Matt Brown: One Shot: Pt 2

When the boat arrives at Brown Town Matt lets go of you and howls like a wolf. You jump a little. Gabe and Bam join in with Matt. You start to laugh uncontrollably. Matt looks at you and starts to laugh too. He loved your laugh. It was honestly not a cute laugh but oh so sincere. Your laugh slows and you smile at him and say, “Do you always do that?! I nearly jumped out of my boots?!”

“Haha! Yeah. It’s kind of a family thing. We howl like a wolf pack. Here let me help out off the boat.”

He jumps off the boat to the skiff obviously trying to impress you. After your giggle fit you feel comfortable enough to tease, “Oh look at you wolf man!”

Matt just smiles because he was indeed trying to make an impression. Bam and Gabe hop in the skiff and Matt takes off right away. It is very loud but you can barely hear Matt singing a little tune. You can’t quite make it out but it makes your heart melt anyways.

“This is it. Brown Town.” says Bam.

“I think you’re really gonna like it here. I think we are having crab tonight. Do you like crab?” Gabe says genuinely interested.

“Uh, I do actually.” You say. But food was the last thing on your mind. You looked at Matt for help out of the skiff.

He took every chance he had to touch you so he lifted out right out of there. He held your hand longer than needed but you didn’t mind.

You walk into the warm cabbin and see the rest of the family preparing dinner. Matt introduces you to each of them. They instantly love you. “You speak to the group generally and say, "Hey y'all got a real nice set up. And such a loving family. What a nice picture.”

Billy chuckles, “Hey missy, we do what we can. It’s hard-yeah. But boy do we love it out here.”

Matt takes you aside and invites you to see his cabin. You walk though the muddy woods to the pile of tires. “And here we are at my place. Tirehouse. Tire shack. Well, still working on a name but would you like to come in?” You nodd and he leads you by the hand and doesn’t let go this time.

“Wow. How cozy. You built this whole thing out of tires?” You say.

“Yeah. I got them from my buddy Kenny at the dump. It’s one of the best places. I should take you there sometime.” He said this with a glimmer of hope in his eye that you would be willing to see him again.

“Oh, okay. Sure! Never been to a dump. I love thrift shops. How different can it be? Old things people no longer need but someone else will love.”

Matt hears you say this and knows he’s found a good one. He cant stop himself and suprises you with a kiss on the side of your mouth. You step back and blink a few times trying not only to prosess what just occured but also try to stay standing up. His lips were soft and his body was so warm. Butterflies rush though you. His heart beats hard and fast in his chest. He is a bit worried by the look on your face.

Your hand is still in his and you pull him closer making him push you into a wall. His body pressed to yours. He is so warm. He looks down at your body pressed so closly to his. He smirks but tries to hide it. You smile and he looks up. You kiss him hard on the mouth. Matt runs his hands along the sides of your body. Starting from your neck all the way to your hips. He takes his time kissing you before the two of you come up for air. “Where have you been?!” He asked before kissing you a little more passionately.

You knew the family would wonder where the two of you were and that if you didn’t return soon they would know what was happening. But you couldn’t stop yourself. He was the right kind of rough. You ran your fingers through the silver curls. He shivered as the two of you fell on to the bed.

Slowly he undressed you and you the same to him. It was cold so he covered the two of you with a large soft blanket. His kiss so soft and touch so rough. You laid there making the sweetest noises that drove him up the wall. Ecstasy is the last feeling you remember before falling into a deep sleep.

You woke the next day with his hands in your hair. You rolled over and smiled at him. He smiled back and kissed you on the forehead.

(To be continued)

Colton was on his way as he helped Jer to pin point him on the map where he was to go find him. As soon as he turned, he spotted him and couldn’t help but just smile to himself as he then felt his wolf almost just jump for joy as well and he didn’t understand it. Pushing that aside, he laughed as he pulled down the window to his black 2016 camaro. “Get in loser, we’re going shopping.”

[That’s definitely Stiles texting Derek. Here, have a fic.]


Derek gets the text whilst three thousand miles away helping Cora move into her new house with her new boyfriend-slash-fiancé.

He almost drops his phone twice on his rush to get it, making Cora snort and then bend her fingers into a heart shape and wink at him.

I have good news and bad news.”

Oh, god.” Derek mutters under his breath, his mind coming up with the most ridiculous ideas to try and explain what is happening in Beacon Hills, now.

“Maybe he’s leaving you.” Cora laughs, looming over his shoulder to read the text. “Or maybe he’s got a promotion. Oh, oh, maybe both!”

“Shut up.” Derek grits out.

His sister snorts again. “Stop freaking out.” She pats his back. “And finish this, we need to unpack the bedroom still.”

“I’ve got it!” They hear Seth yell from upstairs, followed by a curse and then something falling to the floor.

“That better not be my vases!” Cora shouts back, rushing to the door to join her boyfriend.

Derek can’t help but smile at the familiar bantering, glad that his sister was able to find someone that makes her happy like Stiles makes him. He glances down at his own phone, shakes his head fondly. Three days. Three days and he misses him like crazy.

Bad news first”, he texts back.

The answer comes not two minutes later.

Our son made a mess in the sink.”

This time Derek does drop his phone.

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