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Why Ginny Should Have Named Her Kids
  • Harry: Albus Severus, you were named after two of the bravest men I ever knew
  • James:
  • Sirius:
  • Remus:
  • Hagrid:
  • Ron:
  • Neville:
  • Arthur Weasley:
  • Mad-Eye Moody:
  • Bill:
  • Charlie:
  • Fred:
  • George:
  • Percy:
  • Dean:
  • Seamus:
  • Aberforth:
  • Krum:
  • Cedric:
  • Draco:
  • That one random dude from the leaky cauldron:
  • Sirius: if my name isn’t something cute in your phone, then are we really proper boyfriends?<br>
Remus: well it’s “Sirius is hotter than James” rn with ten heart emojis.. is that proper enough<br>
Sirius: aww, I didn’t know you felt so strongly..<br>
Remus: you literally entered the name yourself at lunchtime