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Safe House no longer secret

FINALLY they all know that Dexter and Gina were never evicted, I’m surprised at them saving Charlie and replacing her with Jackie.

I thought that Dexter and Gina would be tactical and save Wolfy or Hazel so they would get less nominations the next week, and I’m glad Charlie got saved but she wouldn’t have been evicted anyway, same goes for Jackie. 

I wanted Daley to be put up but I REALLY hope they put his *soon to be ex* girlfriend in there, it would be brilliant TV. 

I think Wolfy might just escape this week, Hazel has done a lot wrong. Callum and Jackie definitely won’t go, Callum’s the only one with enough balls to tell Daley and Hazel that they’re doing wrong.

anonymous asked:

How delighted are you at tonight's Big Brother UK eviction? I get the feeling that Wolfy, Dan, and Gina Rio are about to go supernova in there.

i restrain myself from saying delighted because much as i had mixed feelings on sallie, i recognise that there are certain things she brought to the house that would have been beneficial to the series in the long haul (and unlike others, i think had she stayed, given a conventional nominations structure, she would have been around for a while — she seems to be good at making loyal friends quickly). her joint interview with michael was fucking hilarious, though, and spared me the agony of having to endure a michael interview of actual substance (had gina been evicted, i’m sure they’d have been spoken to separately).

but i am of course stoked gina has stuck around. i have really positive vibes about her as a low-level, socially maladapted, slightly alien presence in the house, and of course i think she’s probably good for one or two more of the arguments that characterized her first few days in the house though probably not at the same level. she seems to have chilled out quite a bit now that she’s found her footing and is mostly just an adorable little moneyed gremlin now (am i the only one who think she is seriously precious? like when she gave her little ‘un-nominate me’ speech to michael. her entire affect is so cute).

i’m a little worried now that wolfy knows she has the crowd on her side as it might make her unbearable, but i’m hoping that at least delivers us a cataclysmic fall from grace eviction a la kathreya. i also hope it hasn’t bolstered a psyche that is clearly disintegrating by the moment. (i also love wolfy for her role as manic poverty dream girl, who lives nobly and inspirationally without and helps spoiled people like gina and sallie change their ways. <3)

i think dan is a hilarious bitch and i hope he and jemima become blood enemies.

this episode was an outrageous capper to a pretty hilarious first week in the bb14 house. i have modestly high hopes for the rest of the series. the only thing i want santa to bring me for more week two is more jackie travers and then i’ll be a happy kitty.