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Is it just me...

 When I am reading something very funny and highly inappropriate at the same time in front of my parents and I laugh, my parents expect me to explain. I’m like umm so this guy like this person and he said something that made the other person laugh. My parents are like um okay and i’m like just keep sinning, just keep sinning, just keep sinning sinning. 

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I know you ship wolfstar and remadora but remadora is so unhealthy? I don't get why you ship it

The thing is, I don’t really see it’s unhealthy? I mean, I understand the argument against Remadora…to a point. 

The main arguments against Remadora are that : 

  • It came out of nowhere
  • It’s toxic because Tonks/The Order (primarily Molly) pressured Remus into a relationship that he had legitimate concerns about 

A lot of Remus and Tonks’ relationship happens behind the scenes. The books (I’m going to ignore the films because of how horribly they treated Remus and Tonks’ characters and relationships) are through Harry’s eyes. He doesn’t even see Remus and Tonks that much, so he’s not going to notice a lot about them. Also, Remus and Harry aren’t all that close, so it’s not like Harry is going to sit down with Remus and go “so you and Tonks, eh?”  Now, I like Harry, but that kid is one of the blindest teenage boys I’ve ever read in a book series. It took him five books to realize Ginny always had a crush on him (and even then Hermione had to break it down for him) and seven books to realize that Hermione and Ron were destined to be together. So him not noticing Remus and Tonks sending love-eyes at one another in the background is obviously not going to make readers notice it. 

But in those moments where Harry isn’t paying attention to anything other than Voldemort, Cho Chang and Draco Malfoy, I imagine Remus and Tonks spent quite a lot of time together. The Order was recalled in July and, according to Pottermore, Tonks confessed her feelings to Remus that following spring… So I think that’s ample time to fall in love with someone. Stake-outs, hours spent in Number 12. Tonks probably spent most of her free time at Grimmauld - it’s sort of hard to keep hanging out with other friends and such when you’re apart of a secret rebellion, ya know?

And as for it being an unhealthy relationship… Well. People cite the hospital scene as the big toxic moment in the series…  They’ve probably had that conversation time and time again, and that particular moment - the hospital scene - is quite a tense moment for the pair. Dumbledore has just been killed. Without Dumbledore, what the hell is the Order going to do? Dumbledore was the rock of the Order; if everything went to shit, it’d be okay because they still had Albus Dumbledore. And now he’s gone. And yet, Fleur Delacour is still thinking about a wedding. So, yeah, Tonks may have made a mistake bringing it up in front of everyone, but characters make mistake and given how high the levels of tension were already, have a small breakdown isn’t completely unreasonable. P L U S (can  you tell i have a lot of opinions about this shit) Tonks has been depressed for the last year because a) her boyfriend is trying to get himself killed b) her cousin who she was just getting to know was just murdered c) bellatrix fucking lestrange wants her dead and d) SHE’S LITERALLY ON THE FRONT LINE OF A FUCKING WAR LET A BRO BE STRESSED OUT WITHOUT CALLING HER PATHETIC AIGHT

Plus, Remus isn’t an idiot. Remus is one of the most stubborn characters in that books; he’s never given in the wolf, into depression, into the shit that the Wizarding World has thrown at him. Do you really think he’d marry a girl that he didn’t want to marry just because Molly Weasley told him to? Because Tonks was upset? I think that’s a massive discredit to his character. 

TLDR; remus and tonks are one of the most realistic couples in the potter series because their relationship goes through such an arc and that’s how life works not every couple is peaches and ice cream you have problems especially when you’re fighting on the front lines of a war and yeah they have problems but they talk them through because they’re adults and that’s what you do when you care about someone in a relationship 


hp aesthetic + grumpy-moony ​text talk

Was it… was it fireworks? ” In the darkness behind his eyelids, Remus heard a shy laugh, and an answer that set his heart racing. “ Remus, it was an explosion. ”

  • Remus: I really need to talk to you.
  • Lily: I'm all yours.
  • Remus: Well, it's a little... Complicated.
  • Lily: I like complicated.
  • Remus: Just a few people know about it.
  • Lily: The boys, right?
  • Remus: Errm. Yeah, the boys... James calls it my furry little problem.
  • Lily: Oh. I can't believe it. I knew it!
  • Remus: You... Did?
  • Lily: Sure! You couldn't have expected I would not notice you disappear some nights...
  • Remus: Oh, God. Aren't you... Disgusted?
  • Lily: Of course I'm not disgusted. Just curious. Where do you go on those nights?
  • Remus: Ah... The Shrieking Shack.
  • Lily: Oh.
  • Lily: So the moans... And the sounds people claim to hear it's you... Oh God, Remus. That's wild.
  • Remus: You have no idea.
  • Lily: But this explains a lot. That's why Sirius is an animagi, right? So he can go with you without being noticed. Wow. Ingenious.
  • Remus: Hell, yeah.
  • Lily: You both should really love each other. I mean, all this work just to make out.
  • Remus: Yeah, I guess... Wait. What?
  • Lily: I got it, Remus, no reason to be shy.
  • Remus: What-? What the fuck are you talking about?
  • Lily: ... Sirius, of course! He's your "furry little problem", isn't he? I mean, he's a dog...
  • Remus: ...OH GODDAMNIT LILY!
  • Lily: ... Then what is it?
  • Remus: I'm a fucking werewolf, Evans! That's my furry little problem!
  • Lily:
  • Lily: Oh.
  • Remus:
  • Lily:
  • Remus:
  • Lily: So... You have two furry little problems, haven't you?
  • Remus:
  • Remus: Yes.
  • Lily: I knew it.

I like how one of these points is “shut up guys Sirius isn’t GAY”, but if you read fic where Sirius IS gay, pretty much all these Marauder fallacies are corrected. Eg, in Sirius/Remus fandom: Regulus is often a big part of the story, Lily is well-characterized, James is a lovable asshole, Peter is actually their friend, OBVIOUSLY Sirius’ childhood abuse is WELL DOCUMENTED, Remus is most definitely a full-fledged member of the Marauders, pranks and all, etc.

It’s like by locking themselves out of the Sirius/Remus fandom (”just bc Sirius wasn’t settled down at 21 doesn’t mean he’s GAY GEEZE”), whoever authored this post locked themselves out of enjoying fics that fulfill EVERY OTHER FIC PREFERENCE they have.