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Isn't her new mother her adoptive mother? So it's still the same Romani group that raised her, no?

Wanda’s (most recent) biological mother, Natalya, died shortly after Wanda and Pietro were born. They was raised by their mother’s brother Django and his wife Marya. Django and Natalya are siblings so yeah, they would be from the same group (or groups), though that isn’t necessarily true of Marya.

If you’re referring to this:

As a sidenote: her new mother is almost certainly from a different group of Romani people than Magda (Magneto’s wife, who was Wanda’s mother the longest), but we don’t know the details.

Magda was Sinti. Django and Natalya were from Serbia (or thereabouts), which means it would make no sense for them to be Sinti. Because of that, Wanda has gone from being Sinti to being some sort of Roma. (I guess all those people who insisted for years she was Roma, rather than the broader and more correct Romani, became right eventually.)


VIDEO: WONDER WOMAN - Official ‘Origin’ Trailer - Trailer #3 - Kids’ Choice Awards 2017.

glitteryandpeachy : * Congratulations on the start of your comic! I love it so much so far (especially the last page hnng ;u;) i’m so excited that I couldn’t help myself and made more Blublu fanart.

I have no word to describe that painting you did peachy because everything is perfect about it! You catched those 2 characters path so well ;A; It’s symbolic af and the symbol you’re showing in this artpiece is 100% accurate. I love it to bits and I need this as a motivationnal poster that I’ll put right in front of me! ;u;

I love you so much, you art is a blessing to my eyes everytime. You’re too good to me *holds and hugs tight*

Thank you so much!!

*Tk wakes up in a different place he wasn’t wearing his normal clothing he was just wearing some sort of white long shirt and he had a metallic collar on, he was in a white empty room*

*he soon wakes up to find himself no longer in a dark cold cave but rather somewhere….he isn’t sure of….He sat up and notice he was no longer in his ripped up clothes but a white shirt. He felt the collar on his neck and start to look around* whu– what happened? Wh-where am I? Origin? Anyone? Hello?!

*a voice comes from an unseen speaker* “ah your awake good….im sure you must be confused, allow me to introduce my self. I am Dr.harth , you are are under the observation and care of this facility now,that device around your neck will shock you and not allow you to use your powers if you attempt to use your powers you will be injected with a powerful neuro toxin. Do i make my self clear?”

TK: *glared at the voice and for moment, growled at it* Contained? Shock? Injected with Toxins? Is that right? For a care facility, your methods sure sound “Harth-less” Heh! *TK scoffed*

Dr.harth: ….you will be taken to the lab for examination in 30 minutes. 

TK: Grand….*He said sarcastically*


Drew another scene from my rps~! XD Cursed!TK was caught along with Demon/Bad Time Origin after engaging into a heated battle in the Obsidian city. This would explain why he’s so scratched up TTwTT

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