what Muse's albums are about (probably)

Showbiz: ANGST

OoS: idk drugs I guess

Hullabaloo Soundtrack: who knows? they don’t even know probably

Absolution: the biblical Apocalypse

BH&R: space Cowboys and politics

The Resistance: 1984 by George Orwell

The 2nd Law: S P A C E

Drones: take a wild fucking guess

The 23 coolest bassists in the world

Chris Wolstenholme (Muse): The calm, quiet and modest ying to Matt Bellamy’s bat-shit mental yang, Wolstenholme is also one of the most technically gifted bass-slingers on Earth (and in outer space). ‘Hysteria’ is proof enough. 

(Via gigwise http://www.gigwise.com/photos/90543/4/happy-birthday-kim-gordon-the-23-coolest-bassists-in-the-world#gBihgDXvmlZRBivG.99)