Direct sequel (by 15 years or so) to http://big-wolfen.tumblr.com/post/138313900569/a-tubby-young-goodra-kid-watching-his-favorite  , the tubby goodra grown up, still loving anime.

Ok but seriously (again), I’m heavily inspired by http://salacune.tumblr.com/ and his plethora of pudgy pictures. (GO TO HIM AND FOLLOW HIM FOR AMAZINGNESS) and somewhere along the way, he mentioned that one of his favorite pokemon is Goodra! I personally like Goodra the most because they’re an incredibly unique dragon. Seriously, they start out as a slug-thing, then turn into a tall snail, and then the most adorable dragon ever!!!

And so, this guy was made! the previous pic being like a five year old version, now he’s like 20!

I made this just for Salacune ;w; but i can’t submit artwork to him directly. So, this’ll be the next best thing. Thank you for inspiring me Salacune!!!!