wolfgang ludwig

Sometimes I like to imagine classical composers with sassy t-shirts

For example













AKA every possible level of awesomeness in only one track


ClassicaLoid cosplays at AnimExpo Summer 2017 (Santiago, Chile) 💕

★ Me as Mozart
@drunkchocolatemilk as Beethoven

Can’t wait for the Musik version ;v; I’m looking forward to making it ♡

Season 5 Episode 5a - New Bully on the Block

While I’m sure the kids would not like to lose their vacant lot, I think they’d rather it be in the care of people they know and care about (and who will let them hang out there), rather than a couple of bullies. And with their new Councilman, invoking the nuclear option where no kid owns the lot would be trivial.

Next piece will take a few days. See you then!

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🔵 beethoven

🔵 - What activity to do with them to get them relaxed and in the mood?

Honestly, Beethoven’s sexuality is Mozart. The two of them, elbow to elbow on a cramped piano bench, Mozart’s sharp wit and crueler tongue shredding Ludwig’s technique and style and application to absolute bits. Wolf puts his hands delicately atop Ludwig’s, places them “properly”, although they had been correct in the first place, complains at him. Knocks him down a few pegs, then, when in the verge of truly irritating Ludwig, builds him back up with slight compliments and constructive criticism. 

Watching him play, anxiety beading in sweat along Ludwig’s brow. Telling him he’s improved, voice soft, one hand gentle on Ludwig’s shoulder. Playing for him in the late evening, wine glasses near by, cravats loosened. Ludwig closes his eyes and curls with his head in Wolfgang’s lap. Mozart pauses, plays what he can with one hand, then abandons his music in favor of stroking Ludwig’s hair and kissing him. One hand runs up the inseam of his leg. They’ve fallen, tangled, off the piano bench, more times than they can count.