Her words were then, Just thoughts in my head. See me won’t you, Through thick, black and blue. If not now then never, Nothing good lasts forever. Our time gone too soon, Since our last Indigo Moon. ~Noct£m Vinci🌹🌙 @devincitwins|@blackwatchsociety


Jordan Wolfson: (Female Figure) 2014

anonymous asked:

are any of your characters poc ?

Yes. Named POC characters so far: 

  • Catrin Attard (Mixed – Black and Caucasian) 
  • Danica ‘Dani’ Panić (Mixed – Caucasian and Romani)
  • Divya ‘Ivy’ Jacob (South Asian) 
  • Eleanor ‘Nell’ Nahid (Middle Eastern) 
  • Elspeth Lin (East Asian) 
  • Joseph ‘Jos’ Biwott (Black) 
  • Julian Amesbury (Black) 
  • Hari Maxwell (South Asian) 
  • Liss Rymore (East Asian)
  • Minty Wolfson (Black)
  • Nadine Arnett (Mixed – East Asian, Black and Latina)
  • Patricia Okonma (Black) 
  • Roberta Attard (Black) 
  • The Abbess (Mixed – Caucasian and South Asian) 
  • The Glym Lord (Black) 
  • Zeke Sáenz (Mixed – East Asian and Latino) 

Not all have yet been clearly stated in the books as being POC. Trying my best to clarify when I have the opportunity, as I wasn’t aware of the importance of doing that when I wrote The Bone Season