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playlist: walking home

these are just songs i listen to omw home after class on the train sometimes tbh or just mentally exhausted from working

gap - the kooks / blue boy - mac demarco / whatever you like (cover) - anya marina / boyfriend - slowdance / south side - triathalon / never meant - american football / cool blue - the japanese house / we try but we don’t fit in - day wave / year one, one ufo - m83 / two fingers - jake bugg / brazil - declan mckenna / forest whitaker - bad books / freazy - wolf alice / into black - blouse / from eden - hozier

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Flinch - Stiles Stilinski

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Requested: Could you possible do a Stiles imagine where you two are dating and get into a bit of a fight. You then leave the house because you are both angry and need to cool off. Later you feel extremely guilty so you go over to apologise but he’s still angry and yells at you or something. He might go to run his hand through his hair or something, but you physically flinch because he was so angry. He then realises you thought he was going to hit you and is really sorry and makes it up to you with fluff!

Summary: (Y/N) and Stiles get in a fight about Stiles’ lack of presence and other things. She leaves and when she comes back to apologise she flinches at Stiles’ movement causing him to externalise everything he has been feeling for the past month.

“This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten.” I giggled.

“Wow, let me down easy why don’t you.” Stiles muttered as he sits down digging into his ‘creation’. 

“Hey, babe, what’s up? You’ve been really jumpy and kinda moody recently.” I say worried.

“I’m just sick of being under appreciated. I tried to cook you a nice meal but of course its not good enough. The only person that understands me right now is Lydia.” My eyes widen and I give him a sarcastic look.


“Yeah, Lydia.”

“Well, sorry I can’t be more like Lydia my voice drips with sarcasm.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Stiles glares at me.

“Oh, nothing. Just wish I could be more like you’re beloved Lydia. Maybe then you’d actually show some interest in me.”

“Interest? Are you kidding me?” Stiles sarcastically laughs.

“Yes, interest. You’ve barely spoken to me in weeks! This is the first time that we’ve hung out without Scott in nearly a month.” 

“Yeah, well maybe there’s a reason for it.” Stiles scoffs and gets up to throw his food in the bin.

“What reason?” I stand up and look at him and I see him roll his eyes. “If you don’t want to be with me anymore then you could’ve just said it.” I grab my bag and storm out of Stiles’ house.

I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling feeling nothing but pure anger. I haven’t heard from Stiles in ages and the next thing you know he’s being a complete douche. I hear a beep come from my phone that stops my inner rant. I pick up my phone and roll my eyes when I see the snapchat from Scott. I delete the notification and right before I put it back down I stare at my lockscreen; a photo of Stiles and I. It was taken the night that he had won the lacrosse game for Beacon Hills. I was kissing his cheek and the smile on his face was massive. He had his arm around me and a slight pink tint on his cheeks. I sighed as the photo faded and I was left to look at my reflection. Only then did I notice the tears rolling down my cheeks. I sucked up my pride and chucked on my converses and started making my way to Stiles’.

I knocked on Stiles’ door but no one answered it. I dug into my pocket and unlocked it before slowly pushing it open. I heard heavy footsteps and objects being thrown around so I quickened my pace inside until I saw Stiles with his back to me. I see him lift his fist ready to pound it on the table and instinctively I grab his wrist before he can hurt himself. He quickly turns around and rips his hand from mine, hurting my wrist in the process. I clutch it in pain as he towers over me and I take a few steps back. 

“What are you doing back here?” He shouts.

“I-I thought we could talk it out. I wanted to apologise.” I say softly as he stops and lets out a deep sigh. I see him lift his arm and I flinch before noticing he went to run it through his hair. He stops moving all together as he looks at me. 

“D-Did you just flinch?” I stay still and look at the ground refusing to answer him. “No, no, no, no.” He mumbles. “(Y/N). Do you seriously think I could ever hurt you?” I saw how upset he was getting as he stuffs his head in his hands.

“No… it was just a reflex. I didn’t mean to.” I trail off. 

“(Y/N). I don’t even know what to say. I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise how aggressive I was being. I just-” Stiles sits on his couch and wipes away his tears. “I know lately I’ve been pushing you away and acting like the worst boyfriend ever. I just realised that when we were fighting the alpha pack and you nearly died that I couldn’t help you. I tell myself day in, day out that I’d do anything to protect you because I love you so so much. But the truth is… I can’t. I don’t have any special powers; I’m not Scott. I’m… just me.”

“And that’s why I love you so much Stiles. You’re just you. You don’t have to pretend to be anything you aren’t. You love me for me and you put in so much effort into absolutely everything to try and make things better for those around you. Except you probably could’ve put in more effort into tonights dinner.” I giggle as I sit next to him on the couch. He laughs along but once its died down he looks at me with a serious face.

“How do I make it up to you?” 

“How about we start off with you actually feeding me a decent meal” I laugh.

“Pizza?” He asks and I nod. As he goes away to order I quickly put on the tv and put in a movie.

“Should be here in half an hour.” I hear his voice call from the kitchen as he grabs us both drinks. “Is that Star Wars I hear?” He comes running into the living room with a giant smile on his face and jumps next to me on the couch, passing me my can of coke. “God, I’m literally dating the hottest chick ever.” He mumbles to himself as he shuffles his body around so we can comfortably lay resting on top of one another. I giggle and snuggle into his deeper.

“Love you too.”

“Love you more.” He says as he presses a lingering kiss to my head.

Thanks for the request! Hope you liked it! Keep them coming people xx


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Hey guys! This is my first ever masterlist! I will have a link to it in my description as well and I will post a new one every month! :)

The imagines with ** next to the title has smut in it.


Pack Imagines-

  1. Scars To Your Beautiful

Scott McCall-

  1. Entitled Wolf 

Stiles Stilinski-

  1. Sleepy Stilinski
  2. Take Me To The Ball
  3. Little Ms.Shorty
  4. Like Father, Like Son
  5. Two Humans In Fear
  6. My Forever

Isaac Lahey-

  1. Full Of Surprises
  2. Locker Room Make Out
  3. Paralyzing Fear
  4. Our Belle and Her Beast
  5. Damn It, Lahey
  6. You Aren’t Her

Theo Raeken-

  1. The Real Theo
  2. Match My Pain
  3. Never Again
  4. Detention Was Hot**
  5. Blood and Guts
  6. Raeken and Dunbar(TheoxReaderxLiam)**

Derek Hale-

  1. Unplanned Picnics
  2. My Brother’s Trainer

Lydia Martin-

  1. New Thoughts**

Liam Dunbar-

  1. Raeken and Dunbar(TheoxReaderxLiam)**
  2. Stupid Misunderstanding

Malia Tate/Hale-

  1. Officially, Satisfied**

Peter Hale-

  1. Domestic Wolf
  2. Close, Not Close Enough
  3. Where Have You Gone?

Brett Talbot-

  1. Phone Down
  2. Grocery Girl

That’s it so far! :) Thank you all for requesting and making this blog so great, love and kisses to all xx

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((Holy crap people!!))

Boris: “Bendy you gotta stop fighting people like this-!”

Bendy: “W-wait…is that coming from the Forest of Memories…?”

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manas do ceu espero que estejam tao xonadas nesses packs como eu(amor proprio eh tudo) a primeira header eh minha mas o resto nao!!!aquele beijo mamae ama vcs xx 

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Nice to meet you - Isaac Lahey

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Summary: Isaac ((Y/N)’s current boyfriend) meets (Y/N)’s ex boyfriend and really doesn’t like him all that much.

I close my locker after grabbing out the folders that I needed to do homework in tonight. I was already over school and it was the first day. 

“Hey there” I jumped as I heard the voice. 

“Oh my god. Oliver?!” I squeal and hug him. “I haven’t seen you in like… 3 years?” He hugged me back and we laughed of pure joy. “What are you doing here?” 

“I thought I’d come and give my girl a visit” He winked. 

“What was that, buddy?” I turned around and saw Isaac with his arms crossed and a slight glare on his face. 

“Oh, uh Oliver. This is Isaac- “

“Her boyfriend” He says and sarcastically smiles at Oliver before unwrapping him arms and swinging one around my shoulder. He pulls me in close to his side and I can feel his heart beat and his muscles tensing. 

“Nice to meet you, Isaac. I’m Oliver.” Oliver sticks out a hand ready to shake Isaac’s but gets no response.

“Yeah, I know who you are. Look, whatever you and (Y/N) had in the past; its over and she’s with me now.” Oliver giggles at Isaac.

“Mate, you’ve got no idea. I’ll catch you later (Y/N)”. Oliver smiles and walks away.

“What is wrong with you?!” I turn to Isaac and slap him on the arm softly.

“I’m sorry, did you want him flirting with you?” Isaac glared at me. I broke out into a laugh which only angered him more. “Oh, come on (Y/N). He called you ‘his girl’. And he kept looking you up and down!”

“Oh, did he now?” Isaac rolled his eyes and began to walk off until I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Isaac. He’s gay. That’s why we broke up. He likes guys. He was probably looking you up and down - which I may have to tell him off about. Only I can do that.” I smirk and wrap my arms around his neck and lean in for a kiss. “I’ll catch you later then. Pick me up at 8?” I winked as I walked off. Gosh he’s an idiot… but I love him anyway.

This ones a little shorter than usual. I thought that I’d done a few serious imagines so it was time for a more light hearted one. And who better than Daniel Sharman who I actually met around this time last year! Such a kind and funny dude. I was giggling just thinking about him doing this. If anyone wants to ask me about my experience hanging out with him just hmu. He’s a bit of a dork if I’m honest ahahaha xx

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Hello lovelies! Could you do me a huuuge favour and update the heat tag pretty please? Xx


Winter Wolf by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 3,214 | NC17)

Derek’s been acting really irritable lately, and Stiles is determined to find out why.

A Little Love and Attention by ADevilsHunger (Dream_tempo) (1/1 | 1,575 | NC17)

“No, no. That’s not– it’s just– this isn’t like a thing. It’s not like I’m offering to buy you a pizza for helping assemble some Ikea furniture.”

It’s mating season and Derek has a bit of a problem he can only ask his best friend for help with. Only thing is, that problem’s in his pants.

Discovery Channel Taught Me by xxjinchuurikixx (1/1 | 19,350 | NC17)

Derek goes into rut in the early winter, and he can’t stand being near Stiles.
Stiles comes over to make sure Derek isn’t dead. Good job, Scott.


“Stiles… You have to leave. Please–just go away.”
“It’s okay, buddy… We’re gonna get through this.” He touches Derek’s chest with his own, fingers brushing Derek’s neck. “I’m here.”

Taking Care by LoveActually_rps (1/1 | 3,413 | NC17)

Derek had returned from a conference where the new CEO, Mr Stiles Stilinski, took over his company in a so called meeting where all the white collared, richly clothed shareholders - assholes - voted against Derek. He hadn’t even waited for a final handshake with the new owner. He knew, he’d never be able to fake a smile when his heart was shattering into a thousand pieces. Well, they had Peter to deal with these formalities.

[aka, Derek was already having the worst day when he was hit by his heat, right in the middle of his office]

burning up for you by haleofStilesheart (1/1 | 2,875 | NC17)

Stiles is an omega of considerable means which means he doesn’t have to worry much about going through his heats alone. He just has to worry about falling in love with the alpha seeing him through them.

Just Fine by limesnapdragon (1/1 | 10,884 | NC17)

Stiles is nervous for the mating run. He’s an omega, and he doesn’t want an undeniable biological attraction to some dickhead who thinks he’s inferior.

Lubridix by Ookamisan (1/1 | 4,743 | NC17)

Stiles is sick of having an abundance of overzealous heats. As soon as he turned eighteen he went to get a prescription for a new drug that could supposedly help him with his heats. Nothing goes to plan.