wolverine and the x-men

Parent AU, continuation of Grandpa Logan

Blake: Grandpa, what are you doing here?

Logan: Well your parents were worried about you, so I told them I would make sure you’re safe.

Yang: *whispering to Blake* You sure this is your gramps, he is a silver fox!

Blake: YANG!

Logan: Well here you are in Beacon, I had plenty of good times here…*he lights a cigar*

Glynda: *Glynda walks into the cafeteria again and notices the door in pieces, a vein popped on her forehead and noticed the man with his back to her smoking. Stomps over to him* Excuse me sir, what are you doing?!

Blake: *Wincing* Grandpa, behind you…

Logan: *turns around*

Glynda:*eyes widened* Professor Howlett?! RWBYJNPRCVFY: PROFESSOR!

Logan: Ah, Miss Goodwitch, my favorite trouble maker. I just came by to visit my granddaughter and catch up with her. * He pulls out his wallet and pictures unfold from it.* And show her friends her baby pictures.

Blake: What!

Jaune: Oh I’m so glad my dad decided to leave mine at home.

Pyrrha: Same.

Velvet: Make that three of us.

Shows that should come back:

So, living in a era where the returns of old animated shows canceled long ago are completely normal like the announcement of the return of The Clone Wars and the expected release of the new season of YJ, I decided to make a list of shows that should come back too

X-Men Evolution:

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Sym-Bionic Titan:

Danny Phantom:

Secret Saturdays:

Wolverine and the X-Men:

Generator Rex:

The Looney Tunes Show: