Wolf pup playing at the San Diego Zoo

A playful two-month-old grey wolf pup is spending time in the Children’s Zoo nursery at the San Diego Zoo. The 23-pound pup, named Shadow, is in the process of completing a 30-day quarantine, after which he will live at Wegeforth Bowl and serve as an ambassador for his species. 

Animal care staff members are introducing Shadow to various smells and sights, which will help prepare him for his new role as an animal ambassador. Keepers working with Shadow will give him items such as ficus browse to smell and chew, ice cubes to chase around or cardboard boxes to climb on. The young wolf can also see guests visiting him at the nursery, which keepers say is also beneficial.

“He sees people in the window when they come by to visit; these things are all new and interesting to him. You’ll see him key in on something and really get in tune with it,” said Kim Weibel, senior keeper of veterinary services at the San Diego Zoo. “That’s a neat thing with wolves, the way they tune into things; they are very intelligent,” Weibel said.


This Season on Teen Wolf - Season 6A (1080p HD)


Favorite female villains in video games.


You were sat in front of the TV with your parents and there was a loud crash coming from your room.

“What was that?“your dad said getting up to go and check.

“That was Stiles, and my queue to leave"you smiled as you rushed up the stairs to see your boyfriend.

"Tell him to use the door next time, he does have his own key"your mom called after you.

Your dad looked at your mom with confusion plastered on his face.

"Stiles has a key? I don’t even have my own key"your dad said.


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“People like us get forgotten all the time. The Crooked Man was counting on that. When we suffer, we do it in silence. And the world likes it that way. We just… fade. Like we never existed. I couldn’t watch that happen to Faith. Or Lily. Nobody cares about us.”