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Title of the first song you land on describes how you die
Dancing In The Dark - Tokio Hotel
Second song will describe your love life
Shots (Broiler Remix) -  Imagine Dragons
Third song will be playing at your wedding
Wolo (We Only Live Once) -  Basslovers United
Add “in my pants” to the fourth song you land on
Take Me Higher in my pants - INNA
Fifth sing will be playing at your funeral
Kings of Suburbia -Tokio Hotel
Sixth song is your theme song
Monster - Imagine Dragons
Seventh song will play when you think about something
Meet Me Out In Space - Тимур Родригез
Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the tile of the eighth song
Dark Horse with a shovel and a screwdriver - Katy Perry(feat. Tee)
Ninth song will describe your week

Shadow - Dj Frankie Wilde

Tenth song will play when you miss someone
Tell Me Why -  Supermode 

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good company, good vibes. so nice to have friends you can vent to, relate with and share good laughs with. you guys can just sit there and just breathe air and start laughing like hyenas out of nowhere and enjoy each others company. do boring things without even being bored. they stick around; knowing you for years; from being that kind of person, doing those kinds of things, to being this kind of person doing these kinds of things. witnessing your failures, struggles, your improvements, success. was there to push, support, advice and listen to you. theres a reason why i choose to drop people out of my life; i pick my friends. cause i decide to not need a huge circle full of fake bitches. i just need people i can trust and be my complete self with.

Having Brunch with my wife and I just realized my view point looks like old New York City or something of the like #wolo

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#2015P365_JWC DAY121
Night out with sisters! Long time no TLJ. ☺️ (at TOUR les JOURS, WOLO)

anonymous asked:

yes, i know but...we only live once, right? (WOLO! hahaha) and maybe one day will be too late, and we will regret even the smallest things... do it, whatever it is, do it <3 you deserve the world!

I know… I’ll try to remember that and do it. Same to you, love :’)