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anonymous asked:

Would you pursue more education, like a masters or doctorate?

Dear Anonymous,

Most certainly. Though, I’m going to wait a few years before I go back. I have student loans to pay off and I’d like 3 to 5 years of experience before I go back to further my nursing education. More than likely I’ll pursue my MSN as a nurse practitioner. Then, perhaps, down the road, if I’m not in a nursing home yet, I’ll look at a doctorate (DNP).

Mursenary Gary

allthenightstocome  asked:

Where do you think the Sansa plot is going and what are your predictions for her during the war?

Basic trajectory of Sansa’s plot going forward IMO: Sweetrobin succumbs to sweetsleep at the tourney, Littlefinger frames Lyn Corbray, Ser Shadrich tries to snatch Sansa and fails but reveals her identity, she spins it in a fashion that wins over the lords, she and Harry marry, they muster an army at Gulltown and take off for the North, arrive to stare down the “Rickon as Lord and Stannis as King” coalition led by the Manderlys, word of the Others’ invasion renders this division moot, Sansa and her military advisors (Bronze Yohn chief among them) spend ADOS rallying a White Harbor-Karhold line of defense along the coast, and as the army of the dead overwhelms the knights of the Vale (including Harry), Arya shows up with her wolfpack to save Sansa’s life. Somewhere in there, Sansa also reunites with Sandor and Jeyne Poole, and one or both of them inform her of Littlefinger’s true nature; she promptly brings him down. At the end, she governs in some capacity–in her own right, as regent, as Bran’s chief counselor, what have you.  

Jasper escaped Arcadia and is representing that. The Blakes, their opposing views with Pike and everything that’s happened, they’re representing that. And then Jasper and Monty are in that [too], and then of course Clarke. You saw at the end of last episode the way Jasper felt about Clarke. Imagine the way Bellamy feels about Clarke and the way Octavia feels about Clarke and Raven feels about Clarke. This is the first time we’ve all been kind of against Clarke and done with her leading. We’re just really upset and hurt that she abandoned us and she left us. So it’s such a dynamic scene where you bring people with such a past together – and now have such opposing views – for one cause, and that’s to save their friend.
—  Lindsey Morgan on “Nevermore” (x)
Birthday Shenanigans

My day was normal, but good nonetheless. I can’t really complain. 

I’m not trying to sound bitter, but you really do discover who your true friends are on days that are kind of “important.” Your birthday being one of those special occasions. 

I would like to thank everyone for all of the love today, I am so appreciative of it. REALLY!

I would like to give special thanks to the following:

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