Lots of sketch dumps that have been on the works on my sketchbook

#1 - August Sketch Dump feat. WolfGirlAmaya@dA

#2 and #3 - October Sketch Dumps (Includes my first ink)

#4 and #5 - Angel Lone Sketch Dumps

#6 - Feral Lone Concepts (Yes, I made him a feral form #selfcest)

#7 and #8 - November Sketch Dumps feat. Dralicusandrali@dA (LOL NO SHAVE NOVEMBER I MADE HIM MORE FLUFFY. Also, changing and testing little concepts)

REUPLOADING with an updated version…/again/…for the last time this time I swear OTL, fixed the energy blast to look like an actual energy blast even more, added more detail to the eyes, and changed up the lighting a bit

Amaya and I did a collaboration gift of Bahamut’s character Zech as a Birthday present, everyone be sure to wish Bahamut a wonderful birthday!


Sketch, lineart, shading/lighting by Amaya
Colors, background and other special effects by Tech (me)
Zech is © Bahamut

Reuploading due to the fact that there was a miscommunication on the shading layers, as well because I went and got some abstract brushes and lens flare brushes for Photoshop lol

So the finished picture! It’s been a long time since Zidane’s had any finished pictures of him done!
So the sketch, lineart, and shading were done by Wolfgirlamaya on deviantART
Colors and background were by me