Its frustrating

When you love Jackson Wang so much and people still don’t respect him.

No one said for everyone to be a Jacky even though the Jacky lifestyle will clear your skin and clear your mind.

Anyways the same rude comments about Jackson is so draining that I’m USED to it.

You don’t like his rapping okay but alot of us do. The boy excuse me not boy. MAN. The man works hard on his lyrics and have yall heard wolo, I love it, feel my vibe and boomx3? All flawless ass bangers that he worked on.

You say he’s annoying. Okay fine that nice but who isn’t annoying. I’m annoying.

You say he can’t sing.. No one said he sounds better than vocal line but the man got a voice of an angel so fuck you.

The man can dance. He works his ass off.

He’s actually damn near perfect if you ask me.

What are you doing?


Thanks Jackson for reminding me that this happened 😖

A New Mexican Restaurant That Doesn’t Skimp on the Spice

The restaurateur Dario Wolos began making tacos a decade ago, selling them out of a Volkswagen bus in Mexico. Since then, he’s moved to New York and opened four restaurants, all called Tacombi, around the city, each focusing on a different Mexican regional cuisine.

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ANOTHER REASON WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH IM JAEBUM!! Listening to this song is bringing back memories of when I started stanning Got7 *coughJBcough* I still smile like a big idiot listening to this song. Can I please get a full version of this song along with Higher, 1:31AM, and WOLO?


i love art