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For @finish-the-clone-wars​ Writing Wednesday prompt, an Unlikely Team. This just for fun, but happens before some of the cannon Clone Wars episodes. You’ll see what I mean.

“Careful. Careful! He’s still breathin’!”

“Barely! We ought to just slice ‘im now!”

“He’s a fine specimen. And republic. We might get something for ‘im.”

“For him? You’re pullin’ me leg!”

“Move it boys, move it!”

His head was already in pain and growing, but the yells near his head weren’t helping. And the fact he was being pulled, set down, tied and then moved again, didn’t do much either. He couldn’t see, but managed to catch the tight breathing in his ears. At least he had his helmet, for all the good it’ll do him.

He focused on what he could around him, trying to get a sense of his location. The humming of speeder bikes was all around him, and every now and then, they’d make a turn and he’d feel the momentum. Other than that, he wasn’t really sure where he was going, who was taking him there and where he even was.

They slowly pulled into a stop and he heard the speeders die down, before someone unmounted whatever they laid him on. They carried him with… not so much grace, but at least he was tied on it and didn’t have to fear falling down. There was a shift in space – everything was more cool and closer than before. Must have entered a structure of some kind…

“Oi, boss!” the one near his head yelled and he almost growled. His head felt like it might explode any second now. “We found somethin’!”

“Someone too!” that one was by his feet as they set him down, untied him, and footsteps signaled someone walking closer.

“Boys, what did I tell you about brining bodies back here?” the new person sounded like a scolding father, but there was power to his tone.

“He ain’t dead boss. He’s breathing,” it was in that moment that his bucket was removed and he was able to open his eyes and see properly. His face scrounged as the light stabbed his eyes, and a low growl escaped him, but still, he managed. His hands and legs were tied, but he was sitting, and the helmet now lay on the side.

In front of him was a Weequay, red trench coat, pants and a shirt, with a weird hat and goggles. He also had a Kowakian monkey-lizard on his shoulders. The others around him were also Weequays, but far less ornamented and dressed. Great. Pirates.

“Well, well, well… What have we here,” the one in front of him almost laughed, leaning in closer. “Never thought I’d see a loncem fella like you around here.”

“Found ‘im in a wreckage. Seems like ‘is ship got busted.”

“Hmm… What’s your name?” the apparent leader asked, sitting on his heels.

“…” he didn’t speak, only glared and his lip curled into a frown.

“Aw, come now! I’m trying to be hospitable here!” the leader threw his hands in the air before letting out a sigh. “Alright, fine. I’ll start. I am Hondo Ohnaka.”

“Wolffe,” came the gruff and simple answer, since he figured giving them a name couldn’t be that bad. He avoided adding his rank, because they didn’t need to know that.

“Like, one of ‘em wild animals? Wolf?” one of the lackeys by his side asked, watching him with wide eyes.

“Double F and an E genius,” he rolled his eyes as the Weequays laughed. Idiots.

“That’s a weird way to name you…” the same one asked and he sighed.

“Apparently you’ve never met a clone before,” Wolffe said and the pirates stiffened.

“Not a live one,” Hondo’s tone took on an almost threatening one.

“What’re we gonna do with ‘im boss?”

“Well, we should probably kill him,” Ohnaka said and Wolffe felt his body tense. “But… I know that skirt,” the pirate added, nudging the kama with his foot. “We got ourselves a high-ranking officer. Might be worth something.”

“You son of a-!” before he got to finish, Hondo shushed him and the lackeys behind him tied a cloth over his mouth.

“Now, now, that’s no way to talk. Didn’t your mother teach you better!” the pirate shook a finger, before pausing and realizing something. “I haha… guess you never had one. Sorry.”

Wolffe only glared and struggled against the restraints as they pulled him to his feet and marched him off to one of the cells.

As he sat there, leaning on a wall, he heard someone coming and snapped his head into that direction. It was Ohnaka, and he was carrying a plate of food. What, did he plan on bribing him or something? After a day or two of nothing, this is quite the change.

“Good morning friend!” the pirate called cheerfully, setting the plate down and sliding it in through a small opening.

“We’re not friends and the morning isn’t good,” Wolffe said simply, eyeing the plate. He had to admit, it at least smelled better than the ration bars.

“My, my, you’re a grumpy one aren’t you…” Hondo muttered, almost pouting. “I’m trying to be friends here!” he said more loudly, pointing at himself.

“Let me out of here and we might be,” the soldier grinned, looking around the cell.

“Hmm… How about this: You contact your superior officer, and we bargain for your life?” the thought sent a chill through the Commander’s body. General Koon would likely agree to such a deal. But he can’t let it happen. He’d never endanger the General’s life like that.

“No? What, you don’t think they’d bargain?” Ohnaka, tilted his head, almost in a sad manner. “That’s… very sad.”

“We’re clones, we’re expendable…” the words left his mouth before he even realized what he said and snapped his mouth shut later.

“…A very hard life to live I imagine…”

“What do you want?” Wolffe didn’t like where this was going and just asked.

“Well, money for instance. But since you apparently aren’t worth much…” he trailed off rubbing his chin. “I think we could still sell you as a slave.”

Instantly, the soldier was on his feet and rammed into the cage, actually forcing the pirate a few steps back. His glare and growl said more than words ever could and saw the fear flash before the Weequay’s eyes.

“I take you don’t like that idea very much…” there was a small silence before a yell of ‘Boss!’ made the pirate excuse himself and leave. Wolffe just glared at his back, gripping the railings of the cell and let out a defeated sigh.

“Fuck!” he hissed, running a hand through his hair. This wasn’t going to end well, one way or another.

“Boss, we got visitors,” Parsel said as he walked closer. “And they don’ look too happy.”

“They never are…” Ohnaka said and readied himself as the ship landed. And instantly, he knew this was going to be… interesting. A Republic ship.

“Friends, welcome, welcome!” he called as the ramp lowered and he saw four figures walk down. Three were clones and the fourth was a Kel Dor. Oh boy…

“Greetings,” the Kel Dor said back, the three soldiers by his side ready for trouble.

“What can I do for you?” Hondo asked cheerfully, giving his best smile.

“We were wondering if you’ve by chance, seen one of my men? He crashed not far from this establishment,” the Kel Dor swiped across his robe in such a way, he revealed a bit of a lightsaber. Wonderful. A Jedi…

“Can’t say I have. So sorry,” Ohnaka put his hands together and gave a small bow of his head.

“You lying scum-!” one of soldier stepped forward, but the Jedi stopped him.

“Calm yourself Boost. Violence will not solve anything here,” the Kel Dor spoke calmly, but his eyes narrowed slightly. “Yet.”

The gathered pirates all trembled slightly, but the farthest away slowly reached for their weapons.

“I would ask again – have you seen one of my men?” there was an edge to the Jeid’s tone now and his hand was too close to his lightsaber for comfort.

“Hahah, I uh, may have, come across… someone. A while ago. My memory isn’t what it used to be…” Hondo laughed nervously. “Parsel, won’t you check if we have a… clone? Hmm?” he turned to the other pirate who shakily nodded.

“Thank you,” the Jedi seemed to relax, but his men were still on edge.

“BOSS!” came a yell from the top of the watch tower. “We got raiders incoming!”

“Raiders?” the second soldier asked, looking around.

“Uncharted worlds Comet. Get ready,” the last one muttered and readied his blaster.

“Oh, you’re… going to fight?” Ohnaka asked in utter disbelieve.

“Until you locate Commander Wolffe, yes,” the Kel Dor parted his cloak and took out the lightsaber, activating it.

“Oi, Mr. McGrumpy?” he heard one of the pirates running towards his cell and twisted his neck to get a good look. “Time to move!”

“What?” Wolffe barely had time to asked before his cell was opened and the pirate nodded at him.

“Some friends of yours are here. Lucky you I guess…” the soldier grabbed his bucket before walking out, and saw the republic ship parked at the front. He almost laughed.

“Hold it right there!” a new voice hissed as the two turned and saw a gang of Humans blocking their path. “You ain’t goin’ nowhere!”

“Oh boy,” the pirate panicked, arms in the air.

“You too pretty boy,” a female nudged the soldier in the side with her blaster and he only growled. As she tried to poke him again, he grabbed the rifle, slammed the butt of it into her chest and staggered her. The rest tried to fire, but Wolffe grabbed he pirate, shoved him to the ground and rolled forward, firing off shots.

“Get ‘im!” someone called and the Commander saw one aiming at his back, but the raider got a metal plate to the face.

“Thanks,” Wolffe nodded to the Weequay, who nodded back.

“More incomin’!” the pirate called and the soldier aimed again. From behind, he heard some grunts and metal hitting flesh and shook his head. How’d it come to this, that he’s fighting alongside pirates?

“There’s something going on inside!” Sinker called as he ducked under some cover.

“Haha, it’s probably Wolffe!” Boost laughed and threw a detonator.

“How can you tell?” Comet blasted one of the raiders who tried to throw his own bomb.

There was a low howl coming from the building now, as blaster fire could be heard. The soldiers laughed and Plo Koon smiled, knowing this was going to end well.

The fighting lasted a few more minutes before the raiders decided to pull back. Any who weren’t fast enough got left behind and were mostly captured by the pirates.

“Well, I’ll be!” Hondo laughed as he watched them flee and walked closer to the Republicans. “You sure know how to fight!”

“General?” the voice was tired but everyone turned to the entrance, where Wolffe stood, smiling and relived. On his shoulder was Parsel, a wound across his back.

“Parsel?” Ohnaka spoke up first as the soldier carefully set the pirate down.

“Alive, but hurt,” was all he said before feeling a hand on his shoulder.

“Are you hurt?” Plo asked, voice laced with concern.

“…No, not really sir,” he admitted. “If these guys hadn’t found me in the wreckage, I may have been…” he admitted, even if he didn’t really like it.

“Indeed,” the Jedi looked at the pirates, who were gathering and helping the wounded. Their leader was taking in some more information, before joining them.

“Well, it seems it all worked out in the end, wouldn’t you say?” Hondo rubbed his hands together, looking from the Commander to the General.

“It would seem it has. Thank you, for your hospitality. It would seem we are in your debt,” at Koon’s words, Wolffe looked in surprise. Why was he saying that now?

“Ah, you helped us plenty! How about we call it even, and be friends?” Ohnaka extending his hand, smiling.

“…Tch, you’re weird,” Wolffe sighed, shook his head but took hold of the hand none the less.

“The only way to live my friend! The weirder the better I say!”

“Perhaps we shall meet again, under… better circumstances,” the Jedi said, giving a bow of his head.

“I can only hope! You Jedi and clones are all good in my book!”

“Maybe next time we’ll shoot to maim and not kill pirates!” Wolffe called as they walked towards the ship, his brothers laughing.

“Ah, yes… one can only hope…” Hondo gave an awkward wave goodbye as the ramp closed.

“Are we just gonna let ‘em leave?”

“This time, yes. Besides, we can finally take out the raiders now – they really took a blow of these fellas.”

“…Did you know they’d come lookin’ for the clone?”

“It’s always good to assume! Now, come, we have some raiders to remove.”

“Commander, good to have you back,” the trio said as they all sat down.

“Good to be back,” Wolffe let out a tired breath and leaned his head against the cold steel wall.

“You made friends with pirates huh?” Sinker asked with a grin.

“It was more of a… team-up,” the Commander shrugged.

“An unlikely one at that,” Boost snickered at the usual grumpy look he got.

“I’d like to see you do better.”

“Don’t challenge him like that – you know he’s dumb enough to do it.”

“Hey! I am not dumb!”

“Yeah, you kinda are…”

Plo Koon simply smiled to himself as he watched his men bicker, arms on his lap. He still wondered what a strange coincidence it was for the raiders to attack as they arrived. But still, perhaps this Hondo Ohnaka may be someone who helps them in the future.

Cut! So yeah, ties in with how Hondo helped Plo with Boba that one time. Kinda. I don’t know. It’s crack for fun!