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✨Photo taken during the beginning hours of labor✨ We returned from our morning naked dip in the ocean and our doulas arrived with sacred items to add to our birthing alter. Shmaya brought copal incense, essential oils, flowers, candles and her guitar &&& began playing us medicine songs. Dakota brought raw veganic foods, a giant seashell, crystals, flowers and her singing bowl :) I sat in meditation through most of the labor giving a ✌️ sign when the rushes began and a ☝️ when they ended. Really feeling and riding each wave as it flowed through my being. Going within and breathing through each rush of energy. Not fighting the waves. Not trying to escape them. Relaxing and opening to them. Ready to receive the gift coming through. Visualizing the birth canal and showing Pueo the way. Letting him know he is safe and welcome here whenever he is ready. Wolfgang, Shmaya and Dakota held sacred space for the portal to open with music all day and night until Our little angel was born ✨👼✨ I wish this vibration of healing through birth to be experienced for all mamas and papas to be ✨🌈

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Hey I just finished season 3 and I was so confused as to how they managed to take out Whispers but not save Wolfgang? Weren't they in the same building??

Season 3? I wish ;)

Yeah. J. Michael Straczynski (writer/producer) said Wolfgang is held in a more secure part of the building and that now “the trade off” starts.

I think a lot of people are confused by the ending, including me. I get why they did it that way, but it would’ve been nice if they at least had mentioned Wolfie in some way in the last scene in the van, because to me it felt like they just didn’t care about Wolfie (I know they do, but still).


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Hahaha, I did the same with Sense8. Like, they were on the inside. They managed to get Milton out but they just left Wolfgang there? Why didn’t they get him too? Did I miss something? (also, what did Lito tell Hernando he was doing, considering that he told him that THEY had to get to London? He left him and Dany sleeping while he went to break into BBO?)

Yeah the ending was rushed and I hope the next season gives us flashbacks filling in the blanks like Lito telling his Family and their reaction or how all the sensates meet for the first time etc. 

Now my theory is Wolfgang is being held in a separate location and they don’t know where. I wonder if he’s still in Berlin or in London somewhere else and not at BPO. Remember that Whispers had a small cellar in Chicago where he tortured Angelica’s first cluster.  In addition all the sensates are on blockers so they can’t connect to Wolfgang because it’s dangerous and would give their locations away to Whispers. 

IMO, they kidnapped Whispers for 2 reasons. First to find out where Wolfgang is being held and second to ensure Whispers doesn’t try and make Wolfgang into a zombie to control (hopefully he hasn’t had time to do this). They also kidnap Jonas because they know Jonas is important to the Chairman and perhaps they can use him to trade Wolfgang if possible (or for some other reason that isn’t clear to us yet).

I think yes they want to rescue Wolfgang, but half their cluster is compromised. Will and Wolfgang are susceptible to Whispers visiting them anytime. Whispers and BPO know about the existence of Will, Nomi, Kala, Wolfgang and Riley. So if they want to ensure their cluster survives it’s not enough to just save Wolfgang. I think they realized this and recognized that kidnapping Whispers and Jonas is necessary for their long term survival. 

Of course these are just my thoughts and what I surmised from watching the final 20 minutes a couple of times. I could be totally wrong!


Children Underground is a 2001 documentary film directed by Edet Belzberg.

In an effort to increase the Romanian work force, former communist leader Nicolae Ceauşescu outlawed contraception and abortion in 1966. Thousands of unwanted children were placed in state orphanages where they faced terrible conditions. With the fall of Communism, many children moved onto the streets. Some were from the orphanages. Others were runaways from impoverished families. Today there are 20,000 children living on the streets while the resources for sheltering these homeless youths are severely limited.

Children Underground follows the story of five street children, aged eight to sixteen who live in a subway station in Bucharest,Romania. The street kids are encountered daily by commuting adults, who pass them by in the station as they starve, swindle, and steal, all while searching desperately for a fresh can of paint to get high with.

Belzberg and her cameraman, Wolfgang Held, maintain their distance as the kids panhandle, fight and sleep on cardboard boxes, either on the train platforms or the public parks above ground, watching dispassionately as the youngsters inhale Aurolac, a noxious silver paint with intoxicating fumes, from plastic bags. In a slightly uplifting coda, Belzberg and crew return a year later to find that a police sweep of the Victoriei has dispersed the children; some landed in state-funded homes, while others simply moved on to one of the many abandoned construction sites that dot the city, ironic symbols of a shining future that never arrived. Belzberg steers away from any discussion of the rampant sexual exploitation of these young children, or the fact that one of the biggest dangers they face are STDs, including AIDS, but the urban hell she presents is shattering enough. Homelessness is all too familiar to many inhabitants of the world’s wealthiest cities, but rarely has the situation seemed so hopeless, or its victims so desperate.

One of the children director Belzberg follows is Cristina Ionescu. At first this child may seem to be a young man, but you later find out that girls have to become hard and boyish in order to survive. This is also very apparent with another child named, Violeta ‘Macarena’ Rosu, who is also a girl. The nickname ‘Macarena’ derives from the song “Macarena”, her favorite. Three other children, Mihai Tudose, and brother and sister Ana and Marian, are also profiled.

The film explores the lives of these children, who are shown fighting, abusing themselves, and becoming addicted to inhaling a colorant used in chroming called Aurolac. The filmmakers follow Mihai to his family’s home in the town of Constanța. A similar scene films Ana and Marian as they visit their home, which is also outside Bucharest.

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Wolfgang hummed as she held Blake close to her, her fingers intertwined with the other Faunus's. The steady blush never left her face as she nuzzled Blake'd neck, taking in her scent. "Ugh, you smell like feline." She teases again.

“Well, I am kind of a cat, so it would make since.” Blake said, smiling.