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Whats your header picture from its really pretty and aaaaa,and now for some reason I feel awkward for asking

hahah no dont worry! It’s from the movie Wolf Children and I think it’s one of the best animations I’ve ever seen. It’s beautifully made and the characters are so real and the story is so sweet and enriching. I mean look at this:

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I 11/10 recommend this movie to everyone. :D

Artists Needed for Animation Project

What is Wolf?

Wolf is a traditionally animated movie currently in production.

Who is making this movie?

Everyone and anyone! We’re internet-based, so we have volunteers from all over the world helping us. Our goal is help interested ones interested in animation get real world experience in the field. So you don’t even have to have a resume! If you have the skills, you can work for us!

Why are you making this movie?

It is part of our mission to promote wolves in a more natural and positive light. Wolves have rarely been given a positive role in films, literature, and art, and we hope to have the opportunity to fill that gap. Seriously, how many movies can you name where the wolves were not the bad guys?

Lastly, we want to keep traditional animation alive. Our goal for the animation style of this film is to go back to the ‘roots’ of American animation. We believe the heart of animation is in the story.

I have family/work/school so I can’t help you

So do we! Many of us have other obligations ourselves. So we totally understand! As volunteers, we understand that not everyone can work on this all day every day 365 days a year. We will never ask you to put Wolf before your family and personal life. School and work always come first!

Do you have any completed clips you can share?

Yes! Check out our Youtube page or here on our Tumblr.

How can I help / What do you need?

We need animators, effects animators, background and layout artists most of all, but we can always use inkers and colorists! To learn more about how to apply for these positions and what they are, please go here

I can’t draw very well but I still want to help, so how can I do that?

By spreading the word about us, first and foremost! We also sell some merchandise to help cover the cost of our website hosting. The link for that is here. We have also released a prequel of sorts in the form of a paperback book, which you can gladly order off of Amazon. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! If we don’t have artists the project cannot continue and will take even longer to make. So please reblog this and spread the word!


Trailer: Wolf Totem / Le Dernier Loup (2015)

Based on the semiautobiographical Chinese novel “Wolf Totem” by Lu Jiamin.

“In 1967, a young Beijing student, Chen Zhen, is sent to live among the nomadic herdsmen of Inner Mongolia. Caught between the advance of civilization from the south and the nomads’ traditional enemies - the marauding wolves - to the north; humans and animals, residents and invaders alike, struggle to find their true place in the world.”

In the movie, Chen Zhen steals a wolf cub and raises it, against the wishes of the Mongolian nomad community he lives with. Over the course of the movie, as he bonds with the cub, he watches helplessly as it becomes more and more uncontrollable, its nature impossible to tame.

Director Jean-Jacques Annaud had experience filming with animals in his previous films The Bear (1988) and Two Brothers (2004), working with bears and tigers respectively. He said dogs were traditionally used to depict wolves in film (not true, by the way), but that he sought to use actual wolves to show authentically their hunting method. So the filmmakers used real Eurasian wolves (Canis lupus lupus) for the film, who were raised by one of Britain’s foremost animal trainers, Andrew Simpson. Four bases were built in Inner Mongolia and in Beijing for raising and training the wolves. The wolves were trained for over four years to be used in the film. I don’t know what happened with the wolves after finishing the film, and I don’t really know what to think of these wolves being raised in captivity just (?) for the purpose of shooting a film since I can’t really find any information on what and how, hmm.

IMDb: Films about/with wolves - a list by ashes_94
Only feature films. (no horrors/thillers, no animated productions, no documentaries and no werewolf or dog films) Feel free to tell me if I missed any titles. I'm forever seeking more movies to add here :) ***you have to keep in mind that in part of these films wolfdogs or even dogs play the role of wolves***

List of movies about or with wolves