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Qualifying time trial sprints for the Midnight Drag Race by the Wolfpack Hustle. Racing across the 6th street bridge in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick 


Sick! - Wolfpack Hustle LA to Red Hook

Team Pedalhard at WolfPack Hustle Crash Race this morning. Jeffery finished in the top 10, Jeff crashed twice still getting in the top 20, myself (Remy) crashing and still placing in the top 25 in1 hour 7 minutes with a 24.6 avg along with brian from mobbin mondays. And in the chase pack great job Alex Gonzalez for pulling Darin and Josh in the top 40! Huge kudos to the “boss” Robert for finishing the race! Also a huge shout out to Luis from mobbin Monday placing 10th overall!


Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race 2013

Imagine riding your bike and having HUNDREDS of raging silverback gorillas thrown at you in the darkness of night. While your avoiding pot holes and trying to keep your eyes open from all the street debris and other fun items LA streets have to offer.

I’m going to be real. This is the most dangerous race I have ever competed in. The registration line didn’t compute in my head the night before. I would say it was close to maybe 800 people wanting to race.
The roll out was a hilarious spectacle of bicycle racing. Don (Wolfpack Leader) and a friend tried to keep an army of people on bikes behind them for the first five miles.
Once Don gave the signal for the group to let loose it was practically a rookiefest of first time bike riders. No one held lines, no communication, and I felt like at times kids would be sprinting with their eyes closed.

Team State Bicycle Co. came out swinging. I had my eyes on them right from the start. They all worked really well together and made moves for each other. It was super rad to race with Craig Streit (first fixed) with State he was maybe one of the only ones that wanted to pace line actually work and ride safely. Everyone else just wanted to be in front of the guy ahead of him.

Evan Stade (Wolfpack Hustle) was strong and had his eyes on the prize. His fourth year racing the
WPCMR he was due for the coveted dog tags. He was for sure another rider I attempted to work with. So 27.1 miles of pure craziness.
The last four miles were the most stressful miles of my whole racing career.
Local favorite and a friend of mine Fabian Vazquez (Wolfpack Hustle) went down within the last four miles over a really stupid move from a Pedal Hard fixed gear rider. Fabians front wheel was compromised and he went down hard and fast. He for sure was racing really strong the whole time and it really sucks that he went down over a rookie move that could’ve been avoided if the Pedal Hard guy just would of looked before he lept.

I do thank Don “Roadblock” for throwing this unique event and having such a huge turn out.
This will be the first and last time I participate in this race. I did keep my word and I stayed with the lead group the whole time and put in some good efforts. Also having a super fun time racing with the small group of legit riders that there was.
Did the race scare me? Yup! Dodging and avoiding being crashed out for an hour something just ain’t my cup of joe. I wanted to get a taste of what Wolfpack racing was about and I feel like I left my mark and have good stories to tell.
Monster track is in again my opinion much more safer of an event then the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race.

I came in 15th outta 1000! Haha


L.A.’s Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race

uh, we here in Columbus have a marathon…..an idea is forming… 


Wolfpack Hustle: From LA to the Red Hook Crit presented by Aventon Bikes


If you’re on my actual site, click the photo, there’s 6 shots total in this set!

Wolf Pack Hustle was pretty cool last night. Didn’t have my camera with me, so I had to use my phone and try to find good composition to make my shots stand out.
Well, the best camera is the one you have with you.
Anyways, it was pretty damn fun, and I really wished I brought my camera and registered to race, looks fun as hell! Next drag race, definitely going to register; might even do the marathon or shoot it.
Some of these shots, I think, have decent composition, and the quality of the camera doesn’t really matter too much since I don’t plan on printing these either.
Rambling like crazy in this post, but overall, good experience, good competition, and glad I at least got a few good shots.

Oh, and that pano tho. LOL.


Wolfpack Hustle continues to tear up the SF Bay Area. We’re still a couple months away from our 1-year anniversary, but it’s just insane how much progress everyone has made. I can confidently say my fitness has grown by an order of magnitude since the inception of this ride. I’m proud and humbled to be a part of this ride. I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to ride with.