The Signs As... Characters from "The Great Gatsby"
  • Aries: Thomas Buchanan
  • Taurus: Dan Cody
  • Gemini: Myrtle Wilson
  • Cancer: Nick Carraway
  • Leo: Owl Eyes
  • Virgo: Jordan Baker
  • Libra: George B. Wilson
  • Scorpio: Daisy Buchanan
  • Sagittarius: Meyer Wolfshiem
  • Capricorn: Henry C. Gats
  • Aquarius: Jay Gatsby
  • Pisces: Ewing Klipspringer

“Everybody’s youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Novel The Great Gatsby Celebrates its 90th Anniversary Today

Today marks 90 years since The Great Gatsby was published, feel old yet? 😸👌

The book has come a long way and is by far my favorite book, also like many of yours too. The ‘jazz’ age is a beautiful time period and this novel captures it so well. The meanings of being pure, imagination, dreams, and wealth gives us an inside look on the life back then. That’s why it’s a masterpiece. It is historical and is a very moving and touching book.

🎊🎉Happy 90th Anniversary! 🎉🎊

Kein Zurück
Kein Zurück

Ok Here is yet another from my Cherik iTunes List that is getting bigger by the day but I swear I will post them all over time. This is a beautiful German band that I discovered back in my goth clubbing days. Kein Zuruck puts me in mind of an older Erik I am going to put both the German and English lyrics under feel free to message me with any suggestions. 

Ein Wort zuviel im Zorn gesagt,/ you said too much words in anger
‘N Schritt zu weit nach vorn gewagt./and you stepped forward daring me,
Schon ist es vorbei./ but now that is passed
'N Schritt zu weit nach vorn gewagt, /and you stepped forward daring me,
Was ich gesagt hab´, ist gesagt, /what i said , is what i said
Und was wie ewig schien ist schon Vergangenheit.,/ and what is passed already seems like forever

Ach, und könnt’ ich doch nur ein einz'ges Mal Die Uhren rückwärts drehen,/ ah , and if i could turn back the clock just for one time i would not
Denn wieviel von dem, was ich heute weiß, Hätt’ ich lieber nie gesehen./Because how much of what I know today, I rather never seen