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6 years of Teen Wolf

Thanks Jeff Davis
Thanks Tyler Posey
Thanks Dylan O'brien
Thanks Holland Roden
Thanks Crystal Reed
Thanks Melissa Ponzio
Thanks Linden Ashby
Thanks J.R Bourne
Thank you all for making this serie the best serie of my life

okay, but Josh Diaz did not deserve this. he was the closest to Corey in the Chimera Pack and always had his back aka being willing to do everything to save Corey. don’t forget he also was the one who saved Kira! he did not deserve to die in this way, he didn’t even have a chance to fight! Theo just fucking stabbed him! yes i reckon, his death was to show how ruthless Theo is but it was right after the moment Josh realised how he’s on the wrong side and he deserved to at least have a fight for his life