Wolfwolf - High ft. Alianah

Those who have spoken to me within the last week won’t be surprised at this one. I am simply in love with this track. The worst (yet best) part of it is that I couldn’t seem to pinpoint exactly why. Usually I will recognize right away why a track is really getting to me, but this one took a while to really mull over. Of course, the “hot girl in a red dress” aspect stands out and definitely grabs your attention from the start. The wolf mask is a cool addition as well. The video graphics when he’s playing on the pad controller are fantastic.

Wolfwolf & Alianah have another track together titled “Love” which is so good & different from the above track. I love her voice. There are plenty of great remixes by Wolfwolf as well available here.

There’s a bit of electric guitar in there and the bass line would definitely work well in a performance environment. Moral of the story: I could watch her dance & listen to this track for hours.

Falling from the skyyyyy.


haha just found this!

The Weeknd - "Wicked Games" (Wolfwolf Remix)

By: Rosaleen Gallagher

So I’m sitting here on a redeye flight from Portland to Boston. I’ve had the stomach flu for two days, and I cringe at the fact that I have a long flight, and a full day of work ahead of me tomorrow without a wink of sleep. Perfect time to write a blog post.

I order a Brooklyn Lager from the flight attendant, pour out a cheap plastic cup’s worth, and THIS just happens to play on my ipod. I have been jocking this remix for a while now. Like borderline obsessing. I LOVE the Weeknd - who doesn’t? He has honestly been the beautiful, torturous soundtrack to my life the past 2 years, but this “Wicked Games” remix is like the happy dance that you do when you finally get past all the heartbreak and pain, and get your groove back. That feeling where you just want to have a one-woman (or man) dance party on your couch, sing at the top of your lungs, reveling in that moment, and throwing caution to the wind. This remix makes you feel positively unstoppable!

Wolfwolf seriously killed it with this track. He so flawlessly devised the most perfectly liberating anecdote to the Weeknd’s heartbreak, and injected it with all the joy and freedom that comes with finally getting past the pain. With his feelgood, 80’s vibe, driving basslines, pounding beats and this ENERGY that is so contagious, he makes the Weeknd’s lyrics seem…well, kind of ecstatic. I don’t think I have smiled smiled so big (to myself) in public. Like, ever.

So here I sit on this plane, pouring a tasty beer, with three seats of extra legroom to myself, looking like a damn fool with a giant smile on my face, as I depart for a new city, new friends, and new experiences. And I feel unstoppable. 


#405 Wolfwolf - Must You Dance