Submissions are OPEN for WoLH 2015

Good news! We are opening another year of submissions for Women of Library History. The call for submissions is here; please follow the guidelines therein.

We’ve gained a lot of new followers over the past year, and I want to challenge everyone to go out and find a story to share, whether or not you are a library worker. Get in touch with your local librarian or Friends of the Library group and ask about the women who were influential to its history. Their stories deserve to be remembered.

Our index can help you see who’s already been profiled.

If all you have is a name and a couple of clues, I sometimes do additional research for people. I also love to hear from folks with extra time who want to flesh out unfinished submissions–Kristen Hogan did some great work on this front in 2013.  With submissions, suggestions, or questions, you can e-mail women of library history at gmail dot com.

Please reblog and tell your friends!