wolverine & the x men

  • Tony Stark: I mean, goddamnit! You're all self-absorbed, barely functioning, co-dependent weirdos!
  • [All the X-Men nod in agreement]
  • Cyclops: Yeah... yeah.
  • Rogue: I know.
  • Wolverine: That's pretty spot on.
  • Nightcrawler: Those are not good qualities.
  • Jean: We're gonna work on 'em.
  • Deadpool, sitting cross-legged in the fridge in the middle of the night: Gray morality can be an effective storytelling technique, but it should not be considered a necessity in order to tell a good story, because when handled wrong it carries the implication that atrocities are justifiable as long as they're committed in the interest of fulfilling an ostensibly noble goal, and it is so often handled wrong.
  • Wolverine, staring in horror while holding a carton of orange juice: Who are you and how did you get in my house.

Idk why people tell me “Oh well the Marvel movies aren’t that good” then proceed to point out all the flaws of it. I don’t care. I’m 16 and depressed. I’m not a movie critic man I’m just here for the fun stuff, leave me alone, Dave