anonymous asked:

if you're willing to divulge such information, then yes, looking for specifics.

Someonespenis, for starters. wolfbackpack, menver, blunderoftheboywonder (he’s a fucking babe), writingforghosts (whooooooops hahaha), gainsomegr0und, must-regroup-myself, cobraconda hahahaha, irish35, c0kane, and blandrewaxisandatlas.

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name off some cute followers, go!

cute as in “I want you all to move to a mystical island with me”, seriously like all my mutual followers. sakdskjdf, y'all seriously make my day. I love you all.

cute as in “DAMN BOY WAT U B PACKIN”, uh wolfbackpack, menver, ratherbeontheice, blunderoftheboywonder, writingforghosts, jimmyboswell, astrodiadict, artframedinflesh and blandrewaxisandatlas. I have some pretty handsome men following me. :)