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You're not just a whiny, or shitty old fan. The new series is not that great, the new toys are the same kind of crap Playmates has been peddling since 1992 with the same issues, and if it wasn't for the comics and Kevin being so involved again, I'd have given up on them all together for this era.

^_^ thanks.

I haven’t checked out any of the newer toys because they just don’t appeal to me. I love the comics, obviously. I can’t imagine giving up on tmnt, which is all the more reason I want to like 2k12. 


It’s full! This VHS cabinet sat in my grandparent’s house for years, and there are a lot of great memories attached. Last year my grandmother was getting ready to throw it out. Instead I brought it here (along with the last few tapes left in it) and have been slowly building up my collection since then.

With few exceptions, they are all films that were important to me in my childhood or teenage years. I had esoteric taste even then and my viewing was not censored at all by my parents (haha!) This is far from all of them, a lot of the cartoons, comedies and action flicks are on another shelf. This is my cream of the crop.

Also, there are two Monster Squads for a good reason. The battered one is my own childhood copy and the one in the protective case is still factory sealed. 

“Wolfman’s got nards!”

Geekenhaven Studios

It occurs to me that many of my awesome fuckin’ followers might not really be aware of Geekenhaven, which is where my fiance TDAWG and I sell our custom toys, handsculpted resin projects and any other artistic endeavor that we set up.

We’ve recently redesigned our blog and are working on a lot of great new projects, some of which will be available tomorrow afternoon at 4:20pm EST on our Etsy store, along with the requisite vinyl and resin toys. If you dig my posts here on tumblr, please follow our blog and hit up the drop tomorrow afternoon!