wolfsbane 2014

Dream come true! Meeting X-Factor author Peter David with our X-Factor group! He was a little bewildered and confused at first but once it sunk in he was very pleased and immediately texted a photo of us to his wife :)

Layla Miller - vandorwolf
Rictor - valdrein
Monet - jj-dreamworldz
Shatterstar - zhouzen
Jamie Madrox - twinfools
Wolfsbane - kolibrichan (me)

emeraldcitycomicon 2014

Just an observation from my time at WerewolfCon - Tyler is much broader and his biceps and chest are much larger than you can tell from photos. He’s also extremely firm and solid, especially his back. He said he’s been working very hard to get in shape for Bigger 😍 And the shirt he was wearing is so old it’s full of little bobbly bits on the fabric (he wore the same shirt at Wolfsbane in 2014.) 😂


WolfsBane 2014 Tyler Hoechlin panel part two.