The tale of a fussy, fancy mafia assassin and his werewolf aristocrat lady partner who quite frankly manhandles him as she pleases.

God I love Wolfship.


My entry for Project Gift, a charity artbook on dA I had the opportunity to participate in from last year! With Zetallis’s Alek and my Mira. My theme was “Gift of Harmony.”

Check out the artbook and pick up your own copy if you so wish here~!
(it also printed beautifully omg–picture by Chiyenn on dA!)

wip– Vasily Alekeyev prince of my kokoro oops–
in Kar’s clothes from an RP where he and Mira trade places (rather unwillingly) with Kar and Rose… Kar’s loose clothing looks surprisingly good on him–
wheezes and whinges now to take a stab at his womaaaan

EVERY TIME A NEW AU OF A SHIP IS FORMED AN ANGEL GETS ITS WINGS since in fantasy/rpg AU Ark, Rose, and Mira would fall into the thieves/streetrat caste in their own stories, it’s pretty obvious where fussy, fancy Alek would fall. Either a high ranking noble/aristocrat or royalty. Which means Mira gets to mock him when he slips out in disguise one day and treat him like a cat playing with a mouse before it eats it. She can smell the money on you Alek, even in the way you act. And fuss. Hilarious misadventures and future run-ins ensue.

I’m so sorry Alek.

“Good Morning." 
wheezes I was doing some scene studies/pose doodles earlier while I was watching Mad Men and I really loved the composition/closeups of one of the bedroom scenes in particular, so I tried to draw a similar pose from it myself! Have a morning Mira and Alek–