The Tale of Lodane the wolf Warrior

For context : I was DMing a group of four players composed of a Paladin, a druid, a female barbarian and a female ranger. Their objective was to find the creatures that were causing trouble in a nearby village. They quickly discovered that those creatures weren’t like anything they’ve seen in the region and that their presence was not natural. Indeed, it was caused by a magic artifact that ended up recently in the forest, creating them. So they fight their way to the cave where the artifact is and they end up fighting the Alpha of the creatures…or well, they try. Because, one by one, they’re taken down to 0 hp and rendered unconscious. In the end there is only one of them left against a mid life boss and one of their offspring : Lodane, the female wolf companion of the druid

[DM] Me : [Paladin] you collapse, after you feel the claws of the beast pulled back of your chest. Your vision is blurred and slowly drifting towards the darkness of unconsciousness. You were the last of your party still holding your ground, but now, you can only pray to your Merciful God as you feel like this could be your end…

*A pause, I’m looking at all the players*

…as your fate now rest in the paws of Lodane.

Paladin : I pray to the God of Light to give strength to that canine, our last hope

DM : You hope that your god has heard your plea, before everything around you just become darkness.

Ranger (OOC) : Pffff, it’s over guys, no way this wolf is gonna do anything against the boss.

Druid (OOC) : Well she still got all of her HP.

Paladin (OOC) : Only the God of Dices can save us now…and her.

Barbarian (OOC) : It was a good run guys, we’ll just have to be more careful next time

At this point, both my players and I think it’s over, that the group is going to be wiped out, so I continue, all the while thinking about the boss and starting to wonder if I made it too hard.

Me : As she see the Paladin falling to the ground, the beast clawing at his now broken armor, the wolf stops and let go of the dead offspring’s neck…

*Roll a will dice to see what her reaction would be. Result is 18*

Me : Even if she now see you’re all to the ground, the wolf isn’t intimidated. Without hesitating, she charges the last of the offspring and jump on it, aiming for the neck of the poor thing.

*Rolls a nat 20. Rolls maximum damage.*

Me (A bit surprised) : Her jaw literally snap as her fangs easily pierces the soft skin of the creature’s neck, that dies almost instantly, it’s carotid in utter ruin, letting a quick shriek of agony. However, it’s not of the likes of the Alpha, that promptly turn around before launching it’s huge claws at Lodane.

*Rolls a 2, it’s not enough to touch the wolf*

Paladin (OOC) : Wow, my prayer actually did something?

Me : But the swing is far too slow for the wolf. She graciously avoid it before jumping on the right and jumping unto the beast back, trying to bite it.

*Rolls a nat 20, at this point the players are both stunned and laughing as I’m looking at the magic happening in front of my eyes with both surprise and amusement. Then I roll maximum damage, again.*

Barbarian (OOC) : That’s not a wolf, that’s a warrior in disguise!

Druid (OOC) : My god I didn’t know I had a pet that was more badass than me!

Paladin (OOC) : It’s a warrior? It’s a wolf? It’s both! It’s WARRIOOOOOR LODANE! ♫

Me (Having trouble continuing as I’m nearly laughing because of their reaction and those dices) : She bite the beast at top of it’s left paw, taking a good chunk of pale skin and flesh. The beast emits a deep growl of anger before trying to bite her back.

*Rolls a 8. It’s not touching. The players are going crazy as they start to chant “Warriooooor Lodane!” like a super-hero theme of the eighties. I continue, tears in my eyes.*

Me : So, to no avail, the beast tries. But Lodane is too swift, Lodane is too strong. As soon as it was going to get her, she jumps down, before immediately turning and jumping to the Beast’s neck.

*Rolls a nat 20, for the third time in a row. Now they’re just shouting and laughing while the Paladin is still chanting, louder, Warrior Lodane’s Theme. Then I roll nearly maximum damage. She just took down the boss to a few hp and she is not even scraped*

Me : Lodane’s leap at it’s neck with ferocity and might! She manages to pierce it’s skin, but it’s not enough to take down the beast that is now howling madly, making sounds straight out of nightmares. It opens it’s mouth and tries to bit at that incredibly strong wolf.

*This time, the beast rolls enough to damage Lodane, who is now taken down at 2 hp. The table gasps and they stop as I continue*

Me : Lodane tries to escape it’s fury, alas! It’s teeth sinks into the poor wolf’s hide as it swiftly swing it. Lodane rolls to the ground…slowly, she is standing up again, growling menacingly. With what strength she have left, she charges. The beast is doing the same. It’s the final clash…they run, and run, and Lodan’s jump, her jaw wide open, ready to pierce through it’s neck and into it’s throat to finish what you all and she started. 

*I roll the dice. It’s enough to touch. But I look at my players, looking at me, tense, waiting.*

Me (Not narrating) : In order to kill it, she have to do maximum damage.

*I roll the dice for the damage…it’s slowly goes and goes…and it stops. And then, it’s a little silence, a magical silence. I’m nearly crying and my forehead on the table when I’m continuing* 

Me : Okay so…okay. Lodane leaps at her prey, and her fangs finally goes through the whole thing’s throat, god, it’s a mess. Never has the forest see such fury and might inside an animal, any animal, but here she is, putting down a beast twice her size to the ground while it’s roaring in agony. The beast is shaking, for a few seconds, before she literally snap her powerful jaw. There is a cracking sound, before the beast just stops….it’s dead. Lodane let it go…and she jumps unto it’s corpse before sitting down on it, majestic as all hell, victorious…….her, the killer of beasts. Her….the Warrior.

The whole table (In an explosion of joy while I’m just here smiling with tears in my eyes, both upset at this wolf that killed my boss and utterly literally trying not to laugh or join the players) : Warrioooooooor Lodane! ♫ 

And that’s how a wolf managed to save the party from a complete wipe. After this incredible feat, they slowly came to their senses with 1 hp, looking at the carnage Lodane had done. She was looking at her druid master with wide eyes and her tail was showing signs of immense joy. Needless to say, she was treated like no other pet after that day, and she was so impressive that I gave her a boost in stats. Because now she wasn’t any wolf anymore. 

She was Lodane, the killer of beasts.

Warrior Lodane.

Lardguts being Tender. Since pride month is ending, I wanted to showcase the lardguts, Tanker and Luno, just showing there love for each other. More than likely, these 2 have had a big meal recently. Actually, the most amazing thing about this pic is the fact that the bed is still holding up there combined weight. Anyway, hope you all had a good month^^.

Mmmmmmm, tanky poo.

Yeah Luno?

How come there’s no rainbows in this pic?

I dunno. Why are you licking my Belly?

Cuz you taste like magic.

Awwwwww, fat puppy^^.

Tanky poo^^.

a list of things i think about whenever i write otayuri, part one

or, in which angel dumps all her otayuri HCs from twitter (originally here) to tumblr

  • beka has a really awkward, snorty laugh when he really gets into it; yura loves it
  • yura can actually cook; he learned from his grandfather. but he can only cook specific things. beka has a bigger repertoire of recipes.
  • beka loves playing with yura’s hair. he’ll absentmindedly braid it, or card his fingers through it, or twist it around his finger a lot
    • yura likes it when beka slicks his bangs back but likes it better when beka’s just showered, so his hair is loose and floppy and soft
  • they communicate by touch almost as much as by words. when they’re on the couch and yura has his feel propped in beka’s lap, beka will gently squeeze yura’s ankle to let him know he’s getting up; they’ll touch fingers to the back of a hand, lightly tap a shoulder.
    • when yura is anxious, beka lays a hand on the small of yura’s back to ground him; when beka is angry, yura will put a hand on his arm to calm him
    • a lot of their time together is quiet, comfortable, always touching; cuddled on the couch, tangled together in bed
  • when yura has panic attacks (bc he does, ofc he does), beka takes him gently by the wrists, presses yura’s palms to his chest so yura can steady himself to beka’s breathing and heartbeat. he doesn’t say anything, doesn’t pull any closer, just waits and is there 
    • when beka is lonely, homesick, yura cooks lamb pilaf, the only non-russian dish he can reliably make (that isn’t pasta), or they go out for shawarma and kofta. he asks otabek to tell him things about almaty, about his travels. on really bad days it’s yura who talks and talks about everything, and beka just listens and smiles, and lays his head in yura’s lap. (yura is blushing like heck; otabek thinks it’s adorable) 
  • beka is a huge sf/f nerd. yura prefers scifi to fantasy. they have 100% marathoned star wars together. yura hates the prequels; beka thinks they’re necessary to the story of darth vader/anakin skywalker. they bicker a lot about who’s the strongest force user. (nerds)
    • they have also watched lord of the rings together. yura did not cry when boromir died, what the f/ck beka, that is a LIE 
  • beka likes asking yura to listen to tracks and mixes to get his opinion or just share what he’s doing. sometimes he also plays songs on the guitar (it’s more portable than a piano), singing quietly. his voice isn’t the best, a little raspy, but it’s warm and full. yura loves it.
  • they challenge each other in skating a lot, sending each other snaps and clips of new routines, new moves. yura is angry but proud when beka nails a quad flip before he can (it’s victor’s signature move, damnit!!) but beka is so happy when yura gets his 3Lu3Lo combination

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Here’s the new international trailer for Wu JIng’s “Wolf Warrior 2″. HE had help from the Russo Brothers on this one and you can tell from the trailer that the action is a massive step up from the first film.
I’m assuming the Russos is why Frank Grillo is the lead villain too.

While there isn’t a lot of hand-to-hand stuff in the trailer, I’m still looking forward to this one as somewhat of an action-fest.

Úlfhéðnar were Viking “wolf warriors” who wore wolf skins the way Berserkers wore bear skins. Both of these types of “special forces” warriors were capable of performing feats far beyond the abilities of normal people. They were completely fearless and greatly feared because it was said they were possessed by the animal whose pelt they wore and no blade could harm them.

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Over-Protective//Scott McCall

Characters: Scott McCall, Theo Raeken, Stiles Stilinski, Reader.


Scott kisses behind your ear, smiling when your shoulders rise.

“Babe, that tickles.” You laugh as he continues his assault.

“Hey, you two.” Theo sits beside you, everyone throwing him an annoyed glance. Scott pulls you closer to him and you nuzzle into his side.

“I don’t bite.”

“History proves otherwise.” Stiles mutters and you laugh quietly.

Scott looks at Theo, almost threateningly before turning his attention back to you.

He whispers little inside jokes in your ear, making you laugh.

“You’ve really won a a prize, Scott.” Theo says, his eyes falling on you.

“What?” Scott turns to look at him.

“Y/N, she’s beautiful. You’re very lucky she’s yours.”

“She’s not mine. She’s not an object, she’s a human being.” He glares.

“Yeah, stop being so damn creepy.” Stiles looks disgusted.

“I’m simply stating the truth, isn’t that right, Y/N?”

You don’t answer, you instinctively hide behind Scott.

“Leave her alone.” Scott growls.

“Let the girl answer, Scott.” Theo continues to gaze at you.

“Scott?” You whisper.

“Yeah, I know. Come on, babe.” He takes your hand and pulls you inside.

“What the hell?” You sigh as he hugs you.

“He’s creepy, that’s all I can say to describe that.”

You look up at him and he pecks your lips, “Don’t worry about it. You’re safe.”

You sigh, “I’m always safe with you, Alpha.”

He chuckles at your pet name, “Go to class, okay? I’ll see you after school.”

“Okay. I love you.” You kiss his cheek.

“I love you too, babe.” He watches as you walk down the hallway.

You’re on your way to Scott’s locker when you’re pulled into a classroom. You start to scream but a hand covers your mouth.

“Shh..you don’t need to make this harder on yourself.” It was Theo.

he duct-tapes your mouth shut and binds your wrists and ankles with zip ties . You lick your mouth, loosening the tape from your mouth. You don’t take it off, it’s too soon. You’re soon blindfolded and thrown in what you assume is a trunk. When the blindfold is removed you’re in a bedroom, it must be Theo’s.

There’s a knock at the door. “Stay here.” He grunts before going downstairs.

You like the tape off completely and thank the Lord silently you’d worn sneakers. You bring your shoes up to your chest and tie your laces around the zip ties. You pedal your legs, the zip ties breaking from the friction. You jump up and take your shoes off, holding them as you sneak out of the room. You hear Scott’s voice.

“Where is she?” He shouts. “Stiles saw you with her!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I haven’t seen her.” Theo shrugs.

“Scott!” You scream, running down the stairs.

“Baby..” He breathes out.

The wraps his arm around your neck, putting you in a headlock. “I’ll kill her, Scott.”

“What do you want? What’s the point?”

“I want to be apart of the pack.”

You whimper and Scott steps forward.

“Not another step.”, Theo threatens.

“You can’t be in the pack. You’re crazy.” Scott shakes his head.

“Your choice.” Theo throws you down to the ground, pulling a blade from your back pocket and slicing a long strip acorns your stomach.

“Scott..” You cry out, shivering in pain.

“Get up.” Theo pulls you up by your hair.

“Now, what’s your choice?” Theo asks forcefully.

“Hand her over and we’ll talk.” Scott looks like he might cry.

“No. make a decision and she’ll either die, or she’s all yours.”

“Hand. Her. Over.” You see his eyes flash. Theo grabs you by the neck, his claw piercing your pulsing vein. You whimper, looking at Scott as he lunges for Theo. He knocks him to the ground and you’re freed, the small amount of blood coming from your throat doesn’t bother you. What bothers you is the huge gouge in your abdomen. You look down at your stomach, trying to not pass out.

Scott pushes Theo up against the wall, digging his elbow into his neck.

You black out from the pain, falling onto the ground. The last thing you remember is your name being called.

“Y/N? You awake?” You’re cradled in Scott’s arms.

“Where’s Theo?” You croak.

“Gone. God knows where.” He sighs. “Baby, I’m so sorry. This was all very..abrupt.”

“It’s not your fault, Scott…can you-…can you call an ambulance?”

“Already on the way.” He kisses your forehead. “I love you. I promise to not let another bad thing to happen to you.”

“I love you too, Scott.”

“You’re my baby, I can’t…I can’t let anyone hurt you again.” He looks miserable.

“Don’t blame yourself.”

“Who am I supposed to blame then?”

“Never you. You can’t control what other people do. You can only control your reaction.”

“Wise even when you’re bleeding from two large gaping wounds..” He chuckles. “My little warrior.”