I am exhausted from talking to the doctors and psychiatrists and nurses and just people at the hospital in general. And just talking in general. And exhausted from life. It might be a good thing, that I am living at the hospital for treatment and therapy for depression and an apparent overdose (3 times the amount that the ER doctors said they would usually administer to someone like me at one time), but I am sick of this.


Late 60s/Early 70s fashion: The Midriff

Pics: 1,2, 3,5,6,7 and 9: Woodsrock Festival (1969)

Pic 4: Miami Pop Festival (1969) via Wolfson Archives

Pic 7: LIFE Magazine Spread (1969)

Sources: Lisa Law, LIFE MAGAZINE,Getty Images, APA Picture desk, Wolfson Archives

still hard to believe my work is on the cover of Method Quarterly’s third issue - fictions! a lot of talented folk writing critically about scientific process, culture, and influences:

“From its earliest beginnings, science has been driven by imagining what is not yet possible and conjuring what is not yet known. What role do fictions play in the doing of science? How does science fiction shape the aspirations and fears of science itself? What relationship do scientists have to fiction, and vice versa?”

“In this issue of Method, we have a particle physicist who realized he couldn’t truly learn physics until he learned to let go of knowing. We have the story of Edgar Allen Poe, who fooled thousands into thinking his literary fantasy was actually a fantastic scientific case study. We delve into how the physical laws in the virtual worlds of video games came to be determined.”

available to read online and as a beautiful hard copy~

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