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The spiritual sequel to this old thing

HOLYFUCKINGSHITFUCK THIS TOOK ME FUCKING FOREVER TO MAKE it was legit like making a scrapbook and I FUCKING HATE SCRAPBOOKS. Shoutout to Kitty Pryde for spilling some truth tea.


How Hugh Jackman Wants To Change The World, One Coffee At A Time
Hugh Jackman has launched a line of fair trade coffee with Keurig Green Mountain (Image credit: 2014 Getty Images) Here's one way to make your coffee sweeter: have it served by Wolverine. X-Men star Hugh Jackman has teamed up with Keurig to produce a fair-trade line of coffee--claws not included. As of this [...]
By Natalie Robehmed

I do not ever remember a time when AdamKubert.Tumblr.com was not amongst my favorite artists. He is one of a handful of creators that I will happily follow to every project, regardless of the subject matter or how long it takes him to produce the work. I have been looking for his medical illustrations, just so that I can be crowned the king of the nerds because I get to own some of his non-comics published artwork.