wolf whistles loudly

bts reacts: you get cat called

anon asked: ooo i loved your last post so how about bts reactions to their s/o getting cat called/whistled at/honked at? much love xoxo

ayeee i’m glad you liked it! :)) h e r e  w e  g o

note: I try to keep these gender neutral where I can, but sometimes I slip into female pronouns out of habit. 💕

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suga: okay but just imagine if the two of you were walking by, and there was just a group of teenagers all wolf whistling obnoxiously loudly, and yoongi just looks around, as if he’s checking that it’s definitely you they’re reacting to, and then when he deduced that it is, he just glares. like, full on, stone cold glaring. the whistling would soon stop, because if looks could kill, they would all be more or less dead.

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hoseok: he would definitely be mad. he’d grasp your hand extremely tight, like it was some sort of lifeline, and power walk, each step the length of two normal ones, and then in a voice lower than usual, so low it was practically a growl, would say something like “you see? that’s why i don’t like letting you out on your own.”

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 namjoon: he’d kind of just stop walking. he wouldn’t fight them, as if not to make a scene, but he’d stand there and just say, “seriously? don’t you think that’s a little disrespectful?” he’d take your hand and make sure you walked away without giving them a second thought.

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 seokjin: jin would be ready to fight, honestly. he’d definitely be like namjoon in the sense that he thought the whole concept of it was wrong, to call anyone something  such as the things those men had been shouting after you, especially in the streets and to  a complete stranger of all things, but in the end he would tut and walk the two of you away.

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 jungkook: he’d kind of just stop walking, dead in his tracks, and give them a look that plainly said, “what the fuck?” he wouldn’t vocalise his opinion until they were nearly out of earshot, he’d just pull you a little closer and make sure that they were certain to never do that again. “she’s not an animal, you know.”

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jimin: again, he’d be calm and collected on the outside, but on the inside, probably fucking fuming. “really? i’m right here, can you not see me?” like yoongi, he’d make a not so subtle point of holding you around the waist and getting away, while saying something along the lines of some sentence that was almost incomprehensible, “what makes them think they’re allowed to treat someone like that?”

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 taehyung: from the moment that he heard it, he would peer at them with confused, squinted eyes, slightly dark with annoyance and anger. he’d start walking faster, and as soon as you were out of their way, would curse under his breath, and grumble about it for quite a while afterwards. “they’re all dickheads, honestly.”

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hi i hope you liked that even though my writing is getting progressively worse

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game, set, match. by @ananbeth and @blackjacktheboss
the epilogue 

Six seconds later, they still have their arms around each other, smiling too much for this to be considered kissing any more. Someone to their left wolf whistles particularly loudly and Percy can’t pretend that they’re not making out in front of thousands of people anymore. He breaks away from Annabeth and holds onto her hands instead as they both gaze around at the still erupting crowd.
This is for him. All of this noise and fuss and happiness. It’s for him.
He’s not sure when it will sink in.
Maybe later, after he’s held that trophy, or after he’s given his press interview, or after he’s gone back to his hotel room and slept for several uninterrupted hours.
Maybe then. But for now, he looks at the love of his life and holds her face in his hands, thinking that he’s holding the whole universe between his palms, and he kisses her again.
Because he can now, and that’s possibly better than any trophy in the world.

Sole Was a Singer Pre-War...

And They Sing For The Companions.

Cait: “Ye can sing? Well, well. Put on a show for me,” Cait lazily slouched back on the couch with a smirk on her face as Sole stood up. Sole walked over to the radio and switched it on, turning it up before spinning around to face Cait. Cait wolf whistled as Sole sang loudly, swaying along to the music blasting through the speakers of the radio.

“That was definitely something Sole, do you take requests? Because I could listen to ye all day.”

Curie: Curie clapped her hands in excitement as Sole turned the radio up, reaching out their hand to Curie. Sole pulled Curie close to their chest, pulling her along in a slow dance as they sang a ballad to her. Curie giggled as Sole dipped her over, winking, before pulling her back up.

“That was wonderful madam/ monsieur, your voice is memorising, I haven’t heard anything like it.”

Danse: “You want me to sing for you?” Sole asked with a raised eyebrow as they watched a sheepish Danse rub the back of his neck with the palm of his hand.

“Yea- I- uh, I heard you earlier and I thought you might-”

A smile played on Sole’s lips as they guided Danse over to a chair and pushed him onto it. A blush crept across his cheeks as Sole provocatively danced whilst singing, their eyes fixed on Danse’s the entire time.

Danse stared eyes wide, “Your voice is amazing, very well done, soldier,” Danse said before getting up and nodding, ‘excusing himself.’

Deacon: “A little birdy told me we have a star in the house,” Deacon said, nearly making Sole jump out of their skin. He really was good at sneaking. He pulled out an old holotape from behind his back.

“Where did you find this?” Sole asked, running their fingers over their picture and name on the sleeve of the holotape.

“How about a live concert as a reward for finding such a treasure?” Deacon said mischievously wagging his eyebrows. Sole laughed and Deacon took it as a yes, taking out the tape and putting it in the player in Sole’s room.

Sole laughed as they sang, watching as Deacon pretending to play the guitar, head banging and making ‘guitar faces’.

“I think we’d make a great band, your wonderful voice, my expert guitar skills, we’d sell out in seconds.”

Hancock: When Hancock had learned that Sole was a singer he’d desperately wanted to hear their voice.

“It’s just going to be us tonight,” Hancock said as he walked, hand in hand, with Sole down into the Third Rail. Sole’s eyes went wide as they took in their surroundings, twinkle lights and Candles littered the room.

“You did this for me?” Sole asked to which Hancock nodded, a grin stretched across his face.

“Now all we need is the talent,” He winked and Sole laughed, walking over to where Magnolia usually performed. Hancock watched with loving eyes as Sole sang, smiling in between choruses. Sole’s voice was even more beautiful then Hancock could have ever imagined.

“That was breath-taking,” Hancock took Sole’s hand and lead them over to a table, where he’d prepared dinner, for the night was far from over.

MacCready: “Oh Come on. Your voice is amazing, sing for me,” MacCready whined, running his fingers down Sole’s leg as they straddled his lap. Sole covered their face with their hands, blushing. Sole sang quietly through their hands but MacCready grabbed their hands and moved them, pinning them to Sole’s sides.

A smile spread across MacCready’s face as Sole sang softly, avoiding eye contact with him completely.

“You don’t need to be shy, anyone who doesn’t appreciate singing like that, is crazy.”

Piper: “I definitely need to write a story about this,” Piper said jokingly as Sole told them about their career before the war, being a singer, “well go on, you can’t just say it without showing me,”

“You really want to hear me?” Sole asked and Piper nodded, rubbing her hands together in enthusiasm. Sole leaned back on the couch next to Piper, taking a deep breath before singing, their heart fluttering as Piper smiled.

“What do you think of this: The singer out of time. Ooo, maybe Vadim will hire you and then everyone could hear your pre-war singing voice.”

Preston: “Would you look at that,” Sole said, beaming brightly as they noticed an intact guitar. They looked over at Preston who was scavenging for aluminium. Preston stopped what he was doing, looking over at Sole who was singing lightly, strumming their guitar, before stopping and tuning it, then continuing.

Sole hadn’t realised Preston watching them and was surprised when they noticed him looking at them. He was smiling from ear to ear.

“Is there anything you can’t do? That was exquisite.”

X6-88: Sole had maybe had a little too much to drink, much to X6’s dismay. He practically face-palmed when Sole stepped up onto the bed, jumping and singing loudly, pointing at X6 as they sang, directing the lyrics at him. Sole tried to reach for X6 but he stepped back, watching with wide eyes as Sole nearly fell off the bed.

“That was surprisingly lovely mam/sir, inappropriate but lovely. Next time, stay off the table.”

Prompt for @lovelyluthor, ‘I’m always a hoe for “turtlenecks in the summer to cover up hickeys”’

If anyone asked her, Kim would stand by her words that it was all Trini’s fault. That is to say, she didn’t regret anything that had happened up until then, but the fact remained that the consequences were inconvenient, uncomfortable and altogether undesirable.

Kim was hot. Like, really hot. The fact that it was summer and Angel Grove was one day into the projected heatwave was only exacerbated by the fact that she was currently wearing a heavy, black knit turtleneck. In June.

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omg I have a perfect one shot idea. How about where reader x luke just got newly engaged and the team took them both out to celebrate since they both work in the bau together and of course they got shit faced, and the next day Luke's parents find out and surprise them both at luke' s place and his parents kind of low-key pick on then as they both look hungover af and his mother notices a hickey on readers neck from late night activities and makes a comment about it. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Late-Night Celebrations

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request

Description: The only way to celebrate your engagement was by drinking far too much and stumbling into bed with your fiancé. What you hadn’t planned on was a surprise visit from his parents…

Thank you so much for the genius that was this prompt! Enjoy <3

A loud bang echoed around the apartment as you and Luke came bursting through the front the door, giggling stupidly at your own drunken foolishness. You had both definitely had too much to drink, the room spinning slightly as you stumbled towards the living room.

You should have known better because the last time you had drank this much, the following morning had been one of the worst of your life. Alcohol wasn’t worth the painful hangover. Sadly, the rational truth of that statement had been lost entirely as Garcia pushed shot after shot into your eager hands.

In your defence, it wasn’t every day you got engaged to the love of your life.

It had been an unexpected proposal, Luke ending up blurting out his confession in the middle of dinner. He insisted that he had a big gesture planned, but he had been too nervous to wait to pop the question. You found it incredibly sweet that he couldn’t wait to ask, touched that he was too excited about spending the rest of his life with you to wait until after desert.

After all, who really cared about cake sparklers?

Following your acceptance, there had only been one thing left to do – celebrate with the rest of your team. It seemed as if your fellow profilers knew about Luke’s plan all along, already waiting at the bar to delightedly toast your engagement.

The knowing smiles they had exchanged all day suddenly made sense as they explained that your fiancé had confided his secret in them last month.

Having them share in your happiness was the most incredible thing. They were some of the most important people in both of your lives and it meant a lot to have their blessings. Therefore, it only seemed right to commemorate the occasion with plenty of drinks.

Rossi had insisted on paying the bar tab as an early engagement present, meaning that the alcohol supply never ran dry all night. Perhaps you would curse his generosity in the morning, but it had guaranteed a fabulous night for everyone – especially you and Luke.

Neither of you could even remember a time when you had laughed so loudly or smiled so brightly. Just being able to celebrate with everyone meant a lot. The BAU had been through a lot and it was incredible to be able to build joyful moments together. It felt as if, despite the darkness of the past, there was hope for the future.  

Everyone felt overjoyed that the two of you had found happiness together. They had always known that you were meant to be, or so they claimed. Having been there since the start of your relationship, they knew that you both deserved one another entirely.

Although, they still managed to lower the tone of the evening - wolf whistling and cheering loudly every time you and Luke held hands or kissed. They might have had a point given that you had a tendency to be quite affectionate after a few drinks.

But, you still felt slightly embarrassed as they caught Luke’s hand wandering up your leg under the table.

Their suggestive comments had forced the two of you to finally disappear home in the early hours of the morning. There was only so much teasing you could take, especially with Rossi chipping in with inappropriate comments about how you should ‘celebrate the night properly’.

You wouldn’t be telling him that you had decided to take his advice.

A loud crash made you jump. You burst out laughing as you turned around to see Luke having tripped over one of Roxy’s toys. Drunk Luke was one of your favourite sights because it was in such contrast to his usual calm and composed self.

It was hard to believe that a former ranger could trip over a squeaky mouse.

“Don’t laugh.” He told you jokingly, chuckling warmly himself as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

You smiled softly as he nuzzled your neck affectionately, his fingers lacing through yours as he gently traced the beautiful metal band he had placed there earlier. A flutter of excitement stirred in your heart as you proudly admired the sight of the ring sat on your finger.

It was the sentimentality behind it that made it even more special, with Luke having received it from his own parents. He had been overjoyed to tell you that they were both thrilled by his decision, exclaiming their delight at his choice in bride.

Apparently, his mother had seen it coming since the first time he had brought you home.

Your thoughts were distracted as you felt Luke’s hot breath against your neck, a soft moan escaping your lips as he peppered your skin with urgent kisses. Encouraged by your reaction, his hands quickly dropped to hungrily roam your body.

“Luke!” You squealed in surprise as a hand suddenly delved beneath your dress, tracing the expanse of your inner thigh.

He let out a stifled chuckle against your neck. “What? My fiancé’s irresistible.”

The sound of the word on his lips made your heart burst with pride, providing him with the perfect distraction to intensify his ministrations.

A loud gasp of pleasure escaped your lips as his teeth grazed against your neck. It would probably leave bruises, but as Luke guided you into the bedroom you didn’t care.

All you wanted to do was enjoy some late-night celebrations with your new fiancé.

It was as the sun shone brightly through the window the next morning that you knew you had made a terrible mistake. A loud groan falling from your lips as the pain shot through your head.

You were hungover.

Luke shuffled slightly next to you at the disturbance, prompting you to try to squirm free of his tight grasp around your waist. You loved being close to him, but his warmth was only making you feel queasier as the alcohol began to take its toll.

Shots were always a bad idea.

Your movement stirred Luke awake. A soft grunt echoing around the room as he rubbed his face in confusion. All it took was once glance at his pained expression to realise that he too was suffering from a hangover.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt this bad before.” He groaned quietly, throwing his head back into the plump pillows as he gazed at your pathetic form.

He might had felt rough, but you definitely seemed to be suffering the worst as you lay curled up motionless in the sheets. It was as if the entire room was filled with regret as the two of you tried to make sense of your stupid decision to accept another bottle of champagne from Rossi.

You could only moan in agreement at his words, prompting Luke to outstretch a hand to lightly trace soothing circles on your exposed hip – with the intention of helping you feel a little bit better. The gesture was sweet considering he too wasn’t feeling great.

Fortunately for him, he would be fine after a greasy breakfast. The thought of which was causing you to feel increasingly nauseous. You deeply envied Luke’s ability to be able to even fathom the idea of food during a hangover because you physically couldn’t move from your spot in bed.

A loud knock echoed through the apartment, causing Roxy to bark deafeningly.

A whine of pain fell from your lips as you buried your head in the pillows, hoping to ease the pounding. Your arm flew out to hit Luke’s chest lightly as you gestured for him to make the noise stop.

He only chuckled softly. “I see how it is. The rest of my life will just be you ordering me around.” He joked teasingly, clearly amused by the state you were in.

Your mumble of agreement was muffled by the pillows as you continued to cradle your head protectively.

“Only for you.” He sighed softly, pressing a tender kiss on top of your head as you heard him reach towards the end of the bed for the pants you had hastily torn off him last night.

If you weren’t in such a poor state, you probably would have admired the sight of your fiancé’s impressive physique as he pulled on his sweats. But, even the temptation of his sculpted chest couldn’t entice you to move from your position.

A moment of blissful peace followed as you heard him shuffle towards the door. However, your joy was abruptly stolen as you heard the familiar sound of his mother’s voice.

Terror flooded through you as you realised the situation you were in. His parents were lovely, but it was too embarrassing for them to find you grossly hungover and lying in bed.

Despite your body screaming in protest, you leapt up from bed to grab your dressing gown – fighting off the dizziness as you swiftly pulled your hair back from your face. There wasn’t much you could do about your awful appearance, but you could at least try to look a tad presentable.

The apartment was still spinning as you stumbled into the hallway, trying to subtly use the walls as support as you approached them. You had to bite back the pained groan that threatened to escape as they both engulfed you in a warm embrace, kissing your cheek as they congratulated you on the happy news.

The knowing grin on Luke’s face told you that he knew exactly how much you were suffering.

You smiled brightly and nodded politely as they gushed excitedly, but the entire time you were solely focused on not throwing up in front of your future in-laws.

It would definitely not the best start to an engagement.

“I can’t believe my little boy is going to be married.” His mom cooed, pinching Luke’s cheek affectionately.

The responding scowl on his face caused all of you to laugh at his expense.

It was clear that his parents knew you were both completely hungover because there was a playful glint in their eyes as they examined the two of you.

Luke’s dad reached out to clap him on the back sympathetically.

“Look at the state of you, Luke.” He complained, gesturing to his scruffy curls and appalling attire. “You still haven’t learnt your lesson when it comes to drinking son.”

Despite fighting off your own queasiness, a smug grin spread across your face as his parents began to lecture him on the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. Mistakenly, you decided to join in the teasing.

“Yeah, listen to your parents Luke.” You told him, smirking as he glowered at you in mock anger.

However, the smile soon faded from your face as you noticed both his parents gazing at you in shock.

Confusion filled your face as you took in their surprised, yet bemused expressions. There was a knowing grin on his mom’s face and you could tell that his dad was desperately trying to hold in his laughter.

“Well, we can tell that the two of you enjoyed your celebrations.” His mom murmured softly, gesturing towards your neck.

Horror swept through you as your fingers traced the bruise on your neck. In your haste to greet them, you had completely forgotten about the marks Luke had left all over your body last night.

His dad couldn’t contain himself anymore, letting out a bark of laughter as he hit Luke playfully on his arm.

“Late night, son?”

Your fiancé at least at the decency to look slightly embarrassed at the situation, a blush creeping across his cheeks as he coughed nervously. However, as he glanced over at you mortified expression, he couldn’t hold back the laughter.

You were going to kill him.

You’re the Celebration Tonight

Genre: Extreme fluff (as asked)

Pairing: JK x Reader

Words: 2068

A/N: This was funny because I couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since I got the ask :D So here it is finally RIPIP. Requests are open!

“No, don’t go”

“But I have to, I must.”

“Does it have to be this way?”

“I’m afraid it must. This is my purpose in life and death.”

“Do you really have to go? I love you…” He said, his chin tucked into his neck so his voice came out deep, serious and sombre

“But I have to go. We knew we wouldn’t ever be able to be together… You must let me go.” He raised his neck and spoke in a comically high voice

Switching back to tucking his chin in, he speaks again, “It doesn’t have to be this way… Just run away with me and everything will be fine. Nobody will even realise we’re gone.” He spoke with a pleading voice, clearing his throat midway, before his head moved backwards to stretch his neck. His veins peeked out as his voice rose even higher as he mock-screamed, “But it is my duty, please understand! Let me go, this is impossible!”

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Momo has a protection squad, and she’s totally unaware of it.

It starts as it mainly being her little study troop. They’re super grateful and loving of their Yaomomo so when they hear treacherous things being said about her, they have to defend her honor ok.

It then starts to grow to the entire class (minus the grape head. Srsly who is he)

Ochako asks Yaomomo to go shopping with her, because Momo’s got the best sense of style and she’s in need of an outfit. While shopping they pass a group of boys and they wolf whistle and start talking loudly, mainly about Momo. “Damn, check out her rack tho! And that ass” Momo was too busy talking, but it just freaking irks Ochako because Momo is a freaking innocent ray of sunshine how dare they!?! They end up passing the group again and she ends up “accidentally” bumping into the main pervert. Her hand pats his shoulder as she apologizes. She joins Momo, who’s tilted her head to the side like an adorable puppy, and she laughs and they keep walking. Momo doesn’t seem to notice the screams coming from the floating male in the background but Ochako does and she relishes it.

Todoroki has never had a problem with Momo’s costume. Like her, and most of the class, he see her exposure as practicality. The girl needs surface area to work with for her quirk. He finally sees the problem after a quick practice patrol around town. There’s countless of males gawking, whistling, and saying lewd things. He glances at his partner, and there’s no reaction from her that he can see, and she’s usually very expressive so he takes it as obliviousness at first. As they keep walking, he grows tired of the men and he turns to glare at them sends a frosty wave at them in warning. They scurry and he wonders how the girl feels about this. She’s not as aloof to not notice her surroundings. She’s probably used to it, he thinks, feeling disgusted on her behalf.

The class tag team/take turns when they all go out together. Asui has tripped people over with her tongue, Denki has sent harmless jolts of electricity at others, Sero has bound people with his tape. The funniest to this day has to be when Aoyama hit on the guy saying the same lewd things sending the dude running. But the most memorable is Bakugou because Momo actually had to intervene before he tore their asses apart, Iida had suddenly gone blind or something because he was letting it happen, which saddened Mina because she was so ready to rumble.


part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9 (you are here), based on @skygemspeaks‘s prompt

While he wouldn’t say they’re the worst things that he has to deal with, Kenma would definitely say that training camps rank within the top three. Maybe five, now that he’s finally aware of how they work. But they’re still up there with concerts (too loud, to many people, too many lights) and class presentations (too many eyes, all on him, watching his every move) with his worst experiences. Still, he goes because he has to go for the team, and he has to be on the team for Kuro.

And… maybe he wants to play against Shouyou again.

He sleeps through most of the bus ride to the camp, with Kuro’s arm around his shoulders and his headphones in to drown out the noise. When the bus stops and he’s forced to wake up, he takes a mental note. Yellow. Not bad, the best he could ask for, all things considered. He doubts, as he drops off his bag and heads to the gym, that he’ll be green all week. He goes with the team to warm up in the gym, still thinking.

I wonder when Karasuno and Fukurodani are going to–



Well, there’s one, he thinks, shaking his head fondly. Kuro and Bokuto are idiots, but at least they’re loveable idiots. While they do their dumb (they know it’s dumb) “bro ritual” hello, he heads over to Taketora to start warming up.

About a half an hour later, Karasuno arrives… quietly. Kenma only even looks up because he catches a glimpse of their senior setter’s unmistakable hair.

“Where’s Shouyou?” he wonders quietly, not meaning to be heard.

Taketora apparently heard some kind of news about him and the scary setter needing to take supplementary exams, and Kenma lets out a quiet “oh” in response because apparently, even monsters like Shouyou and his setter are human.

It’s only after they’ve started drills that Kenma notices Lev sitting on the bench, staring intensely at the Karasuno third years, who look mildly uncomfortable.

That’s right, they haven’t met him yet.

“Lev,” he says, only raising his voice enough to get the boy’s attention.

Lev’s eyes snap over to him instantly and Kenma holds out a volleyball with both hands in a silent offer to toss to him. He almost winces at the brightness of Lev’s answering smile.

About an hour later, the door slams open and then people are yelling. Kenma can only be grateful that the ball is in his hands now, and that his flinch doesn’t cause him to mess up a toss. Once he gets over his initial shock though, he glances at the door. Sure enough, there’s Shouyou, right next to his terrifying setter.

Everything after that is a bit of a blur for a while. They play a few practice games, and Kenma curses the fact that he and the first years are still a bit off in their timing, because it costs them the second set in one game, which means more diving drills. They’re nothing they aren’t used to; after all, Nekoma is only famous for its receiving. That doesn’t mean that Kenma likes expending energy to throw himself onto the ground a hundred times.

Still, he supposes he doesn’t have it as bad as Karasuno, who seems to be losing every single one of their games.

They make it to dinner without incident, Kenma sticking close to Kuro’s side the way he always does during these camps. Kuro is a lot of things, but charismatic isn’t one of them; people tend to avoid him. And if the price of avoiding strangers is having to deal with Bokuto and, surprisingly, Lev, then it’s a price that Kenma is more than willing to pay. Besides, where Bokuto goes, Akaashi tends to follow, and he’s not bad company at all.

Around his third or fourth plate of food (Kenma would wonder where he puts it all, but with people that size he never really can tell), Lev gets up to go to the bathroom. As soon as he’s out of sight, Kuro looks at Kenma, an oddly intent look on his face.

“Have you noticed him acting… weird?”

And… oh. So he wasn’t the only one noticing. Kenma nods, glad that it wasn’t all in his head this time. Lev has been himself for most of the day, but even on the court there were a few instances when his enthusiasm waned today. It threw off their rhythm, but only slightly; Kenma thought he’d been the only one to notice, but he should have known. Kuro is a pretty observant guy.

Now that he thinks about it, though… Lev was at his worst today when they were up against Shinzen. He wrote it off originally as not knowing how to deal with their famous combo attacks, but that can’t be all it is.

A quick glance around their immediate area confirms his suspicions. Shinzen seems to have finished their diving drills for the moment, and is sitting down as a group at the table next to them. For once in his life, Kenma stares, combatting his unease with his PSP.

They’re nothing special. At least, not that he can tell.

But then the captain– Shouyou had called him… Broccoli Head? It’s fitting, Kenma admits –catches him staring, and grins back. As it happens, he’s sitting closest to Bokuto, which puts him right within Kenma’s field of vision.

And, apparently, within earshot. “You’re a hell of a setter, you know.”

Something about him really doesn’t sit right. Kenma averts his eyes to his game again, hoping the guy will take the hint.

He doesn’t. “You’ve gotta be, to use that freak’s height so well.”

It’s not the first time Lev has been called a freak. Hell, the team’s called him that more than a few times, because he really is freakishly tall for a first year. But this guy’s voice is completely devoid of the affection their teammates have.

Kenma pauses his game and looks up at the guy again, blinking in a way that conveys his confusion. He doesn’t really want to talk to him any more than he has to. Doesn’t think he really can.

“He’s always been weirdly tall, you know, even in middle school. Just never knew what to do with it because no one wanted to be around him.” Luckily or unluckily, this guy seems to be doing enough talking for the both of them. For all of them, actually; Bokuto, Akaashi, and Kuro have all stopped to listen. “I’m amazed you can actually put up with him, you’re such a quiet dude.”

Oh, wow. He’s disliking this guy more and more, and he’s not the only one. Bokuto looks uncharacteristically somber, and Kuro has tensed up beside him. Out the corner of his eye, he sees a flash of silver hair hovering by the door (and he knows Karasuno is still doing drills so there’s only one person it could be).

“He’s so loud, you know? Can’t take a hint to save his life, and add that to the thing with his dads–” He spits the word out like venom and keeps talking, but Kenma’s done listening. He won’t allow it to continue.

Kenma can hear his own pulse and he knows he’s going to have to have a proper freakout about this later, but he ignores it in favor of pulling Kuro down to eye level with him and planting a firm kiss on his lips. Kenma is 99% sure that Bokuto wasn’t aware that was a cue, but he takes it anyway, wolf whistling and whoop-ing loudly enough to get the entire room’s attention and start a chain reaction of cheers that don’t die down for a long moment.

He’s trembling when he pulls away, but the shaking doesn’t reach his voice when he speaks. “I don’t put up with him. All of my friends are loud and can’t take a hint. But none of them are you, so I think I’m doing pretty well for myself.”

Kenma thinks that maybe the shaking is worth the utterly floored look on the guy’s face and the quiet, approving grin he’s getting from the rest of the table as Lev sits back down, looking grateful and infinitely more comfortable.

Bellamy x Reader - To Be Or Not To Be

Bellamy x Reader - To Be Or Not To Be

(Request) - “an imagine readerxbellamy but still on the ark before they got sent to the earth and you have a love hate relationship and when u thought u went to earth alone you saw Bellamy talking about you as a girlfriend that he lost and that you were really hot. And he is the tuff leader but when he sees you he is very fluffy and everyone is like wtf and you think the same. But in the end you appreciate each other and kiss”

Okay, I tried, but I’m sorry if it doesn’t turn out how you wanted it, you were so specific and that was so helpful, thanks! I’m sorry again that you had to wait so long.


You wanted that first place spot so badly, and you would be dead before that Blake child would take it from you. As cadets of the Ark Guard, you were both ranked, and you would be until you graduated and became full members, and if you ranked highly enough, you would be ensured a command position. You wanted that position badly. Really badly.

You knew well enough that Bellamy did too, because you had been competing hard; he was your arch nemesis from hell.

“Watch it, Blake!” You heard a voice shout to Bellamy as you continued the shuttle runs, and you couldn’t help but smirk. Today, subsequently, you were winning. And he didn’t like that. When you were all called to gather up, he jogged up next to you, and the look on his face told you that he was thinking hard on something, and that was never a good sign.


After practice was over, you slumped in a chair by the sidelines whilst everyone else left, sipping at your water thirstily. You flinched slightly, as you felt someone plop down next to you, and you felt another sweaty body rub against your own.


He tipped his own water bottle over his head, letting the liquid run fast through his autumn hair, and over his tan, well carved cheeks. He looked like a Roman statue, chiseled and immaculate.

You weren’t staring, you told yourself briskly, not at all.


You hadn’t meant to break the rules, but all the same, you had ended up on that ship, and you should have been thinking of a hundred other things, your possibly immanent death, for example, but all you seemed to be thinking about was Bellamy.

Where was he now? Probably enjoying that top Guard spot, with a stable job for life. You hoped he would be okay; you knew that the Ark wouldn’t last forever. Jaha’s voice bounced through the drop ship, but you couldn’t give the effort to listen.


Hearing him first sent the shock through your body. Seeing him quaked through your soul, though you kept unseen: for some reason, you were ashamed. Maybe it was that you had committed a crime, or that you hadn’t reached the top spot, but for whatever reason, you hid yourself behind the makeshift wall, pressing your ear forward to savour his sound, your battered shoes scuffing the earth.

“-about you, Bellamy?” You heard a younger boy ask, “did you leave anyone behind?” The question knocked you off guard for a second, and you wondered what brought on such a deep conversation. Even so, Bellamy replied steadily.

“Yeah. A girl, actually.” His casual tone irked you, and whilst the other boys laughed and wolf whistled, (not too loudly, you noticed. Bellamy must be respected down here.), you were unconsciously untangling your jostled hair as you thought about what his previous comment was about. He gave you little time to think.

“Is she pretty?” One of the others asked eagerly.

“Prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.” Bellamy seemed to let out a breath here, and you leaned further forward, as if to breathe in his air, “ always looks beautiful, even after running a mile. She’s a damn wonder.” He sucked in another breath, and this time, so did you.


“Y/n…” Crap. You had blown your cover, getting too close to his voice. You didn’t know what you could say, your throat ran dry, as if full of sand which prevented you from speaking. He moved fluidly, naturally, and grabbed your now sweating hands, his eyes seemingly full of desperation. “Oh my….How did you get down here? Why aren’t you back on the Ark? What the hell did you do?!” Bellamy fired questions at you as if firing a sub machine gun, yet all you could think of saying, in your most sarcastic voice, was:

“I walked, genius.” Laughing, he hugged you warmly, and you forgot about everything: about your rivalry, your guard position, your crime, and you just breathed in the earthy scent of his neck. The smoothness of his skin was a surprise; you supposed it would be more rough, but you could drag your cheek across it comfortably. Hair wise, his toffee coloured locks were lighter, and a lot longer, so the last few ringlets tickled your temple. It was sheer bliss to touch him, his joy seemed to transfer to you.

But then the illusion broke. From behind, you noticed that the boys from earlier were staring at the both of you, perplexed, as if they had missed something. This made you remember that you yourself should be supporting the same expressions as them. He had never shown any interest in you before, so why now? Why lie about you to others?

With your brow now furrowed, you pulled away and met his gaze.

“Where did that come from?” You didn’t mean for it to sound so cold, it just came out before you could do anything. Bellamy’s mouth gaped, as he tried to figure out what to say, but nothing came out, so you carried on. “You have never showed any interest in me at all, and now you brag about me to your little friends?” You gestured with your arm, and they immediately looked away. The older Blake was still speechless, and your current lack of understanding just made you angry.

Turning, you marched off towards the bracken, going for a walk. You hoped that a walk would clear your head. You knew it wouldn’t.


Knowing he was following you, you tried to take as many different turns as you could, but to no avail. His presence practically shone through the thicket, and your angered body shifted towards its source.

“Bellamy!” You hollered, your voice redolent of resentment, “I know you’re there!” He emerged, a stray branch lodged in his stiff curls. He looked like some kind of explorer, trekking through the unknown, though in this situation, the only unknown thing was why he treated you like that.

“Y/n, hold on for one second.” He placed his hand against the side of a tree, clutching at it like a lifeline, “I’m confused.”

“You’re confused, Bellamy?” You raised your voice, “if anything, I’m the one who should be confused here.” In an attempt to hide the hurt in your eyes, you turned your face away, “back on the ship, you always acted like you hated me. Why do you choose now?” He scratched the back of his broad neck, then walked closer.

“We both acted like asses to each other, Y/n,” said Bellamy timidly, “but when I thought I came here without you, well…..” He trailed off, then swallowed and continued, “it hurt.” You dip your head to your shoes, pondering his statement. As much as you hated to admit it, it hurt you too. It was just hard to understand him. Your eyes reach his once again.

“Promise me,” you say solidly, “swear that you aren’t lying to mock me-”

“-I swear! I swear!” Bellamy held his hands up in panic. You exhaled in relief, and he touched his hand to your face, curling your hair as it fell behind your ears. Butterflies vibrated within you, and you found yourself getting ever closer to his body. His hand reached your cheek, and your hair stands on end, as his touch felt slightly cold, but still comforting. As if a dream, he pressed his chapped lips against your own, hand still on your cheek, and holding you, reassuring you that he was telling the truth.

Charms and Quidditch VI

Pedrazar Hogwarts AU - 1532 words

Part V

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Beatrice demanded.

Pedro was already beginning to regret his decision to confide in Beatrice about what had happened the other evening. They were sat in the courtyard, waiting between lunch and next lesson. It was beginning to get overcast and Pedro wished he had put his jumper on.

“Well, it’s not that simple -” he began, but as usual Bea didn’t really give him a chance.

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anonymous asked:

For the fic req meme - Rex/Ahsoka: two miserable people meeting at a wedding au - pls?

 I had a lot of fun writing this one anon! I also got stupidly emotional like I want this white wedding to happen so bad omg

Crossposted to AO3

Prompt list for requests

Our Best Friend’s Wedding

Ahsoka should never have agreed to this.

“You look lovely,” Padmé told her, smiling at her reflection in the mirror.

Privately, Ahsoka thought everyone else in the room paled in comparison to Padmé at that moment. The wedding dress had looked lovely on the hangar; now she was in it, she was a vision. Pure white, with demure off the shoulder sleeves and an abundance of lace detailing, Padmé outshone everyone else already, and her hair wasn’t even finished yet.

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Learn To Say Please - Michael Imagine (Part Six)

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five  / Epilogue

Originally posted by alec-lightswood

Recap: “Never back down from a fight. No matter who, what, when, where, how, or why.” Ryan smiled at you, determination obviously gleaming in his eyes. “Good. Now let’s train.” 

COLD! COLD! COLD! COLD!” “CREEPER! CREEPER! CREEPER! CREEPER!” The crowd was going crazy, half of them cheering for you, half of them cheering for Michael. You were behind the crappy velvet curtains, sweating from both your training and your nervousness. You walked around, circling nothing continuously, your silk robe rubbing against your bare skin, aside from a sports bra and a pair of shorts. “Calm down. You have a game to win. Chill, you’re going to be fine. You won the Olzanski, the Vampire, last week. Creeper is nothing to you!” That was the least of your worries, all you cared about in the moment was that you were fighting Michael. “Alright, Y/N. It’s time for you to get out there, the match starts soon.” You nodded towards Ryan, swallowing your last bit of water before pulling on your robe a little, walking out from the cheap velvet curtains. “And on this corner, we have the one and only, Cold!” The announcer introduced you as you walked into the old boxing ring, the flooring and the ropes covered in blood and sweat. You looked down on the ground, trying to avoid the sight of Michael for as long as possible, as if not seeing him would mean that he was going to disappear from your match. Finally, you looked up as you entered the ring, catching a glimpse of the skunk-haired boy. He was glaring coldly at the sight of you, making your insides fume slightly, remembering the events earlier today. You gritted your teeth, throwing off your robe, making a couple of the men in the crowd wolf-whistle loudly towards you. 

You were stood in a corner of the ring, staring intensely at Michael, observing every single part of him. He paced himself, hopping back and forth, making you memorize his rhythm. His classic signature red boxing gloves were slightly more tattered on the right hand, showing that he used more of his right, being right handed. You scanned his body, seeing the few bruises scattered around his abs, showing that he didn’t block the shots directed there well, making a mental note of that. Ryan had trained you well, teaching you all of his tactics and making you learn every single pre-match observation you had to do. Recalling some of his past matches, you remembered that Michael always had a weakness, his weakness being his knees. Whenever his attacker was near there, he always got very anxious and uptight. Whenever he was hit there, his opponent always got the upper hand. “Alright, the match starts in, three, two, one. Start!” The announcer motioned with his hands, stepping out of the ring. You and Michael circled each other, hopping around the ring, testing each other’s limits. From what you’ve learnt from Ryan, always let the other person go first, it was better and will always be to your advantage. You scanned his body numerous times, noticing him lifting his leg, allowing you to prepare yourself to block it. His kick was hard, making you wince slightly but not a lot. You bounced back, pushing back slightly and jumping up, kicking Michael in the face. Seeing as this was underground boxing, not many rules existed. As he stumbled back in shock, you prepared yourself, throwing a punch towards his face. A small crack was heard, signaling you broke his nose. All the anger within you was released, making you even more mad, going crazy trying to fight him. But that was a bad idea, when fighting, never let your emotions get the better of you. 

Michael noticed how you were going against the most known rule amongst fighters, making him feel conflicted within himself. He wasn’t sure whether to fight you like he normally would, or whether to go easy on you. There was always a soft spot within him for you, making him grit his teeth. He feebly threw a punch towards you, allowing you to easily block it. “Is that honestly the best you got? I swear Mike if you’re going easy on me, I’m going to fucking, ugh!” You stepped forward, throwing numerous hooks at him, your anger easily getting the better of you. “Y/N! Focus, this isn’t how you fight!” Ryan’s voice rang into your ear, bringing you back to consciousness. “Breathe, breathe, let loose, focus, straight ahead.” Your mind repeated the words Ryan had hammered into your brain since day one, making you focus back at the game. “Round one, over!” The familiar bell rang through the arena, making the crowd boo and yell all over the place. Michael and you sat in your respective corners, drinking the ice cold water and wiping the sweat beads off your faces. Fight me properly you wimp. You mouthed towards Michael, sneering towards him glaring straight into his eyes. He raised his eyebrows, smirking sinisterly. “Alright fighters, round two is about to happen, get up off your asses and back into the ring!” You pushed off your stool, listening to the crowd cheering at the fight again. “Breathe, breathe, let loose, focus, straight ahead.” You looked straight into his eyes, inches away from Michael’s face. “Let’s do this the right way. If you go easy on me, I will punch your face in even more.” You looked down at his nose, seeing that it was still bleeding from what felt like forever ago, but what was just three minutes. “Okay, it’s go time.” 

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