Adolf Wölfli     

Adolf Wölfli was born in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. At the age of seven he was abandoned by his father. The boy remained alone with his mother for two years, before being placed in peasant families where he worked as a goatherd and farmhand. Later he became a woodcutter, then a labourer. A few years afterwards Wölfli was arrested for indecent exposure and imprisoned for two years. On his release, he committed the offence again and in 1899 was admitted to the hospital in Waldau, near Bern, where he stayed until he died.

Adolf Wölfli started to draw, write and compose music at the age of 35. His output was colossal. It included 25,000 pages strewn with graphic compositions done with crayons, but also collages, literary creations and musical scores. In his drawings, figures whose eyes are surrounded by a mask are combined with musical notes, snippets of text and brightly coloured shapes. The ornamental elements have both a decorative and a rhythmic function.

Because I have a love of forest things  ❤

Las (m.) - Forest
Drzewo (n.) - Tree
Liść (m.) - Leaf
Kłoda (f.) - Log
Nasiono (n.) - Seed
Mech (m.) - Moss
Krzew (m.) - Bush
Kwiat (m.) - Flower
Orzech (m.) - Nut
Skała (f.) - Rock
Jezioro (n.) - Lake
Rzeka (f.) - River
Gleba (f.) - Soil
Natura (f.) - Nature

Jesień (f.) - Autumn

Wilk (m.) - Wolf
Lis (m.) - Fox
Jeleń (m.) - Deer
Wiewiórka (f.) - Squirrel
Sarna (f.) - Roe deer
Mysz (f.) - Mouse
Sowa (f.) - Owl
Kret (m.) - Mole
Żubr (m.) - Bison
Dzik (m.) - Boar
Pająk (m.) - Spider
Niedźwiedź (m.) - Bear
Królik (m.) - Rabbit
Ptak (m.) - Bird
Wąż (m.) - Snake
Jeż (m.) - Hedgehog

Wędrować/Powędrować - To hike


Adolf Wölfli (Swiss, 1864-1930)

  • The Eyeglass-Butterfly in India, 1911
  • Giant City, Band-Wald-Hall, 1911
  • Gourmet Food Store: Feeding the Fishes, 1911
  • Australia is Without Doubt the Habitat of the Giant Strawberry, 1911
  • The St. Adolf Swiss Tower, 1918

Wolfli created all of his art, including thousands of pages of illustrated manuscripts, while institutionalized at a mental asylum in Switzerland.

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ookami baby

pairing: reader x young k (brian)

genre: fantasy, wolf dad au,

word count: 1,457

note: I sort of drew inspiration for this fic after watching the film wolf children, I am looking to continue this in a drabble series, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

His weeks consisted of wild nights and morning hangovers, days passing by in the blink of an eye, though he didn’t mind. Most evenings he found himself on stage, rocking out to covers of his favorite songs with a few originals melodies in tow, feeling the crowd and downing a variety of liquor until his throat just couldn’t take it anymore.
Some evenings he found himself in the beds of strangers, women who left deep scratches and bites along his olive skin, bodies trembling with pleasure underneath his slim frame followed by consistent cries of his name.

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Adolf Wölfli (Swiss, 1864-1930)

Wolfli created all of his art, including thousands of pages of cryptic illustrated manuscripts, while institutionalized at a mental asylum in Switzerland. In 1890, at age 26, Wolfli was imprisoned for attempting to molest two young girls; he spent the rest of his life at the asylum composing music, drawing, and re-writing his own personal history in fictional form. 

Like Henry Darger or Joseph Cornell, Wolfli’s mysterious work defies categorization. His paintings often included musical notes of his own invented musical language - he would even play this music on a paper trumpet while at the asylum.

You’re My Everything

Originally posted by sessizbirtavir

Requested: Yes, by a beautiful Anon. 

Prompt: “ Can you do a theo smut where y/n and him have been dating for awhile and you’re the only person he actually cares about and you find out everything that he has done but u can’t bake up with him because he’s the only person you care about to but you are still hurt by everything and he just wants to make you happy because they are all each other has (and she can be in the Scott’s pack) 

Fandom:  Teen Wolf

Character: Theo Raeken 

Word Count: 2.506


Type: Smut / Fluff

Author’s Note: I’m sorry for the long wait, I’ll start posting more often now. 

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Adolf Wölfli (Swiss, 1864-1930)

Details and full piece, circa 1912

Wolfli created all of his art, including thousands of pages of illustrated manuscripts, while institutionalized at a mental asylum in Switzerland. 

thecollisionofyourkiss-  asked:

Prompts!! So i'm guessing you already know what i want :D anything with 'The collision of your kiss' in it ;) and sterek obviously ... !! Xx


(I took the phrase as inspiration instead of directly including it. If I post on AO3 it’ll be the title.)

A comet might travel for thousands of years through empty space, jostled here and there by the gravity of passing stars, before discovering the one object strong and close enough to pull it into its orbit.

The captive body can then devote centuries to spiraling around its companion, dancing and weaving in a looping courtship, inching ever closer as the tug of gravity intensifies.

It’s a work of millennia, of a thousand chance encounters and altered trajectories.

When the meteor finally burns through the atmosphere and crashes to the surface, it still feels like it happened in an instant.


Their mouths collide after what feels like an eternity of charged dancing. Of biting words and helping hands and stray, heated moments that stretch on forever and not nearly long enough to pull them to the place they’re both burning to be.

It’s there when they barely know each other. Just a loud-mouthed, too curious boy and an untrusting man aching for something solid to cling to, trapped together in the boy’s bedroom with the thrill of his father’s ignorance running hot in the boy’s veins.

The knowing looks from Danny won’t fade from his mind, and as he sprawls out on his bed and watches Derek continue to read his history textbook like it’s actually interesting, he convinces himself it’s the thrill of victory over these two ridiculously attractive men that has him replaying Derek’s shirt-changing strip tease over again in his mind.


It’s there even earlier, when Derek’s bleeding out in Deaton’s clinic, body burning with wolfsbane and the thrum of encroaching death, when the boy’s confusing blend of challenges, panic, and determination are the only things that keep Derek on his feet and pushing forward.


It’s there in the pool and the long moments after. In the clench in Stiles’ heart that won’t let him leave Derek behind, not after he’d begged for his trust, not even if it means going under with him.


And in Stiles’ eyes, projecting that he knows, that he understands the difference between a supernatural being and a monster. An abomination. And that Derek isn’t it.

In another world Derek would kiss him then. Would  take a few steps forward and wrap Stiles in his arms, seal their mouths together in lust, in gratitude. In contentment.

Because he knows, in this instant he knows, that all he’s wanted for the past six years is for someone to believe he’s not a monster.

But it’s this world, and Derek lets the moment pass. He may not be a monster, but he’s haunted by too many demons to risk bringing them to Stiles’ doorstep.


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A Beautiful Friendship

A pre-slash Sterek gift fic for my darling Emma @pale-silver-comb hope you enjoy love <3

The engine of the jeep rattled and whistled as he pulled to a stop next to the camaro. He winced and rubbed the dash absentmindedly murmuring “I’ll fix that soon.”

Sighing he turned off the car and walked around to sit on the hood while staring at the hollow shell of what used to be the grandest home in Beacon Hills. He chewed his lip for a minute twisting his fingers as he tried to figure out what to say. Apparently he took too long. A tall dark shadow appeared in the doorway before Derek emerged not scowling but not looking particularly pleased to see him either. Stiles couldn’t blame him for that after the shitshow in the train station last week. He’d wanted to come sooner but he hadn’t. It was partly because figuring out how to handle Jackson’s “death” and reappearance was difficult even with both Lydia and himself not mention Allison trying to figure out how to spin it. But mostly he was just exhausted, strung out from dealing with Scott’s betrayal and Allison’s stunned desperate guilt and pain. It didn’t matter.

“What do you want?” Derek bit out impatient with the heavy silence and sounding just as tired as Stiles felt.

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