theluckiestguyonthelowereastside said: waaaaait were you that josh on wolfboard?

haha wow, this is one of the most amazing messages I’ve ever got. Literally the closest I will ever get to internet celebrity.

Yeah, I was! What was your name on there?! If I was ever a dick to you or you saw me write something blatantly offensive (both fairly likely) I can only say I’m sincerely sorry. I was a foolish young thing, and had a rather different “take” on the world than I do now! 

  1. theluckiestguyonthelowereastside said: ha by that i mean i never really posted but there was def a kind of controversial figure called josh i seem to remember? i don’t remember the arguments or any details though.t
  2. heluckiestguyonthelowereastside replied to your posttheluckiestguyonthelowereastside said: waaaaait…
  3. also did you have a falling out with patrick wolf at some point?
  4. theluckiestguyonthelowereastside replied to your posttheluckiestguyonthelowereastside said: waaaaait…i don’t think i ever really posted, think i just made an account because there were certain boards you couldn’t see otherwise? i lurked though, and just remember their being a lot of chat about some controversial figure called josh.

    Lol, glad you don’t remember owt. I thought maybe my shadddyyy internet past as a proto-dudebro/neckbeard and troll* might come back to haunt me on here one day Yeah I loved Patrick Wolf’s music but he was my internet nemesis for a while. The only time he ever seemed to post on the forum was to argue with me, which seem an unnecessary ego boost as he had tons of fans who worshipped him who would have loved to e-chat with him, you know? It all started when he did this wanky video about how he wanted a utopia with no bosses and no workers, then beat the snot out of his drummer and fired him onstage for being out of it. I was like WAIT A SECOND HERE and promoted a fandom backlash and then he came on and pretend to rage-quit music. In his own words to “teach us a lesson”. There were like 14 yr old kids heartbroken over it and I lost respect for him entirely after that as he had no intention of actually quitting music. I really, really don’t like Patrick Wolf *I was never a particularly mean troll, just a wannabe internet Sasha Baron Cohen self indulgent comedian.
a) Cheese - like it, but it’s fattening.
b) Bacon - ditto
c) Chicken - only eat chicken twhich I know to be free range and organic, but can’t taste much difference between meats so tend not to eat chicken at all
d) Nutella - lovely but far too fattening.
e) Empty - this isn’t a snadwich, but just two pieces of bread
f) Other - I tend not to eat sandwiches at home. While out on the streets (delivering local election leaflets) today I ate a crab sandwich and a ham and mustard mayonaisse sandwich.

- clive on his favourite sandwiches

i’m sorry and it’s probably a bit wrong to repost this stuff but OOOO M G i’m laughing so much ahahhahahaha 

stupidhrfmichael  asked:

That fandom meme? Do the Wolfboard.

lol ok. Not that anyone who doesn’t already know what Wolfboard is would give a flying shit about this, but by way of explanation Wolfboard was the Patrick Wolf (noted electro-folk pop artist and utter utter nobber) forum I posted on intermittently between 2005 and 2010 and made lot of good pals in the process.

  • up to 5 favourite characters- (this is cruel, ok going on dramatic appeal and lulz not just who I like best as a person)  Laura (Jarvis), Obeseguy, Florence, Sibz and then I’m torn between Luke as a great antagonist and Rhianne who had the best narrative/character arc. Oh shit! and Clive, look I can’t decide ok?
  • up to 3 OTPs Meryl/Nils, erm.. Sibz/Joeb? me and Annabel? lol jk?
  • Funniest character - Joeb. Or Laura or Pony Punkle Whatever/THE BOSS aka Jonny.
  • Prettiest character-  Jade? Though a lot of competition here.
  • Most bad-ass character- 13 year old Florence.  Kitty Pryde/Arya Stark level shit.
  • Character I’d like as my BFF- a lot of you actually are.
  • Character that’s ruined my life- AnneYgerne cos nearly half a decade on I still feel slighty guilty about our weird “feud”
  • Unpopular opinion- Joshua Wynne is a cunt.

Other former wolfies on my tumblr should do this too.