wolverine in the flesh


Spider-Man #1: Nas’ Illmatic
All-New All-Different Avengers #1: The Roots’ Illadelph Halflife
All-New HawkEye #1: Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s Mecca & The Soul Brother
The Mighty Thor #1: Madvillain’s Madvillainy
Spider-Woman #1: Big Pun -Capital Punishment
Spidey #1: Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV
Nova #1: J Cole - Born Sinner
Wolverine (or X-23?) #1 : DMX - Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood
Uncanny Inhumans #1 : Outkast - Aquemini
Uncanny Avengers #1 : Public Enemy - Yo! Bum Rush the Show

The Animal Within

Colonel William Stryker looked down from the watch room high above the isolated room below. The man who he could not even describe as fully man roared out and slammed into the twelve foot thick concrete wall. His metal claws slashing at the wall. Looking up he saw as the man stared at him with his lips pulled back into a snarl. “How does he know we are up here, the glass is double sided.” One of the other members of the research base said as he stood beside Stryker. “He doesn’t have to see us he can sense us. Smell us. Hear us… Isn’t that right Wolverine?” He said and smirked when the mutant growled. “We haven’t been able to get him to cooperate. If he doesn’t calm down we will not be able to control him.” Not taking his eyes off of the man Stryker raised his chin, “Then we find him a weakness.”

The small woman screamed and thrashed as the two men dragged her towards the large metal door. “NO! NO! LET ME GO!” She whimpered, but they did nothing to help her. Coming to a stop they held her tightly as another came forward to open the door in front of them. Once the door was opened the two men quickly threw her inside before slamming the door shut behind her. Groaning the female pulled herself up to look around the room she had been thrown in. It was dark and cold. From what she could tell the floor and walls were both made of concrete. Going to stand she heard a low growl and halted her movements. Taking a deep breath she let out a whimper when the strong smell of an alpha male filled her. Looking into the far corner she saw as a figure stepped forward and couldn’t help from letting out a whimper.

Sniffing the air the wolverine gave a growl and moved closer to the Omega female in his cage. She was small, normal for her breed but he could tell she had not had a decent meal in a while, the same as himself. She was dressed in nothing but a hospital gown that ended just above her knees. The thing that got the wolverine’s attention the most was the strong smell of her heat. Holding a low growl he stalked closer to her. He could tell she was trembling and moved to sit in front of her.

Y/n never took her eyes from the nude male, she could easily tell was an alpha and knew better than to test him. She stayed completely still as he moved to sit in front of her. When his hand moved forward she flinched before feeling him run his fingertips across her cheek. Giving a whimper when a wave of her heat came at his touch she lowered her head. Hearing the sound from her the wolverine gripped her chin and forced her to look at him. Meeting his brown eyes she felt tears roll down her cheek.  "No.“ He said in a rough voice. Not sure what he meant her eyes drifted away from his for a second before snapping back when he pulled her to him. 

Grabbing her arms he easily lifted her into his lap. He could feel her shaking with fear. Moving to sniff at her neck she again let out a whimper. She soon stopped when she heard the deep purr in his chest. Smirking he kept purring while he studied her. He could smell the clean scent on her skin telling him she had been bathed recently. Trailing his hands up her arms to her shoulders he went to remove her gown. When she went to push him away he pulled back his lips into a snarl. Gripping the material in his hands he ripped it down the middle and removed it from her body.

Y/n now sat in his lap bare along with him. She felt as more tears fell from her eyes at the embarrassment. "No.” Wolverine said as he saw her crying again. Pulling her close he nuzzled into her neck and licked the skin making her gasp. Humming he ran his nose up to her jaw before placing light kisses on the skin. Holding her chin he made sure she couldn’t pull away from him again. Glancing at her eyes he pushed his lips to her own roughly. It took him no time at all to shove his tongue into her mouth and taste her. She whined into his mouth and felt as he moved his hand from her jaw to the back of her head and neck, holding her to him. Placing her hands on his chest she heard him give a warning growl, to not push him. When she did nothing but rub her hands down to his abdomen he hummed, telling her that was okay. Breaking from her mouth he heard her breath in and moved to lick back down to her neck. Licking and nipping at the thin skin with his sharp teeth. Grabbing handfulls of her ass he carried her over to the matress of the floor in the far corner. Pushing her to lie on her back he followed to hover above her. Animal or not Wolverine was careful not to place much of his heavy form on her. Running his hands up her arms he felt something around her right wrist and snapped his head up to look at it. Seeing a metal chain around her wrist he snarled. Unsheathing one of his claws he saw her try to yet again move away from him.

Her eyes looked back and forth between the metal claw and his eyes. He saw fear in her eyes, more fear than before. Wolverine was an alpha male he wanted his female to fear him enough to obey him but not so much that she feared for her life. Purring to her he slowly moved the claw to her arm holding the limb still when she tried to pull it away. Carefull sliding the blade in between her skin and the chain he looked at her eyes before flicking his wrist upwards. Y/n smiled when the chain fell from her body. Seeing her smile he let out an amused huff and let the claw slide back into his knuckle. He watched as she timidly moved her shaking hand to his hand. Lacing her fingers with his own she rubbed the area where she had seen the claw disappear at. 

Pushing her hand back down to the bed he looked down to make sure she was truely bare beneath him. Seeing nothing but her pale skin he hummed and moved to settle himself between her legs. Y/n could feel his overly large member resting against her stomach and shudered at just how much it was going to hurt when he claimed her. Her thoughts were soon forgoten when she felt him start to lick down her body. “Ahh.” She gasped when he suckled at her nipple biting it a little before doing the same to the other. 

The wolverine continued to explore his new territory. Observing the way she would react to different touches he made. Trailing his fingers between her legs he ran one of the digits over her pink lips. When she flinched away he gave another growl and smacked the side of her thigh. Hearing her cry out he glanced at her face before continuing. Running the finger up and down her slit a few times before pushing forward to feel her wetness cover his fingers. Smiling at how responsive she was to him he placed the tip of his finger at her entrance.

Y/n felt as if her body was on fire, the heat raging now. When he placed his finger at her hot entrance she couldn’t help from whimpering as the need to mate filled her. She was surprised when he removed his finger and kneeled between her thighs. “What is he doing he was supposed to be mating her!” She asked herself. Looking into his eyes she saw amusement. Furrowing her brows she gave a small growl of her own before kicking on his chest making him fall backwards. 

Wolverine clinched his jaw and growled out as he fell to the floor. Glaring back at her he saw her swallow hard as she realized what she had done. Shrinking inward she yelped out when he grabbed her ankle and snatched her to him. Throwing her over his lap he smacked her bare ass cheek making her cry out. This went on for four more times until he threw her back down onto the bed, this time on her stomach. 

Holding down her wrists in one hand he growled into her neck. Moving his free hand down between her legs he spread her slick around and rubbed some on his cock. Placing the tip of his cock at her entrance he held her hip with one hand and her hands with the other. “Beg.” He growled and heard as she whimpered. “BEG!” He command and felt as she let out a shaky breath. “Please…” She whispered “please what?!” He said in a deep voice wanting more “please… claim me.. as yours.” Hearing a purr she felt him lick the side of her cheek. “Mine.” He said before thrusting his hips forward. 

Y/n screamed out as he entered her and tried anything to go away from him. Feeling her try and escape wolverine was quick to bite down into the nape of her neck. His sharp teeth braking the skin he locked his jaw, she wasn’t going anywhere. Feeling his claim over her she whimpered and layed her face flat on the bed, fully submitting to him, her alpha.

The wolverine smiled around her flesh, purring at her acceptance. Pushing in to the hilt he allowed her the time to adjust. When he thought she was ready he pulled out of her before slamming back in making her whimper. Keeping a hard yet slow pace he felt as her body was jolted forward with every thrust of his hips. 

Y/n cried out when he moved his hand from her hip to rub her clit. She screamed and moaned as her body was forced into climax. When the wolverine felt her muscles convulse around his cock he groaned but held his own orgasm off. Letting go of her neck he pulled back to look at her, seeing the blood rolling down her throat from where he had bit her. Pulling out of her he heard as she whined and smirked. Flipping her onto her back he looked at her face to see her eyes lidded. Spreading her legs he looked down at her slightly swollen pussy. Seeing the glistening wetness he growled in arousal. Rubbing his thumb over the swollen bundle of nerves she flinched away and whimpered. Giving her a warning glare he settled himself to lay down. Throwing both of her legs over his shoulders he licked up her slit with the flat of his tongue. “Ahhh.” She cried out. This time when his tongue licked up her slit he slipped it inside of her lips and flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit. He held her to his face while he lapped up the sweet juice coming from her. When her hips would buck away from him he would dig his fingertips into her skin as a warning. Soon she was screaming in another orgasm and spasming. When her legs became limp he looked up to see her eyes fluttering.

With a predatory growl he crawled back up her body. Grabbing her chin he forced her to look at him as he entered her, to make her see who truly owned her. Wolverine smirked as her back arched off the bed and gasp out something incoherent, this is how he wanted her. To be so high on sex that she was lost for words. That all she could think about was her alpha’s cock fucking her. “Mmmm.” He growled when he entered her fully. Pulling his hips back he kept his eyes on her when he snapped back into her. She cried out with every move he made now her pussy so sensitive from the constant attention. She could feel the burning sensation on her inner thighs were his beard had rubbed her raw. When he bit down on the mound of her breast she went to cry out only for her voice to be hoarse. 

Unlatching from her breast he smiled when he felt her licking at his neck and chest, whining for his knot. It turned him on to know that her omega nature was taking over, that she didn’t want but needed to be claimed, to be knotted by him. He knew she was a virgin before him and knew not what her body craved but he was going to teach her. Pushing his lips to hers he forced her to taste herself on his mouth and heard as she gave a feral whine. This whine wasn’t like the ones before this one screamed for him to take her. Feeling the base of his cock grow he thrusted into her as much as possible, forcing the thick bulge into her core. When he felt it lock behind her pelvic bone she screamed out in another orgasm and forced him into his own climax. The wolverine roared out as he filled her with his seed. Rocking his hips into her pelvic bone at a slow pace, working his cum into her womb. When he felt her body finally go limp under him he knew he had completely claimed her, that her body now belonged to him. When he was done he licked up the small amount of blood still leaking from her neck and rolled them over to their sides. He heard as she whimpered out in her sleep and was careful not to pull on her anymore than he had to. The animal in him was satisfied now, he knew he had complete control over her, his female. Feeling her nuzzle into his chest he gave a small smile and layed his head down to sleep.

Above them in the watch tower Stryker smiled. His plan had worked he had given the wolverine a weakness. Now they would begin the experiment…


Marvel Hip Hop Variants (part 2)

  • All-New Wolverine #1 | Keron Grant | DMX - Flesh of my flesh blood of my blood
  • Doctor Strange #1 | Juan Doe | Dr. Dre - The Chronic
  • Ant-Man #1 | Mark Brooks | Notorious BIG - Ready to Die
  • HOWARD THE DUCK #1 | Juan Doe More | Ol’ Dirty Bastard  Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version
  • Ms. MARVEL #1 | Jenny Frisson | Lauryn HIll - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  • Uncanny Inhumans #1 | Damian Scott | Outkast - Aquemini
  • Extraordinary X-men | Sanford Greene | De La Soul 3 - Feet High and Rising
  • Squadron Supreme #1 | Mike Del Mundo | Wu Tang Clan - 36 Chambers
  • Sam Wilson Captain America #1 | Mahmud Asrar | A$AP Rocky - Long Live A$AP
  • Contest Of Champions #1 | Denys Cowan | GZA - Liquid Swords

here’s the link for pt 1 pt 3


October 2015
Marvel Hip-hop Variant Covers.

“All-New Wolverine”
with DMX - Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood (1998)

“Amazing Spider-Man”
with A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders (1993)

with Notorious B.I.G. - Ready to Die (1994)

“Dr. Strange”
with Dr. Dre - The Chronic (1992)

“Iron Man”
with 50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin (2003)

anonymous asked:

Ok so the Ageis can prevent damage but can dame done to an immortal being can be “regenerated”? Like, in BtP can Wolverine come back from having all of his flesh burned of his metal skeleton? Or is there too much damage to take before you would permanently die? Can you kill BtP version of Cthulhu or would it slumber until regenerated?

Most things can be killed with explicit, focused, extended damage.  But some things can revive, like the Asura and dragon sovereigns.

In a Bahamut’s case, its hard because nobody understands their mode of existence. Nobody knows if that Bahamut you killed will one day just get back up and continue on. Or if killing the thing matters at all, since their spawn continue on as if nothing happened. Or if you really did kill them but they were sent back to whence they came, only to return long after you’re dead.

Bahamut are chaos and cancer. Every one is different. And what little we know about them comes from Lotan, who can’t even remember much of what they once were.

Writing Check-In: When the Moon, Ch 14

“Greedy gosling,” Peeta whispers, and his voice is thinner than a shadow. His eyes are dazed and dreamlike, and for a moment I wonder whether either of us is actually awake or even really here – but yes, the air is sharp and pure as ice against my face and my thighs are peppered with goosebumps on the sides not bolstered by bearskin, and the world is a gasping, blue-eyed cloud of flushed pink skin and sweet boy-musk and downy milkweed lashes.

“Greedy gosling,” he tries again; a little stronger, but only just. “What are you doing out of your nest? I-I haven’t even started your breakfast yet.”

“I don’t want breakfast,” I inform him. “Not yet. I just want you.”

His eyes go, somehow, wider still. “Well,” he says, a little hoarsely, “here I am.” 

Something crackles and flares in my heart; a fresh pine branch igniting with the love already kindled there and adding to the radiant heat of its glow.

Peeta spreads his arms in a gesture of surrender – I’m still pinning his torso firmly but he could throw me off with very little effort – and asks softly, “Now that you’ve got me, what are you going to do with me?”

I consider this quite seriously for a moment. I want to wrap him up in my fox fur coverlet beside the living room fire and kiss the chill from his nose and cheeks. I want to take his hand and lead him upstairs to my den of deerskin and down, where we’ll burrow together like newborn mousekins, all soft bare skin and eyes closed tightly. I want to sit in his lap, legs knotted around his waist, and toy with his curls, giggling as my small fingers make them bounce and spring back toward his scalp, and finally kiss him squarely on the mouth, right when he least expects it.

I want to roll up his trousers – or better yet, remove them completely – and spend the day lavishing love on what remains of his poor right leg with gentle fingertips and careful, lingering kisses. That much wasn’t a dream – the blunt, smooth knob of bone and warm tender skin nestling like a determined, oversized fledgling in the curve of my palm – and I remember all too well Peeta’s heartbreaking words about returning home damaged, unworthy of his sweetheart’s hand.

A cripple and a laughingstock. Weak. Maimed. Haunted by living nightmares.

I remember equally well the moment that led to that grief: the glossy wolverine, compact and snarling; his fanged maw closing around Peeta’s powerful calf and wrenching viciously. Wolverines have an angled back tooth to help them effectively tear flesh; they explained this – showed this – in the recap and I left the room, crying so hard that I threw up what little was in my stomach.

“I’m going to put you somewhere you can’t get hurt,” I blurt.

Peeta ventures a small smile and gently brushes a gloved hand against my shivering leg where it brackets his hip. “You’ve found it, I think,” he murmurs. “I can’t imagine a safer shelter than beneath my songbird’s wings. But maybe we could move it someplace a little warmer?”

I cock my head at him, reluctant to relocate, despite the cold. I like this perch; like my boy safe and snug between my thighs. “What did you have in mind?” I wonder, and Peeta reaches shyly between us to unhook the fastenings on his bearskin.

“Ah,” I reply, echoing his smile, and shift a little, scooting back onto his thighs so he can reach all the clasps. Beneath the fur he’s still half in his pajamas, with a gray thermal undershirt above his corduroys. “You’re hardly outfitted for the weather yourself,” I chide lightly, brushing a hand over his ribs, then I tuck in my legs for a moment to let the bearskin fall open and scurry back up to blanket him with my small body.

“Oh, little vixen,” he sighs, curling his arms around me and enveloping us both in a dense cocoon of warm white plushness. “How does this suit you?”

“Very well indeed,” I reply, burrowing deeply into the crooks and hollows of his body, and press my face into the curve of his neck with a happy whuff of breath. “It’s a good day’s hunt when straight out of the den you bag a plump, unwitting gander.”

It’s More Than Just A Remix Cover.

As most of you have probably heard, Marvel Comics is “paying tribute” to classic Hip-Hop with a set of 50 new variant covers blending Marvel Comics characters with Hip-Hop inspiration making comic covers that “riff” on albums that have been released over the last 30 years or so.

The thing about it all is that nothing about this tribute that EIC Alex Alonso of Marvel Comics is trying to push out there is new at all. If anything, this newest campaign from Marvel Comics is more of a shark-biting campaign attempting to use and cash in on the popularity of Hip-Hop and Black culture while at the same time excluding most, if not all of the people of Hip-Hop culture and those that contribute to it.

Years ago, artists and creators such as Julian Lytle, Sean Causley, Ron Wimberly, Michael Axt, Jared K Fletcher, JC Etheredge and others were part of the Longboxes on 22’s Tumblr (created by Sean & Julian), where they merged their love of Hip-Hop and comic book culture to make amazing album covers. My involvement with the site was in creating track-lists for the album covers and surreal “Source-style” reviews for said albums. Over 50,000 followers. Massive visibility. Take a look at it: http://longboxeson22s.tumblr.com/page/20

Also, artist Kenny Keil had been making fantastic mashup covers for the longest time as well. He’s also did artistic work for Big Boi and 2Chainz. Take a look here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/47140275@N05/sets/72157623207329307 and here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/47140275@N05/sets/72157628350347643

These creators spoke to an audience that felt alienated by most of the geek crowd when they went to comic cons or comic book stores because of their love for Hip-Hop and the culture. It helped others relate and bridge a gap with others between Hip-Hop & comic books. It brought folks together. There was a love in the creation of these covers.

And all the covers these artists created MADE SENSE. There was a rhyme, reason, and purpose behind every piece of art and cover.

All of these talents of various ethnicities, which have had their work seen to and from across an internet of millions over these last five years were simply shark bit with Marvel’s latest cash grab.

I’m sure there’s other artists out there that got bit too, but I can only go from what I know of and have record of. These folks did hot covers for YEARS before anyone at Marvel gave one damn about cashing in on this.

It upsets me heavily. Especially since not one of these talents were even involved in Marvel’s latest endeavor. It feels as if Marvel, Axel Alonso and whatever editor wished to push this forward saw all these works over the years, waited for things to cool down a bit and jacked the concept without a care.

And as the press releases continue to flow amongst the geek sites regarding these Hip-Hop covers Marvel is doing, you’ll read of people praising Marvel for their continued “Columbus-ing” of a culture that they don’t really mess with.

Let me correct myself, they mess with the “culture” but they stay away from most, if not all of the people who are a part of said culture that build this creative cool stuff. Marvel takes what they need, and then they jet.

Speaking of culture, remember that Marvel Comics is the same publisher that has damn near 50 new comic book series on the way and not ONE BLACK WRITER on the current roster. They have Black characters and Black team books, but no Black writers. Again, they love the culture and push diversity strictly on the page and next to never behind the scenes.

So the shark-biting that is currently being done here is not surprising. I guess Marvel Comics is doing these Hip-Hop variant covers to back up all that street cred they’ve been building for years while hiring a multitude of Black writers, artists and people of color… <side-eye> <sarcasm>

And yes, I do sincerely understand that Hip-Hop is mainstream now. But the comic book business on the regular loves Black culture but rarely involves Black people and people of color in it. They just bite the creative works of the cultures and sell it to white audiences.

This is much deeper than just remixing a comic book cover.

When you look at the first wave of Marvel hip-hop joints, outside of the A$AP cover, from an art direction stance, nothing else really makes sense. If anything, most of those covers that Marvel is putting out mocks hip-hop in some cases rather than embracing it. And that’s no offense to the artists that created their covers. If an editor told you to do it, I get it. If that’s what you felt, cool.

But they don’t reach a true potential.

This stuff isn’t made in a vacuum. And this isn’t the first time something like this has happened before w/Marvel: http://longboxeson22s.tumblr.com/post/108268088667/so-about-9-months-or-so-trill-believers-my-friend

And then to top it off, there are 50 covers and only three Black artists have been allowed to play in Marvel’s sandbox for this project (Sanford Greene, Khary Randolph, and Brian Stelfreze).


Respect to the few Black artists that are working at Marvel right now. We see you. I know there’s not many (because there’s not), but we love y'all.

After October passes, these Marvel hip-hop variant covers will disappear and it’ll be on to the next thing for them. After they’re done with those 50 covers, Mr. Alonso will just look at the culture, wave & say “Bye, Phylicia” then move on to the next thing without a care.

But I won’t forget this.

And neither should you.

But will the fans care? I don’t know. For most, as long as they get their stuff it doesn’t matter to them.

Equality and true diversity in comics doesn’t matter to them as long as they get their stuff.

So don’t ask me about the next Marvel movie, comic, cartoon, synergy-filled whatever because I don’t ride with Marvel when they shark-bite my friends.

And remember, Black people and People of Color, here’s what Marvel (or one of the most influential people at Marvel Comics) thinks about YOU: http://brevoortformspring.tumblr.com/post/124153395043/can-you-explain-why-marvel-thinks-that-doing-hip

I’m done.

*Side note #1: It appears that since I wrote this piece, Marvel Editor Tom Breevort replied to the masses with a response that sounded like it came from the mouths of press release firms and lawyers. It rings empty and hollow: http://brevoortformspring.tumblr.com/post/124165794638/how-do-you-not-see-the-connection-between

*Side note #2: Since the release of my post, plus the tumblr posts of David Brothers, artist Kenny Keil and many other media side regarding Marvels 1-way relationship w/our culture, Marvel Comics EIC is saying that the cover artist list of 50 Hip-Hop variant covers is not complete and on his twitter feed displayed a Keron Grant Wolverine cover based off of DMX’s “Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood” followed with “12 down, 40+ to go in coming weeks.” 


Still doesn’t make up for the next to non-existent hiring of Black writers, artists, editors and other positions at Marvel Comics over the years. 

This ain’t progress.

theplaguedwolverine  asked:

No matter how old he becomes, nor the gruff exterior he'd built throughout time, Logan will always be faint at heart when it came to a pretty face. This occurs more often than he realizes, but he'd been oblivious to see through the facade of long, slender legs, or curvy hips to comprehend the impending danger he'd placed himself in.

Selene looks up from across the bar, sensing a mutant’s thoughts in the room. She was dressed to kill, looking for an unsuspecting human to suck dry for a little pick-me-up, but this was far better. The Wolverine in the flesh… a treat indeed.