Adolf Wölfli     

Adolf Wölfli was born in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. At the age of seven he was abandoned by his father. The boy remained alone with his mother for two years, before being placed in peasant families where he worked as a goatherd and farmhand. Later he became a woodcutter, then a labourer. A few years afterwards Wölfli was arrested for indecent exposure and imprisoned for two years. On his release, he committed the offence again and in 1899 was admitted to the hospital in Waldau, near Bern, where he stayed until he died.

Adolf Wölfli started to draw, write and compose music at the age of 35. His output was colossal. It included 25,000 pages strewn with graphic compositions done with crayons, but also collages, literary creations and musical scores. In his drawings, figures whose eyes are surrounded by a mask are combined with musical notes, snippets of text and brightly coloured shapes. The ornamental elements have both a decorative and a rhythmic function.

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Las (m.) - Forest
Drzewo (n.) - Tree
Liść (m.) - Leaf
Kłoda (f.) - Log
Nasiono (n.) - Seed
Mech (m.) - Moss
Krzew (m.) - Bush
Kwiat (m.) - Flower
Orzech (m.) - Nut
Skała (f.) - Rock
Jezioro (n.) - Lake
Rzeka (f.) - River
Gleba (f.) - Soil
Natura (f.) - Nature

Jesień (f.) - Autumn

Wilk (m.) - Wolf
Lis (m.) - Fox
Jeleń (m.) - Deer
Wiewiórka (f.) - Squirrel
Sarna (f.) - Roe deer
Mysz (f.) - Mouse
Sowa (f.) - Owl
Kret (m.) - Mole
Żubr (m.) - Bison
Dzik (m.) - Boar
Pająk (m.) - Spider
Niedźwiedź (m.) - Bear
Królik (m.) - Rabbit
Ptak (m.) - Bird
Wąż (m.) - Snake
Jeż (m.) - Hedgehog

Wędrować/Powędrować - To hike


Adolf Wölfli (Swiss, 1864-1930)

  • The Eyeglass-Butterfly in India, 1911
  • Giant City, Band-Wald-Hall, 1911
  • Gourmet Food Store: Feeding the Fishes, 1911
  • Australia is Without Doubt the Habitat of the Giant Strawberry, 1911
  • The St. Adolf Swiss Tower, 1918

Wolfli created all of his art, including thousands of pages of illustrated manuscripts, while institutionalized at a mental asylum in Switzerland.

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Boggarts and Brothers

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Words: 3,505

Remus Lupin x Weasley!Reader

Reader is the second oldest Weasley child, between Bill and Charlie, and takes a break from her usual Auror role to help with security at Hogwarts the year that Sirius Black escapes Azkaban. But with her sister still reeling from being possessed by Tom Riddle the previous year, her adopted brother being targeted by a serial killer and falling for the Werewolf professor, this year is going to be anything but quiet.

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Mid October may have been the worst time for an afternoon picnic by the treeline of the Forbidden Forest but the permanent blush on your cheeks from Remus’ unwavering attentions kept you warm. He sipped at his drink and offered you a plate of biscuits. You took one and gave him a wry smile, “So Professor, how did you know that these were my favourite biscuits?”
He gave you an embarrassed smile and scratched one of his face scars, “You know when you call me that you age me horribly.”
“Oh but trying to teach my brothers is keeping you young, is it?” You teased, “C’mon Remus spill.”
He rolled his eyes at you, “Your brothers are all entirely capable young wizards and I may have heard them discussing buying you some of these biscuits on their next trip to Hogsmeade.”
“How very sneaky of you Professor.” You laughed.
His eyes twinkled, “Well I know that I have to keep the child happy.”
You sucked in a breath at the insult and narrowed your eyes at him, “Touché Remus.”

He laughed and leaned back onto the picnic mat and picked his book back up, you leaned back on the mat next to him and leafed through your own book, but you couldn’t stop yourself from stealing glances at him over the top of your book. His expression was filled with concentration as he read, occasionally his hand would come up to brush his hair back or absentmindedly touch one of the scars on his cheeks. Remus looked up at you and you quickly looked down at your own book, your cheeks flushing with embarrassment. After a moment when you dared to glance up again you noticed him smiling at his book. He’d caught you checking him out, that bastard.
“That book telling you jokes?” You asked.
“No.” He tried to stop himself grinning.
“You’re a dork.” You laughed and pushed at his shoulder so that he fell onto the picnic mat, you laughed and shivered as a breeze took you both.
“And you’re cold.” He scooped his scarf up from where he’d left to folded by the picnic basket, you inclined your head own so that he could wrap the scarf around your neck and helped push your hair away from the scarf.
“That’s better.” He mumbled but didn’t draw back from your closeness. Your face flushed again and with a rush of confidence befitting an Auror you leaned over and kissed his scarred cheek, “Thank you Remus.”

It was his turn to blush but before you could tease him you heard Ron, Harry and Hermione coming down the hill towards your clandestine meeting. Remus sat up straight away from you, “I do think that means you’ll be whisked away.”
“Will you miss me?” You teased and tried to look the picture of innocence.
He gave you a glance over the rest of the picnic that he was packing away, “I’m sure that I’ll find a way to enjoy the peace and quiet for a change.”
You gave him a look of mock offence as you stood, “How dare you? We both know that you’d be bored without me and I’m keeping your scarf by the way.”
You gave him a wave and walked off in the direction of the Golden Trio’s voices. Remus laughed and shook his head to himself and knew that you were right, he would be bored without you. He glanced up at Hogwarts, a place that he’d been dreading returning too for fear of having to confront ghosts of old memories dancing in the hallways but instead it had been like returning home, especially now that he’d met you. Hogwarts was the one place where he’d found himself accepted.


“I knew that logically there would be parts of the castle that I’d never seen but I always thought that me and Tonks had caused trouble in every room in Hogwarts.” You said.
“I could believe that.” Remus grinned and you nudged his arm with your shoulder. Together you walked down one of the forgotten corridors of Hogwarts with your wands in hand the only source of light against the dark night. Remus noted, with a great deal of satisfaction, that you were wearing his scarf as protection against the cold night air. It looked good on you, though he scarcely imagine anything that wouldn’t look good on you.

Dumbledore had come to you an hour ago to ask for your assistance against a rogue Boggart that had found its way into one of the unused wings of the school. Remus, who always struggled to sleep the week before a full moon, was still awake and had coincidentally been in a meeting with Dumbledore when the headmaster had sent for you, had offered his help. If you hadn’t known known better, you would have accused Dumbledore of matchmaking. Thankfully you didn’t feel too bad because the next day was the weekend, so you didn’t need to worry about Remus being tired for his classes.

“Thanks for offering to help.” You told him breaking the silence, you could practically see your breath against the cold air and resisted the urge to breath like a dragon like you knew all your siblings would.
“I wouldn’t have slept much anyway.” He shrugged and watched his feet as you walked down the hall.
Noting his change in mood you stepped closed to him and hooked your arm through his, “Have you tried counting trolls?”
He laughed and inclined his arm out further so that you could walk properly arm in arm, “Surprisingly thinking of trolls doesn’t inspire sweet dreams.”

“Okay I can take that constructive criticism, we’ll think of something between us.” You assured him, “We need to make sure that you’re well rested before the end of this week.”

He didn’t reply but he knew what you meant – the next full moon, his next transformation. Though together you’d never had a full conversation about his lycanism you didn’t shy away from the knowledge that there was more to Remus than there seemed.

After a moment of walking arm in arm and chatting idly about the lesson that he had planned for when the boggart was caught you nudged his torso with your elbow so that he looked down at you. You gave him a cheeky smile, “So is this our second date, Professor?”
He snorted, “And the last, if you continue with that nickname.”
You stuck your tongue out at him, “It’s a title not a nickname, if I was going to give you a nickname it would be wolfly.”
“Wolfy?” Remus scoffed, “How discreet. That’s almost as nice as your nickname.”
“You’ve given me a nickname? Aw Remus, I didn’t know that you cared!” You laughed.
He shook his head, “Not me, some of the students.”

You stopped, and he stopped with you so that you could look at him, “Not a good one then?” You weren’t entirely sure why you even wanted to know, when you’d been at Hogwarts the nicknames often focused on your family’s poverty, Raggedy Weasley had been their favourite. But you’d always ignored it, the only insults that you and Bill ever reacted too were when other students decided to mock Charlie’s asexuality.
Remus’ expression was one of annoyance, “Let’s not get into it, nothing from the mind of teenage boys is exactly complimentary.”
You felt your cheeks flush slightly at the connotations of a sexualised nickname floating through Hogwarts before finding a teasing smile, “Is that why Fred and George’s detentions have doubled? And why I hear that you’re suddenly giving out a lot more detentions?”
He opened his mouth before closing it again, there was no point denying it so instead he gave you soft chuckled and you continued on your way.
“I do appreciate it.” You told him, he told you that it was nothing.

Finding the boggart was the easy part – coming up against your biggest fear was considerably harder. You knew in your heart of hearts that it was a Boggart stood before you, but all you saw was Ginny; her eyes red raw, hair dishevelled and clothed ripped. You raised your wand, but the spell died on your lips as ‘Ginny’ held Tom Riddle’s diary to chest and with her other hand she put her wand to her head and cast the killing curse.

You were screaming when Remus tackled you and pulled you out of the room that you’d trapped the Boggart in. He slammed the door shut and rushed to put his hands on your shoulders as you slid to floor against the wall.
“Y/N? Y/N, it’s not real, it’s not Ginny. She’s okay, she’s asleep. It’s just a Boggart.” He assured you and moved one hand from your shoulder to cup your cheek.
You squeezed your eyes shut for a moment, and inhaled deeply; taking in the cold air and Remus’ sent of spices and chocolate. You stood up, Remus rose with you, and let out a shaky breath.
“I’m sorry, I just-” You started.
He interrupted you, his hand still on your cheek he rubbed his thumb across your cheek bone, “You don’t have to explain yourself.”
“I shouldn’t get this way over a bogart of all things! I’m an Auror!” You argued.
“You’re human.” He told you, his eyes holding yours and you moved a hand up to put it over his hand on your cheek.
“I-I spent all summer being so scared that I’d lose my sister and just seeing it was too much.” You whispered to keep the intimacy of your closeness.
“Of course it was.” Remus agreed, “The boggart shows you the thing that you fear the most, don’t forget that. Now, let’s go catch it and get a hot chocolate before bed.”
“That’s a bit forward!” You laughed, and he fell away from you with a chuckle. You certainly kept him on his toes.

After your little pep talk, you both re-entered the room with a renewed sense of vigour and between you it took only a few minutes to throw the creature into an abandoned wardrobe. You both stood before the wardrobe as Remus locked it and waited to see if it would break free of its new prison. The wardrobe teetered and creaked, throwing up dust from its movements, until it thudded down onto all four legs and settled.

“Yes!” You threw your arms into the air and in mid celebration when Remus turned, you threw your arms around his neck and pulled him into a tight hug, “We’re easily the best team in Hogwarts!” You cheered, his arms locked around your waist and held you too him. You came down from your hug but left your hands on his shoulders and stayed in his arms.
The moment of celebration gained levity. Stood together in the whirls of dust and stale air neither of you wished to move from the arms of the other. Careful to breath softly, in case you would shatter the delicate moment, you gently brushed dust from his moustache and left your hand on his cheek.
Fuelled by the adrenaline of catching the boggart Remus leaned down and brushed his lips against yours. For a moment it felt like your heart had stopped, you held your breath as you kissed him back until you both needed to pull away to give way to shaky breaths.

Remus’ hands on the small of your back rubbed up and down slightly and you played with the lapels of his jacket while you both fought for words to defend your actions and request more closeness. Standing in the abandoned room, wrapped up in uncertain futures you both held each other as your relationship teetered between friendship and more. You steeled yourself ready to take the plunge, you were a Weasley for Merlin’s sake!
You held the lapels of his jacket tighter and opened your mouth to ask him not to let you go when your silence was interrupted by footsteps in the hallway. Eyes wide you jumped away from each other and rushed out into the hallway with wands at the ready – no one should be in the abandoned wing other than the two of you and your newly possessed furniture. The hallway was dark save for the moonlight sneaking in through grubby windows.
“I didn’t make up that noise, did I?” You asked him, your precious moment shattered.
Remus’ eyes narrowed as he caught slight of a shoe before it disappeared, that was someone using James’ invisibility cloak – he’d bet his Werewolf potion on it!  
“No, you didn’t make it up, I doubt that it’s malevolent. Still, we should leave.” He told you after a moment. He quickly bewitched the wardrobe to follow you both and you left the abandoned wing in silence. You walked with him to his classroom in case the boggart broke free, or rather that was your excuse to spend more time with the werewolf who was stealing your affections.
Remus released the spell on the wardrobe leaving it there for his classes after the weekend before he turned to you, his gaze taking in your features before settling on your lips.

Neither of you said anything for a moment until Remus broke the silence, “Do you want to watch the sunrise?”
You spared the window a glance, the sky was getting lighter and you knew that it’d be beautiful to watch from one of the balconies. You gave him a soft smile, “Don’t you know I’m not a morning person?”
He softly picked some dust from your hair, “I’m not a night person but I spent it with you.”
That make your cheeks flush and even in the dim lighting you could see Remus’ cheeks glowing at the realisation of what he said.
“Well, in that case it would be rude not to accept, wouldn’t it?” You asked, and he agreed. For the second time that night you took his arm and walked with him.

Being accosted by the Weasley twins when all he wanted to do was mope was just the icing on Harry’s shitty day. Even their jovial smiles, that usually made him laugh, couldn’t stop his pout and the sun wasn’t even fully up yet! He’d even spent the night wondering the abandoned halls because he couldn’t sleep knowing he wasn’t going to be allowed on the trip.
“Harry-kins! You wouldn’t have that little frown after we give you this present.” George laughed.
“Why are you two even up this early? The Sun isn’t up yet! Aren’t you afraid that Y/N will have to give you detention again?” Harry asked.

Fred shrugged, “Nah, she’s caught us loads of times already and she only had to get us in trouble because Flitchy was there and we’re up because we’ve been testing new products, besides we saw that you were up.”
“Saw that I was up?” Harry asked.

The twins showed them their new gift for their adoptive brother, The Marauders Map and showed Harry how it worked and how to get out to Hogsmeade.
“There is one condition however!” George announced, and Harry narrowed his eyes, he should have known something as amazing as this would come with strings attached.
“We want you to keep an eye on this.” Fred said and leaned over the map to point out the two footsteps on one of the upstairs balconies. Harry squinted at the names Y/N Weasley and Remus Lupin, “What do you mean by keep an eye on it?”
“Well, every morning and evening they seem to be together and we’re curious.” Fred told him.
George added, “It could be a coincidence because he works on days and she works on night but take right now, it’s sunrise and they’re together. People might talk.”
“And if anyone is talking then it should be us.” Fred finished for them and both gave him a grin.

“Isn’t Professor Lupin a bit old for Y/N? Wouldn’t people notice?” Harry asked.
“No offence Harry-kins but you wouldn’t notice your hand in front of your face.” Fred laughed , and George nudged his arm playfully so Harry didn’t take it as an insult. They were right, he was quite unobservant.
“Why are you so bothered?” Harry asked curious.
Fred shrugged, “She’s our sister and she suddenly seems disgustingly happy.”
“And we could finally have blackmail material on her!” George laughed, and Harry rolled his eyes at them but still he found himself agreeing with the twins and watching the map as your footsteps moved away from Professor Lupin’s and heading towards the Gryffindor common room.


To say that you were disappointed that you and Remus had avoided the topic of your kiss was an understatement but when you’d been stood watching the sunrise it was a scene too beautiful disrupt. Still, the closeness of you both as you’d stood on the balcony in the morning air had left you waking on air on your way to the Gryffindor common room. After facing the boggart you needed to see that your sister was safe.
The Fat Lady let you in without fuss, Dumbledore had given you and the other Aurors the passwords to each of the common rooms, and made your way into the girl’s dorms. You quickly peaked your head in one of the rooms and scanned the bed until you saw Ginny sat up reading by candlelight. She looked up at the sound of the door moving and gave you a questioning look. She quickly put on some robes to keep her warm away from her bed and rushed over to the doorway and guided you out.
“Y/N, is everything okay?” She shut the door behind you both and gave you a hug before stepping back and eying up your dusty appearance.
“Yeah, I just wanted to make sure that you were alright before I went to bed for the day.” You gently ran your fingers through her hair and playfully pinched her cheek.
She batted away your hand with a smile, “I’ve been a lot better Y/N, I promise. Being back at school isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”
“You’re not sleeping though?” You asked.
“Just tonight, it was a bad dream, but it wasn’t about the- the chamber.” Ginny whispered, and you pulled her to you for another hug and kissed the top of her head.

“Anyway, how have you found being back at Hogwarts?” She asked you and eyed the scarf you were wearing, “Where did you get that scarf?” Ginny was sure she’d seen Professor Lupin wearing one similar.
You smoothed a hand down the scarf and fought a blush, “I got it from a friend.”
The infamous Weasley mischievous grin met you as Ginny took the scarf in her hands, “Which friend would that be?”
As much as you would usually enjoy an indulgent girly chat with your sister you were aware that you’d be discussing her Professor, within the halls that he taught before you’d even actually decided if you were even a thing. So, you waved her away from your stolen scarf and turned her around to go back into her room, “Go back to bed Gin, it’s a Saturday enjoy your lie in.”
“I will get it out of you.” She laughed before adding, “I can’t sleep the day away anyway, today is the trip to Hogsmeade.”

Because you weren’t often awake during the day you’d nearly forgotten the trip to the small village even though Harry had come and asked you to sign his permission slip, which you had but Professor McGonagall would not allow it. You’d tried to ensure Harry that there was still time for the Dursley’s to sign his slip and return it before the next Hogsmeade trip in the winter. You dug into your pocket and pulled out all the coins that you had with you and put them into Ginny’s hand.
“What’s this for?” she asked.
“Treat yourself to some sweets at Hogsmeade, share it with the boys.” You told her. She shook her hand and went to pass it back to you, but you covered her hand pushed it back to her, “I’m your big sister, I’m allowed to treat you all. Just do me a favour and get Harry something as well? I think he’ll be upset about having to stay here.”

You said your goodbyes and finally went back to bed as the school woke up, you’d need your rest to support Remus through the full moon.

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Adolf Wölfli (Swiss, 1864-1930)

Wolfli created all of his art, including thousands of pages of cryptic illustrated manuscripts, while institutionalized at a mental asylum in Switzerland. In 1890, at age 26, Wolfli was imprisoned for attempting to molest two young girls; he spent the rest of his life at the asylum composing music, drawing, and re-writing his own personal history in fictional form. 

Like Henry Darger or Joseph Cornell, Wolfli’s mysterious work defies categorization. His paintings often included musical notes of his own invented musical language - he would even play this music on a paper trumpet while at the asylum.

ookami baby

pairing: reader x young k (brian)

genre: fantasy, wolf dad au,

word count: 1,457

next: pt.2

note: I sort of drew inspiration for this fic after watching the film wolf children, I am looking to continue this in a drabble series, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

His weeks consisted of wild nights and morning hangovers, days passing by in the blink of an eye, though he didn’t mind. Most evenings he found himself on stage, rocking out to covers of his favorite songs with a few originals melodies in tow, feeling the crowd and downing a variety of liquor until his throat just couldn’t take it anymore.
Some evenings he found himself in the beds of strangers, women who left deep scratches and bites along his olive skin, bodies trembling with pleasure underneath his slim frame followed by consistent cries of his name.

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Adolf Wölfli (Swiss, 1864-1930)

Details and full piece, circa 1912

Wolfli created all of his art, including thousands of pages of illustrated manuscripts, while institutionalized at a mental asylum in Switzerland.