What a Saturday in the Big Apple! Here I am enjoying the sunshine with the boys at Rockefeller Center! Lol! I thought this was an ice skating rink!!!! I was like, “Hey! Where are all the ice skaters?!” LOL! I guess I was wrong! J. S. and Ludwig seemed to be happy to enjoy a Saturday off work! I was surprised! I thought Ludwig would be all like, “Hey! Wolfgang Amadeus! Why don’t you go back to Austria!” and I would have to be like “Hey! Ludwig! NO!” lol! But actually that didn’t even happen at all so actually he was just like, “Oh, great, somebody I have to babysit all over again.” And I was like LOL Ludwig you are not a babysitter, you are a composer!!!!!!!!!! lol! He is definitely one of the funniest people I have ever met! Too bad his music is so dramatic - he could really make a lot of money!!!!! Then we could spend it at Bergdorf’s! And wear really fancy coats! lol!!!!! Anyway, tomorrow is Sunday and I could really use a day of rest, but J. S. is probably going to make me come hear his new Mass! lol oh well I bet it will be the best Mass I’ve ever heard!!!!!!!! I can’t wait! I love church! (lol!)