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Logan X Reader - Protector

The sun shone through the window, waking you from your peaceful sleep. Groaning, you rolled away from the sunlight and reached out for the warm body that was usually there every morning. Except today. You opened your eyes at the cold and empty space beside you. Sitting up, you grabbed a t-shirt off the floor and buttoned it up loosely, the shirt stopped at your thighs and looking down at your legs you smiled at the bruises and hickeys that where left there from the night before. You smiled at the memory and went in search of your other half.
You spotted him as you entered the kitchen, he has his back to you, giving you a chance to admire his muscles.
“Morning.” He said without turning, normally his gruff voice would send shivers down your spine, but today, something today something was wrong.
“Morning Logan.” You whispered, moving to stand next to him, gently brushing your fingertips over his knuckles. Logan didn’t say a word as he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you to him.
“What’s wrong?” you asked as you felt Logan nuzzle his face into the top of your head. He didn’t say anything for a moment, before sighing out the words,
“I have to go.” You pulled away from him, staring into his eyes, looking for some sign that he was lying.
“I have to go, the Professor needs to talk to me.” He pulled you back to him and kissed your forehead.
“I’ll be back in no time, love.” He whispered.

‘No time’ turned into days. Logan had called you the same night and told you that he would be longer than expected. You tried to carry on as normal, but coming home to an empty apartment altered your mood every night. You missed him, Logan barely text or called you. Every few days he would text you to let you know he was okay and that he would be back soon.
When you returned home from work in the evening your apartment was shrouded in darkness. Dumping your bag, coat and scarf on the stool next to the door you made your way to living room, kicking on your heels as you went. A sudden crash stopped you in your tracks, you’re stared down the hallway towards your bedroom. Another loud crash made you jump and run into the kitchen, looking for something to defend yourself with. Reaching into your pocket you searched for your phone, cursing yourself when you realized it was in your bag, by the door. In a panic you grabbed a large frying pan off the draining board. Peeking out into the hallway, you saw it was empty, but a male shadow was cast on your bedroom door. For a moment you thought it may have been Logan, but that thought was crushed when a low growl came from the bedroom. You took a deep breath and stepped into the hallway. You tried to sneak towards the front door, only making it half way there before hearing a low chuckle.
“Well are you pretty.” You froze at the sound of the unfamiliar voice. You didn’t move as you listened to the stranger walk towards you, the floor boards creaking under his weight, he only stopped when he was stood directly behind you, you could feel his breath on the back of your neck.
“I see why Jimmy likes you.”
He trailed his hand up your arm and you gripped the frying pan tightly, swinging it around in an attempt to defend yourself. But his reflex’s where quicker than yours, he grabbed your wrist tightly, claws protruded from his fingernails and dug into your skin. Your cried you, dropping the frying pan and trying to pull your wrist from his grip. For the first time that night you looked up at his face, a full head and shoulders above you, he grinned down at you and you noticed his fangs. As fear took over you knew you needed to do something, in a moment of panic you raised your foot and brought it down hard onto the strangers. He growled and let go of your wrist, taking your chance, you turned and ran towards the door. As you gripped the handle you were suddenly yanked backwards, flung behind the stranger as he pulled.
“You little bitch!” he growled, stalking towards you. You began to shake in fear, his toothy grin and fangs only shook more fear within you.
Behind the stranger the door was thrown open. You didn’t get a chance to see who had come in because whoever it was tackled your intruder into the ground. But the moonlight shone through the window onto something you recognized. Silver Claws.
“Logan?!” you gasped. Logan and the stranger fought and someone else came into your apartment. A young girl with a noticeable white streak through her hair knelt down next to you.
“Come on…” she encouraged, helping your feet with a gloved hand. In shock, you didn’t fight as she dragged you out of the building. She helped you down the stairs and out of the building. Only when you were on the street did she stop and introduce herself,
“My name is Rogue.” She smiled, “Your Y/N, right?” she asked, you only nodded. Before Rogue could say anything else Logan came out of the building, searching for you. When he spotted you he quickly pulled you into his arms, hugging you tightly.
“I’m so sorry.” He whispered into your hair.
“We should get going…” Rogue said, looking up at your apartment. Logan nodded and dragged you along the street,
“What’s going on?”  You were able to say.



The original art for one of my all-time fan favorite pieces, Wolverine Tea Party, is now up on eBay! Funds go to aid in piling vet bills for our eldest cat who is suffering from advanced kidney failure.


I didn’t even know I still owned this piece until recently as well as finding it in such great condition. It was drawn in 2007 with a ballpoint pen (and later colored in Photoshop).