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If you could have a super power, what would it be?

I kinda want immortality (but physical age stops at physical peak like in DBZ)

I want to see how the world changes and explore the world. I’d probably read thousands of books along the way and master skills and learn thing.

When I think about questions like this, I think “Now what can fuck it all up?” Like you know how in Wolverine: Origins, Wolverine and Sabertooth were trapped in a prison for years to rot? Yeah that would suck to be immortal trapped in a prison for eternity.

But yeah it’s fun to think of how to fuck up superpowers like:

Flight: Well I probably can’t use my powers during the day, too many people. At night, I probably couldn’t see anything.

Superspeed: I bet with superspeed your perception of time is really fucked up. I’m not sure where I saw it from, but The Flash(?) was stuck in superspeed mode and the whole world around him was stuck in slowmo. That would suck.

Superstrength: Someone is bound to piss me off and I’d probably punch their head into the next state.

Teleportation: What if I get stuck between a wall by accident? Do I just die?

Telepathy: I’d abuse the shit out of that and I’d probably piss a ton of people off. I’d probably wouldn’t want to be around me.  

Wish We Could Turn Back Time

Can I possibly get a one shot? Where the reader is Wolverines daughter who is immortal and can travel to the past and future, so she goes back to the past (days of future past) with her dad and she meets Pietro or (Peter??) in which they kind of fall in love with each other or what ever but he dad gets over protective? Please 😊

pairing: peter maximoff x howlette!reader

word count: 621 part two

a/n: i will always say peter when referring to xmen!Quicksilver. also im really not proud of this.

The world had gone to shit.

Sentinels had torn apart nearly everyone you loved, and in a last attempt to make things right, you and your dad had been sent back to try and change this fate.

Even though the two of you were sent back fifty years, back to dingy hotel rooms and bell-bottom jeans, physically you were unchanged.

Immortality happened to be hereditary.

You had the added bonus of space-time manipulation, and, after a lot of persuasion, you were allowed to travel back with your dad.

Waking up was unpleasant, having to listen to your father be scolded by some gangsters. The scolding quickly turned into fighting, and a few seconds later he showed up at your door with car keys.

Arriving at the barren mansion, you met a very young, albeit very handsome, Charles Xavier, along with Hank.

Being met with laughter when you presented them with the nature of the situation was expected, but your dad convinced them.

The only thing you hadn’t expected was Peter.

“That’s a lot of Twinkies.”

The gray haired boy turned away from his game.

He looked you up and down and glanced between the men surrounding you.

“Well, if she’s going, I’m going.”

Blood rushed to your cheeks, and the change in your dad’s posture didn’t go unnoticed by you.

A large hand landed on Peter’s shoulder.

“Stay away from my daughter, kiddo.”

Peter’s eyes held a challenge as he raised his eyebrows.

He cast a quick look to you before smirking at your father.

“Of course, sir.” He answered smugly.

The plan was seemingly simple, besides the fact that you were going to break into the Pentagon. It had been going smoothly up until your arrival in the kitchen. You had to watch Charles’ unbearable improvisation while waiting for Peter and Erik. And when they finally show up, you were shocked to say the least when Charles marched up to Erik and punched him in the face.

“That’s gotta hurt.” Peter mumbled.

“For a cripple Charles seems to have a mean right hook.” You replied.

He tried to cover his laugh with a cough, but failed. The rest of your little group found nothing funny about the situation. One glare from your father was all you needed to stand in reverent silence. You found yourself with red cheeks once again.

“Hands up or we will shoot!”

One second; guards filled the room, aiming their rubber guns at everyone. The next; they were all of the floor, Peter standing in front of you with a new hat.

The older men began to file out of the room, your dad patting Peter on the shoulder and giving him a quiet “Thanks, kid.” You went to follow him but you felt your elbow be pulled back. A pair of soft lips met yours.

“Woah.” You sighed once he pulled away.

“You’re welcome.” Peter said, disappearing.

“Where the hell have you been?” Your dad asked once you had caught up.

You smiled and shook your head.

Now, you’re standing at the steps up to Xavier’s plane.

“Don’t go too fast.” Charles advises, giving Peter the car keys.

“So,” Peter says to you. “Any chance I’ll see you again, (Y/N)?”

“Maybe. Just keep an eye out for me for the next fifty years.”

He let out a low sigh.

“Do you have to go back?”

“Yeah, I think I do.”

“Would you change your mind if I said that I really, really, like you?”

“Not likely.”

“Well there’s another L-word I could use-”

“We’re going now.” Your dad cut in.

“Fifty years?” Peter called after you.

“I’ll be back sooner than that.” You smiled.

“No she won’t.” Your dad said again.

Yes I will.