wolfie unchained

anonymous asked:

No offense meant at all but do you think mr tarantino might ever win a best picture oscar?

That really depends… on wether the Academy will decide to pull it’s nose out of the 1900’s ass & not give a black & white silent film a Best Picture… in 2012!!!!!!!

Pulp Fiction only won for original screenplay (outrageous), Inglourious Basterds only won for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (outrageous) & Django Unchained only won both (doubly outrageous)… so I guess we’re moving forward?

cornymatthews asked:

(saw your tags on the gifset) leo didnt campaign/get a nomination for the departed because he didnt want to go up against the rest of the cast because he felt they all did such a great job in the movie and felt it wouldnt be fair, or something along those lines

Why does Leo gotta be so considerate? Like cumon! That movie does have an excellent acting ensemble but like he kicked ass in ‘The Departed’ so damn hard that if I were the Academy I would’ve told Leo “Boo hoo, you’re getting nominated either you like it or not”