The marauders are real dorks for truth or dare and here are some thoughts

•Remus mostly picks truth but gives out wicked dares
•Sirius mostly picks dare except occasionally when it’s Remus’s turn and he sees that look in his eye and sometimes even then
•Peter actually comes up with really good truths
•James actually picked truth more often than you’d think says he’s got no secrets
•Sirius if the nerd who has a hard time coming up with truths and often goes for clichés (ex: who do you like, who was your best kiss,)
•As ruthless as Remus’s dares are he tends to pitch softball truths
•Sirius once asked James which marauder he would date
•Remus and Peter rolled their eyes already knowing the answer
•Sirius smirked also sure about the answer
•James turned unexpectedly pink and started babbling about everyone’s good qualities (ex: Sirius is always up for adventure, Remus helps keep him from doing the really bad ideas, Peter always supports him and makes him think he can do anything)
•Once James winds down Peter is beaming Remus is laughing and Sirius is pointing out James didn’t actually answer
•James gives Sirius an apologetic look and admits he’d pick Remus
•Sirius and Peter are shocked and Remus starts laughing harder before saying he’d pick James too adding he’s the only one who cooks
•Peter then throws out the date to no one in particular and out of turn that he dares them to refer to James and Remus as the mother and father of the group
•James calls dibs on being the dad
•Sirius pats him on the back and shakes his head
•everyone agrees James is the mother
•for years it would randomly pop up in conversation (ex: someone would ask mother and father to please stop fighting at the breakfast table, someone would tell Remus he’s not their real dad after he tries for the third time to get them to do their assignment early,)
•even Remus and James did it (ex: please James go mother the kids instead it’s just a cold really I don’t need soup, sorry Petey I’d love to help you with that but maybe you should go ask your father instead he’ll be able to explain the assignment better)
•their classmates don’t know when or why it started but they certainly caught on and started up as well
•Lily and Remus would be heading back after patrol tired and she would make a remark about him going home to his wife
•people would hand Peter notes and say it was for his dad and could he please give it to him
•Peter and Sirius often pretended to fight over being the favorite child
•the marauders were one big happy family

Just. Poly James. Because he loves people. He loves them so fucking much. And so what if he wants to cuddle with Lily and Sirius at the same time? So what if he makes it his life goal to make Remus smile every morning when they wake up next to each other? So what if his soul’s mate just happened to lay within three amazing people? So what if his children will only know love, and the safety net of so many warm hugs? James is in love. So fucking what?

Remus Lupin: Lifesize Barbie

I have this h/c where, after the full moons, Remus is just so exhausted that he barely functions as a human— ahem— being, especially in the mornings. So the Marauders started taking it upon themselves to dress him when they get up, because honestly the boy is a veritable potato until noon— and yet he still manages to write down notes whilst half-asleep which the other Marauders end up copying?

It starts off really simple, like get up, get Remus standing (because we all know he’s not actually awake), get dressed, get Remus dressed etc. But then one morning Sirius decides that fuck it! it’s not like Moony even knows what he’s wearing, why not dress him the way he wants? So he sticks Remus in one of his larger leather jackets and WOW! Guys, Moony is HOT!

This carries on all week, Sirius dressing Remus in his own clothes and feeling absurdly pleased about it all— especially when a few of Sirius’ Led Zeppelin shirts are a bit too small and Sirius gets to perve on those ridiculously sharp hip bones— until James, being the gigantic piss baby that he is, throws a tantrum because “Pads, it’s not fair that Remus wears your clothes all the time, he’s my mate too!”

And so begins the roster. On Mondays and Tuesdays, Remus can be found in too-short shirts, motorbike boots (that Sirius bought especially) and leather jackets courtesy of Sirius Black, the King of Punk Rock. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, his attire is usually worn t-shirts with awful puns and obscure logos combined with ridiculously tight skinny jeans— which are bitch to try put on the semi-comatose werewolf but James is a right stubborn bastard when he’s jealous— which of course is the result of James Potter. And Friday to Saturday are Pete’s days, he decided to dress him in his own clothes because he’s a decent person and ignore the beanie, that is Remus’ beanie, what do you mean that scarf is mine? it is not! what those bangles? he’s always had them.

It’s not until one random Sunday, when Remus stumbles into the library to study with Lily Evans for am upcoming DADA test, that he actually realises what’s going on, because: “Remus, you do realise you’re wearing other people’s clothes, right?”


“Yes, that T-shirt is far too short for you and I know for a fact that you’ve never even heard of the Pigmy Puff Palooza’s, must be one of Black’s. And those awful, red and yellow plaid jeans are most definitely a result of Potter’s tastes, his legs are longer than yours too, so that’s why they’re all bunched up at the ankles. And aren’t those gloves Peter’s, I remember because he started making them fingerless and then gave up halfway through, that’s why they look so ridiculous.”



“I’ll murder them, mark my words, one day they’ll go missing and it’s because I’ve killed them and hidden their bodies in the room of requirement.”

Remus never actually let on that he knew. He LIKED that Sirius thought he looked good in leather, he LIKED that James was possessive enough of their friendship to ‘claim’ him with clothes, he LIKED that Peter thought about his wellbeing and draped scarves over his shoulders on the cold days.

To him it made sense, to him it was natural. Like a visual variation of when wolves scent mark their pack. It made him feel like he had a pack too.

Before long, all of the Marauders had adopted at least one of Moony’s sweaters as well.