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Requests: “Hi I love your writing and I was hoping of you could write one where the reader is teasing Paul while hanging out with the pack and then he gets so frustrated that he makes the both of you leave and end up having rough sex in the car please? Sorry if it doesn’t make sense” -Anonymous and “so i saw your sex with paul lahote headcanon list, and i saw the thigh riding and i was wondering if you could write a paul lahote smut with thigh riding please? and the reader would be a curvy girl?” -Anonymous

Warning: Smut

Author’s Note: I decided to add these requests together to give me more of a plot to work with. I decided not to make it car sex bc I have a headcanon that Paul has a tuck, plus I don’t think any car would give Paul enough room to tease/fuck you as much as he’d like to. Also, I don’t write specifically for one body type, I try to write where anyone with any body type reads my work can imagine themselves in it.

Words:  1433

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Being in a relationship with Paul Lahote would include:

● Having to calm him down a lot

● Him actually being a big goof

● Stealing some of his food and the pack is shocked

● “Dude!”

● “What?”

● “You just took his food!” “Yeah, and he isn’t even mad!”

● “And the sky is blue and the grass is green. You’re point.”

● And them just looking at you with wide eyes

● Rumors going around at school of Paul just using you.

● “You guys would love for that to be true wouldn’t you. Too bad I’m a virgin and all”

● Literally being the Queen of sass

● sticking up for anyone who deserves it.

● Being so annoyed with Bella when Jake brings her around

● Saying “Anyone else feel emotionally drain and their IQ drop after talking to her?”

● You and Leah are close

● You too definitely gossip. Like you’d like Leah wouldn’t gossip, but she just needs to rant all the time

● Holding Paul’s hand

● Wearing his old hoodies

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