wolverine: origin

  • Nightcrawler: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life.
  • Professor X: It would be nice to have my sense of purpose back.
  • Mystique: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.
  • Wolverine: My will to live! I haven't seen this in 15 years!
  • Jean: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Magneto: Mental stability, my old friend!
  • Nightcrawler: Guys, could you lighten up a little?
Soul Origins

If you want to know who/ what you are (spirit wise) and what abilities/ purpose you have and could use on Earth, it’s important to find out what is your Soul Origin - as this will kickstart your self discovery journey and give you some sort of guidance. 

What is a Soul Origin?

Well, when the soul is born in a group of other souls, it comes from “somewhere”. This “somewhere” has an energetic imprint, a DNA and a place. The Universe is a pretty massive place, there are plenty of dimensions and realms, so there are a few places where your origin may be. We obviously don’t know them all, but there are a few that are commonly used now. I am writing this from what i have read, studied, experienced or know so far. Not everyone will relate to this and that is okay.

Types of origins:

Starseed - This is a soul that has it’s origin from outside the planet Earth, from another planet or star system. The most well known type of star seeds are Lyran, Pleiadian, Lemurian, Andromedan, Sirian, Vegan, Greys, etc. Sometimes we may identify as starseed due to our past frequent incarnations there.

Earthlings - Please note this is not an actual term, this is the word I use for the souls born on Earth. Yes, these are souls that were born on planet Earth. Doreen Virtue uses the term Wise Ones for them. 

Elementals - These are souls that come from the elemental realms or so known nature spirits. They still come from planet Earth and have a strong connection with it. The term elementals comes from the energy of elements they embody - water, air, fire, earth. Examples of elementals would be fairies, elves, gnomes, devas, brownies, etc.

Angels - Some souls do have angelic origins. There are different types of angels and they obviously all have different purposes. An example would be ascension angels - they were created to incarnate in different locations to help with the ascensions of the planets. 

Hybrids - Yes, it is possible. Some souls come from a mixture of two different areas. The mixture can be half starseed - half angel, a mixture of 2 different starseed “races”, half angel half elemental, etc.

When it comes to soul origin, we may not always identify it. This is due to a few different things:

1- We may have spent too many incarnations in other places or around other beings, which makes us identify with another “realm”.

2-We may not remember on purpose, have forgotten the origin because it would either distract us or be not useful in this lifetime. Sometimes we are not meant to know certain things. And sometimes, the answers come at the right time.

How can you find your soul origin?

There are a few methods you can use. The easiest is meditation. You can observe the images, feelings or sounds you get. It doesn’t work for everyone, so you could ask for a little help from your guides. Be careful because you may pick on familiar energies or past incarnations, so your visions may not necessarily be your soul origin info. If meditation doesn’t work, then resort to a psychic for a channeled reading or someone who can feel/read the origins. Please note that not all psychics may tune into your soul origin. They may pick on your Andromedan energy let’s say because they are from there themselves, but may not pick that your soul origin is actually angelic. So try it through different methods and listen to your intuition. You won’t always get the right answers from first try. Remember this is a self discovery journey, so it will take you some time.

You may identify already some things about your origins from your interests, feelings and dreams you have in this lifetime. When researching, please filter carefully through the information. There is a lot of mis-information out there. Listen to your intuition. Sometimes it’s best to know less than too much, so do not spend too much time researching as you might end up confused (especially when you relate to a few different kind of energies).

There are people that may identify/feel drawn to mermaids, animals (otherkin), wizards, mystics, etc. This does not mean your soul origin is some kind of mermaid land or animal spirits. You may identify with that due to having your last incarnation there, a lot of incarnations in mermaid/animal/wizard scenarios or just strong connection with those realms/ spirits.

I hope this brings some clarity to those that are confused and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.