neckdeep-incomposure  asked:

1,9,12,81 c:

1. Are looks important in a relationship? Yeah. I try to date people who are hot as fuck.

9. Describe your perfect mate. I don’t really have a type per se, but I like brunettes, long hair, height doesn’t matter too much, I like brown eyes. Gotta be nice, like animals, sense of humor, passionate about something, whether it be art or music or film or sports or anything really. Supportive.

12. Do I forgive betrayal? I don’t really know. I haven’t been betrayed before, as far as I know.

81. Who are five people I find attractive? Tommy Wiseau x 5

I’m not really big on celebrity culture, so here, have links to five of my friends’ blogs and if you really want, I’ll get back to you on this question in the future.






But they are actually all attractive, so it’s not wrong.