A New Mexican Restaurant That Doesn’t Skimp on the Spice

The restaurateur Dario Wolos began making tacos a decade ago, selling them out of a Volkswagen bus in Mexico. Since then, he’s moved to New York and opened four restaurants, all called Tacombi, around the city, each focusing on a different Mexican regional cuisine.

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JS, BB, YG > Running Man 😂 (their latest obsession)
JS: had to use WOLO instead of YOLO cuz of copyrights
YG: *sings WOLO
JY: BB, your legs are like chopsticks


i love art 


今天所有鸟宝宝都辛苦了!到家了吗?到家的话快洗澡睡觉吧!晚了💤 !从家里到演唱会会场这么远的路来看我们!太辛苦你们了😔 谢谢你们一直那么爱我们!我们刚刚才没分开多久,就想你们了😔 我们下次在广州见!有时间来的话不如来一下!因为很想你们!😚 还有今天是母亲节!妈妈! 可以成为你的儿子我很骄傲。你是最好的妈妈。还有祝福我们鸟宝宝的妈妈们!谢谢你们生了这么漂亮的鸟宝宝!❤️❤️哈哈哈 好吧!说了太多了。。。身体健康!WOLO. 

오늘 모두 I GOT7 수고하셨습니당 !! 집에 잘도착했어요? 집에 도착하면 빨리 잠을 자요!!! 늦었어요! 그리고 이렇게 멀이 우리 콘서트 보러 와주셔서 정말 감사해요! ㅠㅠ 항상 우리를 사랑해주셔서 감사해요! ㅠㅠ 😙우리 다음에 광조우 에서 만나용!!! 그리고 오늘은 어머니 ( 엄마 ) 날이에요!!! 우리 사랑하는 엄마!!! 엄마 의 아들 될수있어서 정말 영광이에요!! 엄마는 최고의 엄마에요! 또 우리 I GOT7 의 어머니분들 !! 이렇게 예쁜 I GOT7 나서 감사해요!!! ❤️❤️헐 이야기 너무 길었어요 ㅠㅠㅠ 여러분 건강해요!! WOLO. 

I GOT7 ! Thanks for coming to our concert today! Did you arrive home yet ? Hurry up and take a shower and sleep!!! It’s too late ! Thanks for showing love and support all the time ! 😙😙 we will see you guys in Guan Zhou soon! Hahaha if only if you guys can make it hahaha. And also! Today is Mothers day!! Yeah!!! Haha mommy ! I always feel proud to be your son. You are the best mom❤️❤️ and also ! Our I GOT7 ’s mom! Happy mothers day! Thanks for giving this precious life to all of us especially our beautiful I GOT7s. OMG this is getting too long… Okay!! Take care ! Stay healthy !! WOLO !!#FLYinshanghai


The new intro to WOLO!!! 😍😍😍😍 JS did you write this?! daebak!!! @jacksonwang852g7
#got7 #jacksonwang #jackson #王嘉爾 #잭슨 #flyinseoulfinal #WOLO

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B-Boying 😂👍

Let's talk about #FlyinDallas

Bounce is so good live.

During his part in Follow Me, BamBam yelled,”DAAAAMN DANIEL.”

Junior introduced himself as Youngjae.

“Because of copyright, it’s WOLO, not YOLO” -Jackson

Jackson kept talking about organic things.

They were trying to get Mark to beatbox so that Jackson could dance, but Mark made JB do it and Jackson said,”I don’t trust JB.”

Junior is surprisingly good at English? Like he said that he was nervous since Youngjae wasn’t there at first, but started feeling better thanks to us.

“I saw some Dab7 out there” -BamBam when we all dabbed with him.

They dabbed, naenaed, whipped, hit them folks, did the running man challenge, and dougied (how does one spell) multiple times in one concert.

“They told me stop dabbing, I didn’t stop. They told me stop naenaeing, I didn’t stop. They told me stop whipping, I didn’t stop.” -BamBam 

Yugyeom’s English is so cute. He’s so sweet.

JB sang “I Feel Good” (by James Brown) when asked how he felt.

Junior sang “Feel So Good” (by B.A.P) when asked how he felt.

They kept using fan’s cameras and phones to take selfies despite the “no taking pics/vids” rule.

Junior stole a Youngjae sign from a fan several times.

JB wouldn’t sing Fly acapella (is that how u even spell that) so that they could dance to it.


When I turned off my light stick when the concert ended, I thought, “Wow, it’s actually over.”


Fly in Guangzhou Fancams (Update II):

Jackson: A / WOLO / 愛很簡單 / I Love It + WOLO / Playground

JB: Rewind 1 l 2 / Hooked / Back to Me / Dumb Dumb / Just Right / Before the full moon rises / 1:31AM / Comment / Hooked 2 / Turn Up the Volume

Youngjae:  愛很簡單 / Me Gustas Tu / 1:31AM

Mark: Higher / Hooked / Rewind / Back to me 1 l 2 / Can’t / Comment + Hooked / Comment愛很簡單

Yugyeom: WOLO / Bounce / Dumb Dumb / To Star

Junior: Higher 1 l 2 / To Star / Can’t / Playground / Back to me / Follow Me / Homerun 1 l 2 / See The Light / Bounce / Turn up the music / 愛很簡單

Bambam: WOLO / Hooked / GGG / I Can’t / I Like You / Ending Talk / Fly / Home Run / 愛很簡單