See his ball? Yes, this ordinary green dog’s toy ball. Everything alright with it except we don’t know where did Xiu Xiu get it and how did she manage to get it into our apartment unnoticed. Our friends didn’t give it to her either.
Feels like there’s something I don’t know about my dog, I now think she’s probably a Finnish spy. >_<

Xiu Xiu suddenly became afraid of our car and big plastic/paper bags. One time she was sleeping calmly on her couch until she noticed a paper bag behind her. I never saw my dog jump so high. Today she started to panic when we walked nearby our car. It’s especially strange since she was always ok with it before. Nothing bad happened with her in it. The same thing with plastic bags. We never tried to do something as dumb as putting a plastic bag on her or something like this.
Any thoughts?


It’s still hot in Moscow. Xiu Xiu chose the dark side. Now she sleeps only on the darkest corners of our apartment.
Made a new portionof frozen snacks. Now it’s with pumpkin and peanut butter. Xiu Xiu is crazy for peanut butter. And now she is laying down without a command when she see a tasty snack in my hands. :) It’s so fun because a had a lot of struggle with this command a few month ago.

This is 11 month old vallhund pup Xiu Xiu. And this is a free space she needed for herself on our bed. My dear husband sleeps on the same amount of space as Xiu. Yeah, who said I need to sleep on the bed with them anyway.