wolverine & the x men

X-23 by Rudy Ao. 11x17 acrylics and airbrush.

My third commission from Rudy, the theme this time being Innocence Lost as I asked for a young Laura sitting on a pile of victims with a beautiful butterfly landing on her bloodsoaked claws. The lighting reinforces the idea with a column of light hitting Laura and the butterfly while her surroundings are dark and shadowy.

The composition was partly inspired by a splash page from the first X-23 miniseries.


she used to stare at you the same way you look at the plain image of her now. as if you’re the only thing left, only thing important, the only reason to keep going, worth fighting for. she breathes no more, but she would wish you to be alive

dedicated to @hurtslikeyourmouth, @rey-of-luke, @englishmajor226, @roguelotus


Sometimes it takes the wisdom of a child to get us to realize how horrible we are to each other. With all the bickering and fighting we do, over our politics or theology or whatever other bullshit is causing us to have a bad day, sometimes we need the innocence of a child to steer us when we go astray. Isn’t this just so true. OH GIVE ME A BREAK I ONCE SAW A KID PUNCH ANOTHER KID IN THE NUTS OVER A COOKIE. KIDS FIGHT OVER EVERYTHING. THEY WILL CHOKE THE FUCK OUT OF EACH OTHER OVER WHO IS OR ISN’T STAYING ON THEIR SIDE OF THE COUCH. WHY DON’T YOU JUST COME DOWN OUT OF YOUR TOWER, FRANKLIN, AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOU WOULDN’T SELL YOUR KID SISTER TO SEX TRAFFIKERS IF IT MEANT THAT YOU ALWAYS GOT TO WATCH WHAT YOU WANTED ON TV. (Fantastic Four Versus The X-Men #4 – June 1987)

wolverine is such an inspiration…..he taught me that despite the fact i’m short and hairy and angry and bad at taking care of myself, if i try hard enough and really put my mind to it, i too can punch people with knives while shirtless & screaming

  • Deadpool, sitting cross-legged in the fridge in the middle of the night: Gray morality can be an effective storytelling technique, but it should not be considered a necessity in order to tell a good story, because when handled wrong it carries the implication that atrocities are justifiable as long as they're committed in the interest of fulfilling an ostensibly noble goal, and it is so often handled wrong.
  • Wolverine, staring in horror while holding a carton of orange juice: Who are you and how did you get in my house.

Peter: *doing his homework* Why is this so hard

Wade: You know what else is hard ;)

Tony: Thors hammer which I’m about to beat you with