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hello there lovely hope your having a great day :) I was just wondering if you know of any fics where even cheats on isak or the other way round? I know it's a weird request I was just wondering. thanks <3

Hey you <3 I am, actually, thank you! I hope you are too :) Oh dear, I don’t know why you’d want to torture yourself like that, but okay… I haven’t read either of these, because I’m just not into that kind of angst (or any angst in general tbh), but here you go:

  • all my tears have been used up by wolfsbanex
    Summary: He’d lost the only part of his life that made it worth living because of a couple random fucks. How ridiculous. (Because yes, sometimes life is unfair and even what seems like the most beautiful relationship can break.)

  • Shatter Me by givemesumaurgravy
    Summary: “Can you…can you do something? Please just…scream, or yell or throw something, anything.” Even’s crying, he has been since the words ‘I slept with someone else’ left his mouth. To be honest, he’s been crying for hours since he got home from Mikael’s. Isak just sits there stoically and he says, “I’m not going to yell or any of that. I’m just going to make this really fucking awkward and uncomfortable for you.” “W-what?” Even says, sniffling. “I want you to tell me everything that happened,” Isak says.

  • Im So In Love I Dont Know What To Do by Skamtrash
    Summary: Even screwed up when he was drunk and can’t hold out from telling Isak any longer.
@ Klaus

Elena had gone out to try and get her mind off of everything which was why she was of course at the grill… But eventually the bloodlust had been too much and she had gone outside…Doing just about everything she could to keep herself from slipping up but as she turned the corner she nearly bumped into someone else. “Klaus….What are you doing here…..?!”

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