajlady alicynrenee allybrroke ashfrangipanes ashtnrwin babyleighade badzouis balmainpinnock blesszendaya blckskinnyjeans bloodyhaz bluelght blurberrys boobleigh brodferd brookesally buyblackmagic caleigha cockholmsyndrome coldstyles colombianxs corbinbleuofficial crazymofas curlscute curlysgirls cutesbitch dankscorpio dimplelashton dinah-jade dominicanhoe donutsack drakealbum drakechurch dreamlouis edwardsvevo elenasrain emojchic exoticaleigh fakedeep1994 flowerscrownpez fluckboy frogmeme fuckboyharry fuckthesealiensgotitbad fullythot futuristicninja gagmelirry galacticmami garden-seas gayfic gayforjade gayforleighade gayforzendaya ghoststories girlspool glrlgroups goddesslittlemix goingouttonight gothicheaux grlbandes gyvates halseyjade halseyjesy harryandlouisau harryfuckmeup harryinsweats harryisapeach harrymixer harrysleftlung hazah henrywilliamscavill holendroden iamangelinajolie irishperrie irlsiren jadelust jadesie jesybabe jesycurves jesylouisen jesynlsn jesysbreasts jesyscute jesystripper jesyvibes joonghyun kimkardashi labiam lahurmani larentsofficial larrytrash lcuigi leighandperrie leighmonade leighsbraids leighslays leighsniall liamspayne liamsquad limaliam littlemiux louisekink louiswtomlin lukeblogger majesticjesy masturjade mczayn memealmighty mexicanpoderes mooorning myfrogdaddy myhealyharry naughtymix nelsonators newyork-sass nialllhoran niallthedinglehopper normanikordoi normilaskordei nothalseys ohmeohmya okzaddy pastelperries paynemedown pcysgorlfriend perrieblossoms perriedahling perrieeele perriekitty perrielovesjade perrielthirlwall perriemafia perriepuff perriesite perrieslut phoebeonkin ponytailperrie prsincess puertoricanthot qxeenleigh rainbowjerrie rimminglourry saluteleighs salutepez segwey singlejade 

sugarbabyhtml sunlouis taggedliam taylorscurves thicctomlinson thirlqueen thirlwall2k15 thirlwallpinnock thotmani tinadesreal udrinkit ufohunt 

vintageperrie wannamoves whisperlou withperrie wolvernation worldhoe yveslaurant zain2k14 zarryflame zaynalprobe zayngirlsclub zickyzinaj zinashenow zitaoshi zolofficial zubrey 

I’m really sorry if I forgot anyone please tell me! Happy holidays and shannah tova :)

clearly graphic design is my passion

anyway helloooo its been a hot minute since i made a follow forever and i’ve made a lot of new mutuals/friends since then and i had a lot of free time on my hands so here it is :-) thank you to the following people for making my experience on tumblr dot com more enjoyable and thank you for putting up with me and my crazy tags on my posts of harry  💖

gc’s im in (and also the loves of my life) - idk what the official names of the gc’s are so im just going to list them in the order i joined them

*the first gc i joined and the one we constantly #realize stuff about each other in: 

@harryftlauren @bizexuality @nyxhoe @intermissionflowers @halfbunharrie @golfnarrie @winntersoldier @manibrooke @diorpalette

*the one where we send pics of harry and i cry: 

@22hry @harryfeatliam @stylesinthewild @theriseofsoloharry @harrystylesownsmyass @habibtiharry @crazymofas @buckyandharry

*the one where we roast ppl and then talk about harry: 

@harryokay @bestactorharry @harryindunkirk @harrysoscars @bitoflovehate @baldrry @allthehazza @niallsblckgirlfriend @lilsoldierharry @methodharry @lilsoldierharry @harryknows


@alritepetal @altjofficial @ashtoniwir @awharrys @bangladeshflagemoji @bedtimeforme @bilatinx @blessnialls @blesszendaya @bluejeanharrie @blurberrys @bodyglitter @boxingharry @brodersz @brownjaan @brownofcolor @buckyftsteve @busanie @classifiedzarry @clovernarry @curlalmightys @dareharry @dimplelashton @drakesideheaux @dunkirkteaser

@emojilucas @feministziam @fleetwoodharry @fondzouis @girlalmihgty @glowymess @harcld @harriesbuns @harryqstyles @harrysasoldier @harrysbankaccount @harrysdunkirkuniform @harryselfie @harrysgoddess @harrysmyvibe @harrysrearview @harrystransboyfriend @hawtyhoran @hazah @hazylucozade @hazzzlou @heyangelmp3 @hoe4harry @honeyharrie @hstylesofficial

@kittyfilter @latinaz @leighliam @liamfeatzayn @lirrystan @louisisloved @lths @luccozade @madeinthecm @memeharry @memeleanor @mikeygordns @moansforhoran @momfriendtm @mymission @negativeharry @niallinthewind @niallthedinglehopper @niallthegun @niallverse @nigerians @nipsharry @noodleharrie

@oftruths @ohluckyblue @otratourharry @pokinghes @prettypinkperrie @richdadharry @rihrry @rosegoldniall @rosepetalouie @scottlangq @shampube @snogsniall @softbronze @styholic @stylestomlinsons @sweetxdreamz @tangerinehues @thebrasiltattoo @thechamberofsecrets @theextraboneinharrysfoot @themoon @thicchoe @tigerthightat @twofronteeths

@vipharry @vnforgettables @wakaflockaflameme @whiskfic @wolvernation @zainftlouis @zainjavaddvevo @zarrywyd @zaynalprobe @zaynsingingshotforme @zaynvevos @zeadpools @zeautiful @zintersoldier @zjm @zrry @zuffering @zzzayns

i’m so sorry if i forgot anyone, i love u tho 💖

SOOO ignore the ugly edit but i wanted to make a follow forever, Anyway im making this for the mutuals and friend I love even tho y’all are really mean to me. 

@antiteen @augustliam @aaronjohnnson @babygoatsaf @blessdrake @bootyboi @chonceinalifetime @champagnepadre @champzagne @closertozayn @crystalreed @drakesideheaux @dominicanhoe @dylans-obrien @dylanoblrien -_- @dylanocums @dylanaf @dylansliam @dylanprayberry @drakesidebae @fakebicth @fxckaurl @fifthalbum @frahnkocean @freshmojitos @fuckboyharry @fuckkyliejenner @gay4zayn 

@gayforzendaya @germanystyles @glrlpower @halalmeme @haramzayn @harryedward @harryfuckmeup @harryisbasic @henrycavillsgf @hisroyalhighnessmalik @hydratedbitch @imgod @imabitofabitch @imjakegyllenhaal @jakegyllenhalal @jorgeramostan @kanye2020 @katemarasgf @kordeinormanis @labiam @liampeyn @literallyrad 

@laimgotmoney @lilprincesita @liamdunbar @liamtrash @loampayne @liamwayne @lovingliam @majorbop @mczayn @mashallahwallahi @maurypovichofficial @mcthotalds @miuccia @narrytitty @spookynative @nigerians @papacitopayno @pettydavis @preciouspayne @paradisewithziam @rnbsingerzayn @rnbzaddy @royalzustin @saintslaurents @shittiestblogger @slavery @sunharry @stilesdunbar @sixwoe @sugaspinkhair @sungjinsbf @thicchoe die ugly 

@thirstyforobrien @tvventies @trashymalik @tylerposeysbf @ukliampayne @vikemon @violettamouteru @wallahiharam @wolvernation @yoncce @zanemalicks @zaynsgrammys @zayns1d @zaynandharrypls @zaynfactor @zayniepaynie @zaynisgayforme @zaynlovesdrake @zaynmalikeatsass @zaynmeme @zaynsdesigirl @zaynsfreepalestinetweet @zaynthegreekgod @zetsy @ziamchapel @zlouds @zustin @zrake