wolverine is the best disney princess

Wolverine is the best Disney Princess.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of debates regarding who the best Disney Princess is. A number of convincing arguments have been advanced for all of the usual suspects, but I find myself inclined to look further afield. Are there any conventionally overlooked candidates who might reasonably contend for that honour?

Then it occurred to me: as of the 2009 acquisition, Wolverine is technically part of the Disney stable.

The choice is clear.

Now, as it stands, Wolverine certainly doesn’t look the part… but we can remedy that, can’t we? After all, Disney has always taught us that it’s what’s inside that counts; lack of access to a reputable dressmaker should serve as no barrier to his competing for the title - and what better fairy godmother could a man like Wolverine ask for than the assembled artists of the Tumblr-verse?

(Don’t answer that.)

I know there are a fair number of artists and friends-of-artists following this blog, so here’s my proposal: I will give any artist who drops me an ask expressing their interest $50 to draw Wolverine - non-gender-flipped, and preferably in his widely recognisable as-played-by-Hugh-Jackman incarnation - as a pretty princess. We’ve already got one example on deck, courtesy of the very talented Amelie:

This illustration is fairly representative of what we’re looking for. Though there’s a certainly an element of tongue-in-cheek humour at work here, I’m looking for artists who are willing to take a serious crack at the subject matter, without turning it into a blatant mockery of itself.

I’m not made of money, so we’re going to have to pace ourselves. The first five artists to contact me will get the go-ahead, with a deadline date of August 31st. Depending on how much cash I have to spare, I’ll commission another batch each month until we run out of interested artists and/or I get bored with the concept.

Any takers? If you’re not an artist looking for commissions, but you know someone who is, feel free to pass this along - the more, the merrier.