Black Skies

“Our fury burns!”

These were the last words that everyone assembled for the celebration had spoke before hell was unleashed.

Nobody had really bothered to pay attention to the loud booming that was going off in the distance, thinking it was just thunder. But, we couldn’t have been more wrong…

Almost as if appearing out of nowhere, a fleet of pirate ships emerged from the fog, sailing silently across the water like death itself, coming to take every last one of us. Everyone stood there in shock, not sure what was happening. That is, until the pirates started to fire at the ships that were caught unaware out in the harbor.

It was as if an angry god had come unleashed his fury upon the ships of Thori Al'ar. A vast majority of them were destroyed within mere seconds, unable to do anything to prevent it. But, after that first volley of cannon fire, everyone aboard the Suntreader snapped back to reality, everyone was in motion at once.

Lord Revalor began shouting orders to the crew and everyone assembled, telling them to get the women off of the ship and to a safe place. He roared at the crewmen to ready the cannons to return fire. I followed him down to the deck, preparing for the pirates to board our ship. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for what happened next.

Instead of stopping just short of us, the main pirate ship crashed into our violently, throwing everyone on board off balance. Luckily, I managed to stay on my feet, and charged at the first wave of pirates that boarded the ship, catching one off guard as I drove my sword through his midsection.

I took a quick glance back to where I had seen Lord Revalor while kicking the pirates body off of my blade, noticing that he had taken a hit from something, but unable to see the source. I roared with anger and made my way over to protect him, parrying a pirate’s blow before decapitating him and then nearly cutting another in half on my way there.

I did not pay enough attention to my surroundings, as another pirate approached me from the side, stabbing at my shoulder with his slender blade. My armor absorbed much of the blow, but it did manage to penetrate it and drive roughly an inch into my shoulder. I pulled away and knocked his sword aside in one quick motion, then stabbed him in the  chest. 

It was like and endless tide was washing over us, their forces were so vast. However, we fought on, dispatching them one and two at a time. I had almost made it to Lord Revalor when a horn sounded and the enemy leader boarded the ship. I quickened my pace, parrying and slashing at the pirates on my way.

As I finally made it to Lord Revalor, I noticed that he had was injured as well. I turned my back to him, making sure to draw the attention of any approaching pirates so that they would not attack him. I swung my sword in a flurry of vicious blows, blocking the pirates attacks while my swords sliced through the enemy. I did not see one approaching me from my left, and took yet another hit, this one piercing my armor and stabbing shallowly into my ribs.

I yelled in pain, then brought one of my weapons around to slam into the trolls shoulder, embedding it within his now lifeless corpse. I pulled it free and removed the sword from my ribs, backing away from the pirates in front of me slowly while I recovered.

I could hear Lord Revalor shouting for reinforcements over the comm. I could hear screams from the shore as pirates attacked my companions there. I could still hear the enemy leader barking orders to his men. So many different sounds were going off at once, disorienting me for a second until I snapped back to reality.

I drove forward, attacking the pirates in a hope to catch them off guard, but in the middle of my attack, there was a loud bang that drowned out all other sounds. I was blinded by an explosion, then hit with the force of it, being knocked to the deck. I winced in pain as I could feel debris and shrapnel pierce my armor and body at the same time.

Then it all went black…

That is the last thing that I remembered before waking up in the hospice. I looked around, unaware of where I was. I noticed that everyone from the ceremony was there and let out a sigh of relief. It would be awhile before everyone recovered, but at least everyone was safe.

I then closed my eyes and shook my head. No, everyone was not safe. Many good soldiers were lost in the attack. many soldiers that had a long life ahead of them, died in an unexpected attack by a group that had a vendetta against the nobles.

I clenched my fists in rage, my whole body going tense. These pirates will pay. I promised myself right there that I would do everything in my power to get revenge for every soldier that was lost that day.

I will make the pirates lives a living hell….

anonymous asked:

Is it true that there has never been a reported wolf attack on a person?

No, there have been wolves attacking humans. Thing people often get confused by is the reason they believe why wolves do this.

Wild wolves are extremely shy and usually try to avoid contact with humans. They barely get into contact with humans and don’t attack humans ‘just for fun’ or anything like that. They won’t come up to you or attack you or see you as prey, unless there’s like a big famine or something.

For the rest, wolves will only attack humans if they feel threatened or can’t escape, or when they have diseases like rabies.

Though some unprovoked attacks by wolves have happened, but this is extremely rare.