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Marjorie Liu, who wrote Johnny briefly during his appearance in Daken: Dark Wolverine #4, confirmed on twitter very recently that Johnny and Daken had a sexual relationship. 

Johnny’s bi/pansexuality is canon now, although, probably because of the Fantastic Four’s current lack of popularity, not one sound was made about it in the media or in the Marvel fandom.

It’s not as if there’s nothing in canon itself to back up Liu’s statement. In 2005′s Spectacular Spider-Man #21, Johnny openly admits to having slept with at least one nonbinary alien: 

In Fantastic Four #563, we even find out that there’s an alternate universe version of Johnny – in which he’s the older of the Storm siblings – where he is the one who is married to Reed Richards, not Sue:

In The New Mutants: Superheroes and the Radical Imagination of American Comics, comics scholar Ramzi Fawaz traces Johnny’s history as a queer figure all the way back to his initial appearance Fantastic Four #1, so Johnny is not only currently queer, he has always implicitly been written that way.

Sometimes the hints were subtle, like in his Fantastic Four #309 trip to Fire Island, which was, at the time it was published, a notorious gay vacation spot.

And sometimes the hints were more overt:

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the fact that Johnny Storm, part of Marvel’s First Family and one of the founding members of the Fantastic Four, the team that is responsible for making the Marvel universe what it is today and which was once Marvel’s most popular and influential property, is officially bi/pan IS A BIG DEAL. 



person: so what are your plans for the future?

me: well…

The Animal Within Chapter 4

Wolverine held his mate tight in his arms as he listened to her slow breathing. Her heat had passed and she was now completely exhausted. She had been sleeping for a good while before he had woken her so she would eat the small tray of food that had been slid into the room. After she had eaten some of the food he had not been surprised when she went back to sleep. Being matted to someone was a whole new experience, he felt the constant need to care for her to nurture her. He wondered if she felt the strong connection as well. Looking her over he could tell she was young, knowing Stryker she most likely wasn’t even legal yet. Just thinking about the man made his blood boil. He knew it wouldn’t be long and the man would be coming to collect him. Stroking the side of her hip he closed his eyes, he had to find a way to get them out of here. 

Hearing the door open wolverine’s eyes popped open and he growled, waking up his female in the process. Turing around he saw Stryker standing there with at least ten guards. Hearing the omega whimper he looked back at her. “It’s okay. Mate stay.” he said licking lightly at the claiming mark on her neck. Standing he slowly made his way over to the men, coming before them he stopped and held in his growl when they placed the collar around his neck and then wrists, making sure he couldn’t use his claws against them. Meeting Stryker’s face he saw him give a smile before nodding to the other men. When they advanced towards his female Wolverine snarled and went to attack them only to be pinned to the ground. “No! NO!” Y/n screamed as they grabbed her. Seeing small fangs elongate in her mouth and her nails turn into sharp claws. Wolverine thrashed under them at seeing his mate like that, when she was pinned to the ground beside him he looked into her bright yellow eyes to see tears welling up in them. When she tried to get away one of the men hit her over the back of the head making her pass out. Hearing a lock he watched as she was lifted up and thrown over one of the men’s shoulder. They had bound her ankles and hands behind her making it impossible for her to escape even if she was conscious.

Snarling he glared at Stryker, “We Had a Deal!” he growled making the man cock his head to the side and nod to the others to take her away. Getting pulled his feet he pulled with all his might to get to his mate. “Now Logan we can’t have her getting pregnant… at least not until we know how to control you. After the experiment is a success on you then I will allow you to breed her.” He said his voice making Wolverine shake with anger. “So what you can make my cubs into weapons as well?!” he roared and saw as the man gave a chuckle. Walking closer to him Stryker got face to face with the animal, “Exactly.” he smiled before walking away with the solders dragging the wolverine behind them.

Waking up Wolverine found himself in water. Pulling on his arms and legs he found them to be held in place by thick straps. A mask was over his mouth and nose giving him air while other wires were hooked to him. Looking around he knew he had to be in a tank of sorts as he saw all the other people walking around on the other side of the glass. Seeing a man walk up to the glass he growled and pulled on the restraints. Smiling the man held up a screen of sorts. Looking at the screen he saw a woman. She was strapped to a table with cords hooked up to her. The wolverine knotted his brows at the woman, he felt as if he knew her. When his head began to ache he tensed and trashed in the water. Suddenly it came back to him, that woman was his mate. They had taken her. Stryker. Growling he pulled on the scraps. 

Outside of the tank Stryker smiled at the mutant inside the tank. Looking at the tablet he saw as the woman screamed. “How is experiment going on the female?” he asked the group of scientist and saw as they shook their heads.“We have yet to figure out what connects the two sir. Whenever she is induced to pain he seems to react.” “Hmmm. we may be able to use that to our advantage. Bring her here.” he said and saw as two solders went to go collect the woman. Looking back at the Wolverine he smiled. When he heard the small whimpers of the woman behind him he glanced back at her before flipping the switch, turning on the Wolverine’s speaker so he could hear them. 

As soon as the cries of his female hit him Wolverine again began to thrash. “Alright Wolverine. Now you are going to clam down for us.” Stryker said in a cocky tone but only managed to make the animal angrier. Lifting his chin Stryker sighed, looking to one of the men he nodded his head and heard a loud smack as she was struck across the face. Growling Wolverine glared at the man, “Now tell me what your purpose is.” Stryker said, When the wolverine said nothing Stryker again shook his head, Time to go to more drastic measures.“ he said to himself before walking over to the solder by the woman and whispering something in his ear. 

Wolverine watched carefully as Stryker said something to the solder making him give a smile. Seeing Stryker face him once again he kept his eyes on his omega. Seeing the man move closer to y/n and place his hands on her shoulders he clinched his fists. When the man’s hands moved down to grope at her breasts under the hospital gown she let out a sob. Pulling at the binding he met her fear filled eyes as the man’s hands moved lower on her body. When the man cupped her sex she cried out in fear and Wolverine lost it. Unsheathing his claws he gave a loud roar and ripped his hands out of the straps, tearing the skin from his hands. He didn’t register the pain as he slashed at the glass tank, breaking the thick glass. Falling from the tank he ripped the mask from his face and snarled up at the people in the room. Stryker looked in shock as the Wolverine was released. "Shoot Him!” he yelled. Seeing the man grab y/n Wolverine pounced, cutting the man down. Lifting y/n into his arms he felt her wrap her bound hands around his neck. Seeing the solders go to shoot he turned around and ran down the hall. Feeling some of the bullets hit his back he groaned but kept running. Making random Turns he tried to find a way out of the place. Going through a door he held up his hand to shield his eyes from the bright light of the sun. Looking around he saw they were in a very cold place and snow covered the ground. “Alpha there coming.” She cried into his neck. Breathing hard he began to panic. Looking out he saw a cliff with water at the bottom. Hearing the sound of running behind him he held onto her tight and ran towards the cliff. “NOOO!” he heard Stryker yell as he jumped over the side of the cliff. 


Happy 60th Birthday to Frank Miller!

Comic book auteur Frank Miller was born on January 27, 1957, in Olney, Maryland.  HIs first confirmed comics credit appeared in Weird Ward Tales #64 (June 1978).  He worked as a fill-in and cover artist before he landed the penciling duties on Daredevil, beginning with issue #158 (May 1979).  Starting with Daredevil #168, Miller began writing the title as well.  He was the penciler and co-plotter, along with Chris Claremont of Wolverine v.1 #1-4 (September-December 1982).  In 1986, he wrote and penciled the seminal Batman: The Dark Knight Returns four-issue limited series.

His first creator owned series was Ronin, a six-issue miniseries that DC Comics published in 1983-84.  He began writing and penciling Sin City for Dark Horse comics in 1991.  He also wrote and drew the limited series 300 in 1998.

Frank Miller is currently co-writing with Brian Azarello The Dark Knight III: The Master Race for DC Comics.

These comics are from my personal collection:

Daredevil v.1 #176 (November 1981), cover by Frank Miller

Daredevil v.1 #181 (April 1982), cover by Frank Miller

Daredevil v.1 #183 (June 1982), cover by Frank Miller

Wolverine v.1 #2 (October 1982), cover by Frank Miller

Ronin (1984), cover by Frank Miller

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Tenth Anniversary Edition (1996), cover by Frank Miller

300 (1999), cover by Frank Miller

Sin City: Just Another Saturday Night (October 1998), cover by Frank Miller

All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder #2 (October 2005), cover by Frank Miller