Babyz are literally the Best

I’ve never seen such strength within a fandom. The bonds between all the Babyz and with them and B.A.P was just astounding. The way they get so much hate thrown at them and yet still find a way to stand up and fight against it really attracted me towards this fandom!

Babyz are so amazing they don’t even care about the antifans. They literally sassily wave them off and just focus on supporting their idols because that’s truly what being a fan is all about. B.A.P have had so much to deal with and the whole lawsuit and the 1 year 9 months hiatus they went through didn’t stop the Babyz believing in them. They’ve been through so much and that’s just made them even stronger


B..A.P themselves are obviously AMAZING to have been able to acquire such great fans! Their unique songs and the deep meanings behind each one instead of just singing about a girl they fell in love with or something

Each member is so handsome and equally attractive as the other in both looks and personality.  Its IMPOSSIBLE to choose a Bias because your list’ll just get wrecked the next second.

AND they know there’s a continent on the far side of the Earth somewhere called Europe and actually make an effort to go there

And they had the toughest competition in their rookie year -Exo. Yet they still managed to get so far!

It takes a Legend to beat a Legend.



the thing is. you think life is about is about going to school and then university, then getting a job, a husband, a nice house and having a family. and the kids grow up and you retire, move to a quiter house.. and then die. 

but i dont think its like that. i think life is about meeting as many people as you can and going as many places as you can. we are all given this certain amount of time and we are lucky to have such a beautiful planet. i dont understand why when there are so many mountains to explore, rivers to swim in, snow to play in, sand to build castles with, trees to climb and deserts to run through, that all we focus on is materialistic possessions. why do we choose to settle in one spot when there is so much to see?

yousef wants to have lots of kids but you know he’d actually…change diapers, be the one who wakes up at night when the baby is crying, he’d pick them up from school, he’d stay at home with them while the other parent is working, he’d play with them (sure, he’s a fan of football, but his son likes dolls? let’s play with dolls! he’d take him to the store and let him chose one he likes) he’d cook diner for the family, and clean the house, he’d have these random dancing sessions with the kids in the living room, putting on a fun dance song, and sure they’re not necessarily skilled and they mostly just jump around and laugh, but honestly? moments like these are one of his favorite things in the world. and these kids? yeah, they’re definitively his favorite thing in the wolrd