Wolfson Building at Sommerville College
University of Oxford, Oxford, England, UK; 1966-67

Philip Dowson, Arup Associates
(photography by John Donat)

«The exposed beams and columns are of smooth grey concrete. Between the projecting bay windows there are precast concrete facing panels with a finish of Derbyshire spar aggregate, exposed by washing down. The seat units below windows – an important aspect of design – are also of precast concrete cast with an expanded clay aggregate which has been exposed internally by grinding the surfaces.»

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extension by Níall McLaughlin Architects

via “Concrete Quarterly, 76” (Spring, 1968)

I am exhausted from talking to the doctors and psychiatrists and nurses and just people at the hospital in general. And just talking in general. And exhausted from life. It might be a good thing, that I am living at the hospital for treatment and therapy for depression and an apparent overdose (3 times the amount that the ER doctors said they would usually administer to someone like me at one time), but I am sick of this.

marionep asked:

It's the middle of the night. Wolfson finds a rabbit running around shrieking. He wants to play with it. He charges at it on all fours. (starving-science-werewolf)

Immediately, Willow panics and bolts away. She really doesn’t want to die.

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When I chatted with Lilly Wolf I immediately heard a perfectly functioning duo. Lilly, vocals, with her warm and bubbly personality and Alex, bass and music mixing, with his dark and mysterious tone; It becomes clear why their music is the way it is. The Brooklyn based duo met while studying at the Ivy League school, Stanford University. What were they studying? Well, music, of course! Lilly graduated with a degree in music and Alex went on to complete his PhD in Electrical Engineering. Once they finished their schooling they decided to move to the Big Apple.


Peyton Manning on his possible retirement following Super Bowl win: 'I'm going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight'

(Ezra Shaw/Getty)

Led by a terrific defense that suffocated Cam Newton all night long, the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers, 24-10, to capture Super Bowl 50. After the game, CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson pulled Manning aside to ask him the question everyone watching wanted to know: was Manning retiring?

Manning, who is 39 and struggled physically all season long, said that he was planning to weigh his options, and that he didn’t want to make a decision while his emotions were still running so high. Before he considered his future, though, Manning said had to do a few higher priorities.

First: kiss his wife and kids. Next: drink a lot of Budweiser to celebrate.

Manning was again asked about his retirement during the trophy ceremony. He again neglected to answer, and instead focused on thanking his teammates for helping him capture a second ring. 

Go enjoy that Budweiser, Peyton. 

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